5 Letter Words That Start With CAU | Know Them All!


Playing Scrabbles is one of our favorite games where we brag our knowledge of words and information. However, it could be a daunting task if you fail to have much word power in your knowledge! This simply means a lack of multiple words that start with a combo of initials! So, this article covers all 5 letter words that start with CAU. 

Scrabble is a game of playing with words and building the most words by using those unusual block letters. Only the champions of words can win this game. However, you can become the next winner if you learn some basic combination words. Let us start with 5 letter words that start with CAU first!

Five Letter Words That Start With CAU | Mark The Words!

5 Letter Words That Start With CAU | Know Them All!

Just viewing 5 letter words that start with CAU will not be sufficient because we tend to forget such words. So, I am here with all five letter words that start with CAU and their respective meanings to help you memorize them. So, let’s dive straight into the list.

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#1 Cause

Cause is a 5 letter word that starts with CAU that you can remember without making many efforts. It denotes one’s behavior that can lead or cause an action. This is also used for similar actions that lead to a principle or phenomenon rising. The other usage of the cause word is to follow a principle of movement and defend and advocate it.

#2 Cauda

Cauda is not commonly used for speaking or writing purposes, but you can surely use it in the Scrabbles. Cauda is used to suggest a tail or tail-like long organ. It mentions the elongated part of an organ, especially in animals.

#3 Caulk

You have used this item multiple times without realizing its proper name. Caulk is a substance similar to putty used to fill the gap to prevent leakage. Caulk is a waterproof sealant used to repair bathroom, kitchen, or other building parts.

#4 Cauls

Cauls is a rarely used word that means an amniotic membrane around a fetus in the womb in the biological term. Earlier, Cauls were used to describe a woman’s headdress or close-fitted hairnet. Thus, you can learn this unusual word to gain some good marks!

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#5 Cauks

Cauks is not a proper word that you can find in the dictionaries. However, the term is now popularly used for chalk and limestone substances. Thus, you can also learn it and have some extra knowledge for good reasons!

#6 Causa

Causa is a legal word with a proper definition, i.e., any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy. It is a more formal word that you can use instead of writing a lawsuit or case. 

#7 Cauld

Cauld word is a fancy term used to mention cold hands or something that is relatively less hot. You can use the term Cauld to mention coldness in weather, object, or a situation. Isn’t it great to find amazing alternatives to traditional words?

#8 Caums

Caums is a mystical word used to describe a person who advocates freedom of choice and personal responsibility. Caums is also used for those philosophers who claim the existence of humans in the universe is unexplainable.

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Final Words

5 letter words that start with CAU are quite limited, and learning them will surely earn you some brownie points in the game. So, learn all of them without delay! If you come across any other 5 letter words that start with CAU, please mention them in the comment section. Enjoy playing Scrabble or Word-based games with your family and friends!

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