10 Best iPhone Tips Every New User Should Know


There are over 1 billion active iPhones throughout the world, but how many of those users are familiar with key iPhone tips that could save them time and energy.

We have scoured the internet and copies of the official iPhone guide to collect these ten hacks that every user should know. Keep reading below to learn all about them. 

iPhone Tips and Tricks 2021

1. iPhone Tricks: Shake to Undo Text

Best iPhone Tips

This trick will save you from making an embarrassing mistake when sending text messages. Have you ever tried sending a text to your significant other or boss in a hurry but didn’t like the way it came out?

All you have to do is shake your iPhone and it will activate “Undo Typing.” There’s no need to sit there forever pressing the backspace. You can quickly send the right message without any regrets. 

2. Enough With the App Rating!

Nothing is more annoying than getting a “Rate This App” message every time you open anything on your phone. The issue only gets worse the more apps you have and wastes a bunch of your time.

5 Best Hacks For Your iPhone
5 Best Hacks For Your iPhone

There is a solution. Simply go into “App Store” or “iTunes & App Store” in your “Settings.” Scroll down to “In-App Ratings & Reviews” and switch it off. Developers won’t be happy that you aren’t sending feedback, but changing the setting will save your sanity. 

3. iPhone Tips for Staying Safe While Driving

Did you know that over 3,000 people died in 2019 while texting and driving? It’s a common problem but one that can easily be solved. Settings in the iPhone allow you to be on “Do Not Disturb” while driving. 

First, go to “Settings” and find the section on “Do Not Disturb” and activate “Do Not Disturb While Driving.” This means that you won’t receive any texts or calls when the iPhone detects you moving at a specific speed. The only time you will be able to talk or text is if a Bluetooth product is synced to the phone. 

4. Moving Apps Is Easier Than Ever

Best iPhone Tips

Organizing the apps on your screen is a part of iPhone basics. You want to pair similar apps together and make it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

The latest iOS update allows you to select multiple apps at the same time. Enter the “jiggle mode” like you normally would move an app. Slightly move the icon so the “x” vanishes and you can tap other icons to bundle. 

The best thing to do is put your most important apps on the home screen and then create folders for apps with a similar purpose. For example, fitness, productivity, or entertainment. 

5. Recover Permanently Deleted Photos

We’ve all accidentally deleted photos that we actually wanted to keep. The good news is Apple moves all recently deleted photos to a special folder for 30 days. This makes it easier to recover any photos before they’re lost forever. 

Photos are also saved in the Cloud but not everyone uses it or has it configured properly.

If you can’t perform any of these recovery techniques, check out .This suite of productivity apps offers backup programs and over 200 additional Mac apps. 

6. Have You Created Your Memoji?

The latest iOS update allows users to send a Memoji or Animoji via text message. Both of these features can be selected in Messages. You’ll have to make a desired facial expression and drag the character into your message window. 

Apple continues to expand the accessories for your Memojis, including clothing choices, stickers, multiple eye colors, glasses, and headwear. 

Users can strike a pose before adding either object to a message and everything can be personalized to your conversation.

7. Use Siri To Turn on Your Flashlight & More

iPhone Tips

Siri keeps getting more and more helpful with each new update. Now she can help you to turn on your iPhone flashlight if you’re working under a car or walking in a dark room. It also helps if you’re wearing gloves or can’t hold the phone. 

Did you know Siri can also show you all of your passwords? Simply ask and she’ll take you to the “Passwords & Accounts” section in “Settings.” The latest iOS can autofill most passwords for you and Siri can authenticate you’re the one asking for them. 

8.  iPhone for Beginners: Screenshots

You may think taking a screenshot is one of the easiest things to do on your iPhone. But beginners or people who’ve never had to do them before don’t know where to begin. Taking screenshots is helpful if you want an accessible copy of a registration page, receipt, or email. 

To take a screenshot with your iPhone, hold the home and power button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved to your Camera Roll where you can edit as needed. 

9. Set a Sleep Timer

Do you enjoy listening to music or watching videos before bed? You can set your iPhone like a sleep timer to turn it off at a specific time. 

Visit the “Clock” app and go to “Timer.” Set a timer for a specific length of time like you would with any other activity. Except under “When Timer Ends” you’re going to choose “Stop Playing.” 

This will ensure your media ends just as you’re starting to fall asleep. 

10. Faster Deleting in the Calculator

Best iPhone Tips

Use this technique when you’re in a hurry to calculate the cost of something or how much of a discount you may get on a purchase. 

If you entered the wrong digit, simply swipe left or right over the numbers to erase the last digit you entered. This means you won’t have to delete a long number and start over again from the beginning. 

Get the Most From Your iPhone

We hope reading this blog will make it easier to use your smartphone. The purpose of sharing these iPhone tips was to help you be faster and more efficient throughout the day.

Do you enjoy reading about new technology? Check out the rest of our site for informative articles on using social media, finding good internet plans, and purchasing photography equipment. 


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