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If you are somehow planning to create a band of your own and start jamming for people, to create a name for yourself then dear artist naming your band is the first step. We will help you with some fantastic and innovative band names for your band to make your band sound the most dope.

Today in this digital world, increasing your Instagram followers is relatively easy. It was difficult for the rocking bands from the 80s to 90s to make themselves popular without a global reach. But what is the challenging task today? It is; what if your band name is already used. 

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This article will help you name your band, make it popular online, and make sure that it has not been used in the past or is being used in the present. Innovative ideas may include the initials of the members and offers, etc. 

So, peers, let just get started and find out which type of naming will work best for us and start trying naming some. 

5 Tried & Tested Brand Name Ideas| Name will Define the Essence 

Following are some of the tried and tested band name ideas, which will define your essence and the essence of band members and, yes, of course, the essence of the band. 

1# Initials are the Best Choice

5 Tried & Tested Brand Name Ideas| Name will Define the Essence

It is common sense that if you start a band, it will have more than two or three people. Then, why not name your band after your band members. The best way to do that is to use initials. It can either be the initials of names or the initials of the surnames.

The complex process after choosing the initials is to place the initials in such a way, the name resulted is catchy and holds relevance. You can be smart enough to place it to make it a meaningful word, hence giving your band a cool name. 

2# If the Band is a Tribute to Someone

5 Tried & Tested Brand Name Ideas| Name will Define the Essence

Sometimes, the students or followers tend to name their belongings as a tribute to someone they followed their entire lives. This is the trickiest part. You have to pay homage, and on the other hand, it has to look rocking as the end of the day it is a band.

I would suggest you add an adjective and initial the person you want to homage to. It will make it look fantastic, and homage will be paid to it. Like you can name your band “Warriors M.”  

3# Adjectives are the Best Choices

5 Tried & Tested Brand Name Ideas| Name will Define the Essence

Yes, using an adjective to describe your band is one of the safest and easiest choices a band can make to name their band. Adjectives add an oomph to the band’s name, and all the adjectives I feel are catchy and easy to remember. 

So, if you are planning to name your band, then I would suggest you go for adjectives. Some of the explanation which I can think of is Versatile, Amazeeee, Happy Souls; etc. 

4# Defines the Mission 

5 Tried & Tested Brand Name Ideas| Name will Define the Essence

Many bands are made to fulfill a mission, and therefore, these bands can b names after a mission. This could be one of the tricks even to boost your band in the mission’s name if it relates to an emotional approach because people connect with emotions faster. 

There are already existing bands that have names themselves after missions, which gave them immense popularity and fame. So, if you want to make your soon in the industry, this trick might work.  The best example is Mission Jupiter.

5# A Thing can be your Band’s Name

indian ocean

Few bands are so into certain things; therefore, they feel like naming their band after that. Like a tree or plant’s name has been used by most bands, it gives them a dope vibe. The trick in this is that you can choose the perfect name associated with that thing as the name of your band.

I would suggest you choose some sensible things because most of the time, things are so negative that they may impact your band’s identity. So, choices need to be made wisely. 

Best Ways to Check Whether the Name of the Band is Already Taken

  • Check on your Instagram by typing that name and see what pops on your search. Try searching different versions possible.
  • Use music apps like Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music to explore any existing band with the same name. 
  • You can also search names on Google to check what pops on the searched word.
  • If a current band has the same name, I suggest choosing another or adding a number, character giving it a new look.

Final Words

These were some of the famous Band name ideas that can create a stir in the town with the name chosen. Do not forget to tag our page once you name your band. All the best amigos, you are ready to start your new musical journey. 

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