20 Longest Running Series On NETFLIX Worth The Obsession


Netflix became a global hit platform because of its amazing content and the services it provides. The platform is not only home to some of the longest running series ON NETFLIX from other creators but also features its original content for the ultimate binge-watch session. Netflix offers original documentaries, talk shows, movies, cooking shows, and whatnot. During the Covid Pandemic, this video streaming platform observed a sudden growth in its market and became the No.1 video streaming service globally. 

We are in March 2021but we seem to be moving back in time to March 2020. With so many states and countries announcing a lockdown again because of the sudden relapse in the number of Covid-19 cases, feels like the world has taken a dark turn. While you were getting anxious after hearing this news, I was busy preparing a list of longest-running series on Netflix, both original and available on the platform so that you can have a happy and relaxed binge-watch session after a tiring day of working from your home office. 

Binge-watching shows is truly a stress buster, but the fun that we have while streaming longer-running shows cannot compete with the shorter ones. Long-running series with multiple episodes per season are fun to watch and keep us hooked for much longer. The major drawback with shorter series is that one can stream them in just a day and then have to find a new series to binge-watch. 

From “The Vampire Diaries”, to “Supernatural” these are some of the longest-running shows on Netflix. Our list not only contains the series from other creators that are available to watch on Netflix but also a few of Netflix’s original content. Without further adieu, let us jump into the article.

Longest Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession

All the shows featured below are available to stream on Netflix. However, the platform occasionally drops some of the content that it offers to stream. With time, the availability of the below-mentioned shows may change(except the original work). Read here 10 TV Series Better than Game of Thrones.

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Greys Anatomy

Greys Anatomy: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Cosmopolitan

All hail the first show on our list today “Grey’s Anatomy”. This series has been around for the longest time with the 17th season being released in November, last year. The show revolves around the life of Dr.Meredith Grey and all the drama and emotions that the aspiring surgeon goes through while being accepted into the surgery residency program at the Seattle Grey Hospital. 

Grey’s Anatomy ranks amongst one of the most successful series of all time and has managed to stay in a good position without having to compromise on the quality and never seeing a drip in the fan base. 

Genre: Ensemble drama, Medical drama, Comedy-drama, Romantic drama

No. of Seasons: 17

No. of Episodes: 369 

Criminal Minds 

Criminal minds: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Cinema Blend

Criminal Minds aired its final season in the February of last year for good. The show had a good run time of over 15 years and focused on the lives of criminal profilers working for the FBI at the Behavioral Analysis Unit. The team uses analysis and profiling(behavioral) to investigate atrocious crimes and find the criminals. Besides this, the show also focused on how the team members tackled their personal lives while searching for the most criminally insane minds. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Police procedural, Crime drama 

No. of Seasons: 15

No. of Episodes: 324 


Supernatural: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: TVLine

The series followed the lives of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, how they step into their family business after their father’s death. The two hunt down all sorts of supernatural beings such as demons, monsters, and even the fallen Gods. With time the brothers realize that killing monsters isn’t all, but they also need to deal with other powerful creatures of nature like vampires, angels, werewolves, and hell even death. 

The series was blessed with love from millions of people and no only the show went on for 14 seasons, but it also started multiple Tumblr pages and different pieces of fan art including many fictional stories and whatnot. 

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Action, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy 

No. of Seasons: 14

No. of Episodes: 318

That 70’s show

That 70's show: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Grantland

The show aired from August 1998 to May 2006 and gave some of today’s biggest stars including Mila Kunis the biggest break of their careers. The series focused on the lives of six teenage friends, the mishaps they became a part of, and how they grew up. The gang liked to spend most of their time in Eric’s (one of the friends) basement smoking marijuana while growing through the joys and sorrows of life, all together. 

The show was later remade into a British series “Days Like These” by the ITV network using the same script with a few minor changes here and there. 

Genre: Teen sitcom, Comedy, Period sitcom 

No. of Seasons: 8

No. of Episodes: 200

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire diaries:20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Fans Share

The show follows the life of Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two vampire brothers living on earth for the past 160+ years. After centuries, Stefan returns back to his hometown Mystic Falls to see Elena Gilbert whose life he had once saved. Following his brother, Damon also returns back to seek revenge from his brother for turning him into a vampire but over the course of time reconciles with him.

The show gained huge popularity because of its storyline and (spoiler alert) the love triangle that is created later on between Stefan, Damon, and Elena.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Horror, Supernatural 

No. of Seasons: 8

No. of Episodes: 171 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: CW Philly

The show revolves around the life of a single mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore, living in  Stars Hollow(a fictional town), Connecticut. The main focus was on the relationship that the mother-daughter duo shared and later on also included their equation with Lorelai’s high society parents. The show also portrayed different issues of family, friendship, love, romance, etc. 

The show originally aired for its first seven seasons on The WarnerBros and became a flagship series of the network. But the eighth and final installment of the show was moved onto The CW network and ended in May of 2007. 

Genre: Comedy-Drama 

No. of Seasons: 7

No. of  Episodes: 153 

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Amazon.com

Making its entry on the list of longest-running series on Netflix is American Horror Story. From the name itself, it is clear that the show is based on paranormal activities. Each season contains a different set of characters, each character with a horror story that sets its beginning, middle, and end. 

Genre: Horror, Erotic thriller, Anthology, Supernatural horror 

No. of Seasons: 9

No. of Episodes: 103

Jane the Virgin

Jane the virgin: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Hardworking Jane decides not to make her mother’s mistakes while growing up and is determined to stay a virgin until marriage. However, things change for her when a routine medical checkup becomes the harbinger of problems in her life. Jane the Virgin is now pregnant with her boss’s child via insemination and is tormented about what decision she should make. 

Genre: Telenovela, Satire, Romantic Comedy, Comedy-Drama 

No. of Seasons: 5

No. of Episodes: 100


Community: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Variety

Things take a devastating turn for Jeff Winger when his law firm learns that he lied about graduating from Columbia University. Jeff is suspended from the law firm, and this humiliation forces him to take admission into a legitimate college.

However, after getting into college, jeff quickly falls for a classmate and lies to her about having a study group. Seasons of misadventures and epic comic timings make this one of the longest-running series on Netflix. l 

Genre: Sitcom 

No. of Seasons: 6

No. of Episodes: 110

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Deadline

This longest-running series on Netflix focuses on a group of survivors left to walk amongst the zombies roaming on the planet post a deadly apocalypse. The survivors are continually moving to find a safe house and protect their life from one another during desperate times. The pressure to survive makes them even more fearful than the walkers roaming freely. 

Genre: Zombie apocalypse, Horror, Serial-drama, Neo-Western 

No. of Seasons: 10 

No. of Episodes: 153

New Girl

New Girl: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: FOX

After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Jess, a bubbly teacher, decides to start afresh and moves into an apartment to live with three single boys Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. As the show progresses, the group is seen to indulge in amusing interactions and become close friends.

They are frequently visited by Cece, Jess’s childhood friend, and a model. The series revolves around the group’s romantic involvements, broken relationships, and budding careers, making it one of the longest-running series on Netflix. 

Genre: Sitcom  

No. of Seasons: 7 

No. of Episodes: 146

The West Wing

The West Wing: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: The Guardian

This American political drama series focuses on the personal lives of presidential advisers and how they try to get through the duties of running a country. Fictional President Jed Bartlet does not believe in working with fools, thereby being left out by many people. He and his loyal staff members are shown working tirelessly through two presidential terms with countless scandals and threats in Washington, D.C. 

Genre: Serial Drama, Political Drama

No. of Seasons: 7

No. of Episodes: 156

The Office

The Office: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: No Film School

The Office is an American version of the British sitcom of the same name. The show focuses on the chaotic lives of a group of colleagues working together in the fictional organization, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Each episode of the sitcom starts with a new story and does not depend on a fixed storyline. The show has been critically acclaimed for its representation of the workers’ personal lives and becomes the last on our list of longest-running series on Netflix. 

Genre: Sitcom, Mockumentary 

No. of Seasons: 9

No. of Episodes: 201

The Blacklist

The Blacklist: 20 longest-running series on Netflix that are worth the obsession
Source: Den of Geek

The Blacklist is a crime show on Netflix that revolves around the story of Raymond Reddington, popularly known as “Red”. He is an ex-govt fugitive and very much in demand because of his impressive skills. Red accepts tp work with FBI on one condition that profiler Elizabeth Keen must be his partner. What is the reason behind Red’s demand? Are there any secrets that Elizabeth is hiding? watch this longest running series on Netflix to find out more.

Genre: Crime drama, Mystery, Action, Thriller

No. of Seasons: 8

No. of Episodes: 168


Shameless: 20 Longest-Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession
Source: Den of Geek

Another longest running comedy drama series on Netflix is Shameless. The story focuses around the life of a single father, Frank Gallagher, who despite having six children spends most of his time at the bar drinking. The children are raised by Fiona, Frank’s eldest daughter who is the motherly figure to her sibings after their mother. stream the series on Netflix to know how Fiona manages everything and the unusual parenting style Frank has adapted for his children.

Genre: Comedy drama, Family drama

No. of Seasons: 11

No. of Episodes: 134

Longest Running Netflix Originals That Are Worth The Obsession


Chelsea: 20 Longest-Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession
Source: YouTube

Chelsea is a late-night American talk show which was hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler. The show aired in March of 2016 and lasted only for a year but still managed to have a Season 2. The first season consisted of 90 episodes while the latter had 30 episodes with different run-time per season. 

The show was Netflix’s first talk show with a female host and featured multiple celebrities in conversation with her including Jessica Alba, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Florence Henderson, and more. 

Genre: Talk Show 

No. of Seasons: 2

No. of Episodes: 120 

Orange Is the New Black 

Orange is the new black: 20 Longest-Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession
Source: The AU Review

The series is based on the autobiography “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison” by Piper Kerman. The series reflected the time of Kerman’s life and her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimal-security federal prison. Kerman was sentenced to 15 months in prison base on her past history with drug dealer Alex Vause. 

The show is Netflix’s longest-running and most-watched original show with nominations for multiple award categories including the prestigious Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations. 

Genre: Comedy-drama 

No. of Seasons: 7

No.of Episodes: 91 

The Ranch

The Ranch: 20 Longest-Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession
Source: India Today

The show stars “That 70’s show’s” co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson as brothers who help in running the Colorado cattle Ranch owned by their Father(Beau) played by Sam Elliot. The Ranch focuses on the dysfunctional family life of the Bennet brothers, their father, and his separated wife who is a local bar owner by profession. 

The show aired in 2016 and ran for four seasons in a series of 8 parts. Each season had 20 episodes per part and was shot in front of a live audience in California.   

Genre: Comedy-drama, Sitcom 

No. of Seasons: 4

No. of Episodes: 78 

Grace & Frankie 

Grace and Frankie:20 Longest-Running Series on NETFLIX That Are Worth The Obsession
Source: The New York Times

This netflix original revolves around the devastated lives of Grace and Frankie who are trying to be each other’s support when their husbands(divorce lawyers) announce that they have been in love for the past 20 years. The two are soon planning to leave their wives and get married. Both Grace and Frankie’s lives have turned upside down and the two who were never really good friends start to live together and embark on their journey to becoming best friends. 

The show in its first season received mixed reviews but since the second season picked up, the show garnered a lot of positive response from both the audience and TV critics. The final season of the series is yetto be released because the production was moved to January of this year due to the outbreak of the Pandemic. 

Genre: Comedy 

No. of Seasons:

No. of Episodes: 78 

Post Script

In last, there is a surprise movie for you that is longest running and worth watching on Netflix that is Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven.

Final Pronouncement: 

Our love for binge-watching is never going to end with these longest-running series, you can (shower your affection) binge-watch anytime. The list features some of the options that are available on Netflix for streaming and a few of Netflix’s original works as well. Personally, On this list my favorite is “The Vampire Diaries”, I started watching the series back in April 2020 and since then have found myself incapable of letting the series go.

Go binge-watch these series and let us know which one becomes your obsession. The list does not feature all of the longest-running series however, it has some of our favorites and we are sure these will provide you relief after a tiring day of work. 

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