Which is your favorite sport, and does it benefit you in any way? Following sports is a stress reliever and is one of the best ways to wind up after a stressful day. Sports are one of the most famous and exciting activities that you can introduce in your life to maintain a healthy mind and body. It is also an awesome approach towards creating new friendships and networks. You may not even be an active participant in such sports to enjoy the game.

4 Smart Ways To Make Extra Money From Sports

It is estimated that 154.4 million people watched sports in the US in the year 2019. What if such people could get rewarded for following such sporting activities? Everyone is looking for an extra source of income in the world that we are living in, mostly since what’s been happening in the last year. ut even staying in your home, you can get benefit of sports for your health, happiness and even income. The following are some practical approaches to make money through sports.

Become a sports writer

Gone are the days when reporting was only done by trained journalists. The modern world now allows people to report on sports and other areas with ease. Your social media account can be a good starting point to create a following. Ensure that you always link your social media posts to your blog.

There are several approaches to monetize your blog. The first one is through displaying ads from various advertisers. Google AdSense is also an awesome starting point for generating passive income. A YouTube channel will also work great if you create awesome content.

You can participate in various affiliate marketing programs to get a commission for every purchase made through your link. For instance, if you are a golf fan, you can create a post on “Best Golf Clubs” and then lead people to sites such as eBay or Amazon.

Engage in sports betting

Did you know that there are professional gamblers who earn a living through betting? The global online gambling market was worth 59 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it is expected to grow even further. You can become part of this gambling community and make some money.

However, it may not be as easy as many people think. Having clear expectations and the game selection are some of the basics to get you started. Unlike slots, sports betting does not focus much on luck. It mainly depends on strategy, and you must also conduct intensive research before you place your bet.

The site you use to place a bet will also impact what you are likely to get. Some sites will come up with unclear terms the moment you want to withdraw your winnings. Trusting Sportsbookreview comes in handy when you want to know if the site you are dealing with is genuine or not.

Sells sports merchandise

You can set up an online shop where you will be selling sports merchandise. Sports like football have a huge following, and you will always find people wearing jerseys. You can link up with reputable distributors and sell sportswear at a markup.

Sportswear is ever-changing, and you may end up with dead stock if you are not aggressive. Ensuring that you have the recent uniforms as the sporting season kicks off will make you an authority in this market. You can as well customize the merchandise based on customer needs.  

Dropshipping is another model that does not have loads of complications. All you need to do is set up a website, get client orders, and forward the same to suppliers. You do not have to handle the merchandise physically, but you still get your cut.

Some of the sportspeople you see out there have busy schedules. Getting time to manage their social media profiles and engage with fans is a struggle. Most of them end up hiring social media managers who run the accounts on their behalf.  

Manage social media profiles for sportsmen

Landing the first client can be an uphill task, especially if you are not experienced. Checking the profiles of some of the popular athletes in your niche can give you a rough idea of what is expected from a social media manager. Being trendy and checking market leaders will also ensure that you have content to post.

You can use your social media to look for clients in the sports niche. You can even create a website where you will show your portfolio. There should be a clear definition of roles as there are some issues that you cannot tackle when you are a manager.

Above are some awesome approaches to make money from the sports that you love. You can pick one or combine a few. 


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