Strange Facts: 25 Facts About Movies That You Never Knew


Have you ever wondered what goes behind the making of a movie? How many strange facts occur when a movie is in the production stage? A lot goes behind making a movie, and those are the moments that make filming a movie more memorable. 

From getting paid no money to the scandalous Kate Winslet, a lot has happened both onscreen and offscreen over the past few years while filming movies. The film industry owes us many strange facts for all the movies that we have seen till now. Not all of the peculiar facts have turned into big scandals and controversies. Some of them are fun and informative to hear. 

Today, in this article, we have gathered a few of these strange facts that have been dancing around the movies and the actors it involves. Ready to find some strange, fun, as well as interesting facts about your favorite movies, stars, and characters. Jump straight into the article below. 

Strange Facts: 25 Facts About Movies That You Never Knew

Read along the article to find out what new information we have gathered for you. 

Did you know how much gold paint used in the movie Hobbit?

Hobbit Golden Dragon: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Pinterest

The movie creators had used all the gold paint available in New Zealand, so they had to get more transported from Germany. 

What made Skyfall’s fight scene look so realistic? 

The movie’s entire fight scene was shot on a real moving train, which made it look so realistic.  

Why made James Bond such a fascinating figure? 

James Bond: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Roger Ebert

The iconic scene used in almost all the James Bond movies was shot through a gun barrel. What’s the interesting part? The title designer made it up 20 minutes before meeting the producers(deadlines do have magic in them) 

Why was Saving Private Ryan a disaster? 

The movie was shot with such perfection that it developed traces of post-traumatic depression in the people who were part of the war.

Did you say the strange language was spoken? 

In the movie The Fifth Element, Luc Besson made up the strange language that Mila Jovovich was able to speak with the director. 

Do you know the shocking truth behind the famous Titanic drawing? 

Kate Winslet: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Fox News

The Scandalous drawing of a topless Kate Winslet was drawn by the director of the movie James Cameron himself. Titanic movie becomes the talk of the town due to topless painting.

What went wrong with Toy Story 2? 

Toy Story 2: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Empire

The animation work, along with 90 percent of the files of the Toy Story 2, was deleted accidentally from Pixar’s main server. Luckily, the film’s technical director carried a copy with her, which saved almost a day’s work. 

How many rats were sold after Ratatouille? 

After the 2007 film revolving around the culinary experiences of Remy, the rat was released, many pets chains saw an instant 50 percent growth in their sales. 

Was Dooley Wilson good at anything in real life?

The actor who played Sam on Casablanca is an experienced drummer in real life. 

How much time was taken to write Taxi Driver? 

It took Paul Schrader only two weeks to write the movie story.

Can you count how many balloons were used in the movie UP? 

UP: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: The Guardian

A total of 10,297 balloons were used to shoot the floating house scene. 

What sound were the effects behind the raptor’s voice in Jurassic Park? 

That was the sound of tortoises mating used in the movie. Just imagine all of us were terrified by the sounds of tortoises having sex. 

What did you say how much money Toto made on Wizards of Oz? 

The adorable canine made $125 per week, whereas the other actors made only $50 a week.

Do you know the story behind the iconic line from Jaws?

Jaws: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: The Skinny

The line “You are gonna need a bigger boat” was not a part of the actual story. It was a joke made by Roy Scheider throughout the filming and made to the final cut of the movie. 

Ever wondered what makes a horror movie or a horror show so interesting? 

Serial killer Ed Gein was the inspiration behind some terrifying stories about Hannibal Lecter, Leatherface, and Norman Bates. 

Can you imagine any else in the role of Hannibal Lecter? 

Anthony Hopkins: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: NPR

Originally, Gene Hackman was supposed to be playing the role of Lecter, but he stepped down at the very last minute, and the role was passed on to Anthony Hopkins. 

Can you make guesses who played The Weird Sisters in Harry Potter

In the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Jarvis Cocker, and Steve Mackey were seen playing the role of The Weird Sisters along with Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway from Radiohead’s 

What is the relation between American Psycho and Tom Cruise? 

American psycho’s director Mary Harron was seen quoting in an interview that Christian Bale drew inspiration for the movie from a Tom Cruise interview where he heard the actor saying he has a “very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes.” 

What was the idea behind Star Wars Chewbacca? 

Chewbacca: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Polygon

Star wars creator had a large Alaskan Malamute at that time who was more significant than a human and long-haired. His dog (Indiana) became the inspiration for Chewbacca’s role in the movie. 

The list of potential Batman was a long one!

Before Michael Keaton was finalized, the role of Batman was offered to several other actors, including Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, and Bill Murray

Ever wondered where the matrix code comes from

Matrix Code: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: IndieWire

Nothing complicated or relevant, the green digits that looked complicated were only the symbols taken from a sushi cookbook and scanned by the movie’s production designer. 

Who stole Star Lord’s costume from the sets? 

star lord

Chris Patt had taken the costume with him to wear it while visiting the sick children in a hospital. He wanted to make the children happy by making them meet Star-Lord. 

What’s the story behind Dallas Buyers Club? 

The makeup budget for the movie was as low as $220, and the film artists still managed to work with it. Eventually, the film won an Oscar for makeup and hairstyling. Hard work pays off truly!

Want to know a strange fact about Django Unchained?

Leonardo DiCaprio: 25 Strange Facts About Movies That You Never Knew
Source: Dazed

Leonardo DiCaprio accidentally bled his hand while filming a scene where he smashes his hand on the table. The actor remained in character, and the scheme was used in the final print. The whole room burst into a standing ovation when the director called cut. 

How much was Tom Hanks paid for Forrest Grump? 

The actor was not paid a single penny for the movie. He took percentage points instead of money which ultimately gained him a network of $40 million. 


These were some of the strange facts that you might not have even heard. The storyline makes these movies great for Family, but what makes the movie fun and remarkable are the peculiar facts behind it. If you have any more strange facts in your mind about any movie, drop them in the comments below. 

Feature Image Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

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