365 Days 2: Book Your Tickets, It’s Releasing Soon!!


You can either make it hard for both of us for the next year or take part in an adventure that fate has given you. Hey, wait for a second!! It is the new year, so does this filmy dialogue of 365 Days (2020) point towards the new sequel of this movie. If that’s so, when is 365 Days 2 releasing?

Released on 7 Feb 2020, 365 Days is a Polish er0tic romantic entertainment drama based on the first novel of a trilogy by Blanka Lipińska. The movie follows the story of Laura when a mafia member, Massimo, kidnaps her and takes her hostage for 365 days to make her fall for him.

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Those who have watched the film and know what kind of movie this is would probably be smiling right now (Ahha!! Don’t hide from me). Why so? Well, it’s just because they know the good news, 365 Days 2 will soon make its return sometime in 2022 on Netflix. (I saved you)

It’s 2022 now, so what are the latest updates for the 365 Days sequel. When is the movie coming, and what will be its story, I will give you every update.

365 Days 2: Release Date And Every Update You Should Know!!

There is only one film under the title 365 Days till this date, but in the latest announcement, Netflix pointed that there will be 365 Days part 2 and part 3. Did you know about that? If not, then I will share every good update regarding this film.

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What Will Be The Story Of 365 Days 2? An End To Many Cliff Hangers!

Based on the novel by Blanka Lipińska, The film 365 Days ended with the suspense that someone is going to kidnap or kill Laura. The second part of this movie will be the adaption of 2nd novel by Blanka that will revolve around the kidnapping of Laura.

The 365 Dni/Days second book, titled “Ten Dzien,” reveals the film’s story and introduces some new characters, including Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother. Andrino is unlike his sibling, and he lives in Britain and leaves his family business. 

We didn’t know the story of this character until this time, but we know for sure where the story of 365 Days 2, will take us. At the end of the movie 365 Days, Massimo knows that the rival mafia family wants to kill his pregnant fiancee Laura. In the movie’s last scene, we see Laura entering a tunnel in the Italian countryside from where she never comes out.

The Ten Dzien, the second book, takes a different narrative for the story and starts with Mufassio taking the initiative to find Laura’s pregnancy. As in the first movie, Massimo and Laura were in love and tied a knot of marriage when she was kidnapped by a man named Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, a hitman and son of another mob boss.

The story of the second novel reveals that Laura falls in love with the new kidnapper, and Massimo is in between the way to make that happen. The ending of the second novel reveals that Laura gets a gunshot when Muaffisio tries to save her. What happens next in the movie, and whom did he save, whether his child or Laura, that part of the story might be answered in 365 Days 2. (Fingers crossed!🤞🏼)

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When Will 365 Days 2 Premier? Know The Wait Duartion!

When Will 365 Days 2 Premier? Know The Wait Duartion!

Yes, we know that the film will again be the same kidnapping story; what is new will be some action, romance, and er0tic scenes. The movie started its production in September of 2021 and mostly took three months to complete, following the covid protocols. 

Netflix usually releases the movies one year after completing the film’s production. Keeping this point in mind, 365 Days 2 will most probably release in the spring of 2022. Unlike the previous first part of the film that was initially released in the Poland theatres and later stepped on Netflix and international release, this film will straightly be released on Netflix.

When Will 365 Days 3 Release? Should You Expect After 365 Days 2?

When Will 365 Days 3 Release? Should You Expect After 365 Days 2?

At the ending of the second novel of 365 Days, we see Laura gets a gunshot while Massimo tries to save her. If this story isn’t compiled in the 365 Days 2 movie, the story will carry forward to the next part of the movie, i.e., 365 Days 3.

Considering the pattern that the first movie will be released in 2020, the second part will be released in 2022, we can expect the 3rd part of this movie to be released somewhere in 2024. 

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Final Words

The novel on which 365 Days 2 is based has mixed reviews by the readers. While some disliked the story, commenting that it’s the same old one, others love it. Well, what do you think? Tell us here. Apart from Netflix, you can also download this movie from torrent.

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