5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!


Here is a list of 5 letter words that start with RU so that you can enhance your vocabulary. If you like to play scrabble or other such wordplay games, then this list might help you overpower your opponents.

Without further ado, let’s look at these 5 letter words that start with RU.

5 Letter Words That Start With RU | Become A Scrabble Master

Scrabble or wordplay games are usually quite fun to play, however, at times, you might get face defeat because your opponents might know more words than you.

Hence, we have cataloged several five-letter words that start with RU for you to sift through. We hope you will find our list helpful.

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5 Letter Words That Start With RU

5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!

# Ruana

A clothing item resembling a poncho that is native to the countries of the Andes region, namely Colombia and Venezuela.

# Rubab

A musical instrument similar to a lute, which is traditionally played in the central Asian regions.

# Rubai

A traditional form of a poem is primarily presented in quartets. These poems are usually found in classical Persian, Arabic, and Urdu literature.

# Rubes

A term used to define people from rural or countryside heritage. It is also used to define rude people.

# Rubin

Rubin is an obsolete term that was used in archaic times to define the precious jewel that is called Ruby in modern languages.

# Ruble

The ruble is the currency or monetary unit of the countries of Russia, Belarus, and the region of Transnistria.

# Rubus

Rubus is the scientific genus for a plant family, which specifically defines a family of flowering plants, like raspberry and blackberry.

# Ruche

A fold or pleat within a garment that is purposely sewn into it to help create a visually appealing effect.

# Rucks

Rucks refers to more than one crease or wrinkle on a fabric. The term can also be used to define a crowd of people.

# Rudds

Rudds is the plural term for the word Rudd which is a type of freshwater fish whose scientific name is Scardinius erythrophtalmus.

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5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!

# Ruddy

Something that appears to have a similar color to that or a bloody red shade, the term is also used interchangeably with the term bloody.

# Ruden

To enhance the rudeness, robustness, or strength of something. It can also be used to define the act of simplifying something.

# Ruder

Ruder is the comparative term for the word Rude and is primarily used to create a comparison between two or more entities.

# Rudie

The term is slang for a delinquent who is below the age of 18, it is native to the country of Jamaica.

# Ruffs

Decorative edges that are created as pleated ornate embellishments for clothing. These pleats are usually created near the neck and cuff regions.

# Rugae

Plural term for the word Ruga, which refers to an anatomical term that defines a crease or a wrinkle. 

# Rugal

Rugal refers to any clothing item or a foldable object that is folded; it defines the feature of an already folded object.

# Rugby

A sport includes two teams of players who try to control a ball to score while keeping it in their team.

# Rugia

Rugia refers to a dated or medieval time name for a German island which is currently known as the Rugen Island. 

# Ruhnu

Ruhnu is an island situated in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, this island is a part of Estonia.

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5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!

# Ruing

Ruing refers to the act of regretting one’s actions, the term can be interchangeably used with the terms Lamenting, regretting, etc.

# Ruins

Ruins are the leftover remains of ancient civilizations that died down or migrated to some other location. The term can also be used to define the remains of a broken thing as well.

# Ruled

Ruled refers to a being, organization, or place being controlled or managed by a person or group. It also refers to lined sheets of paper that can be used to write on.

# Ruler

A ruler is someone who is managing a country, government, or organization. The term ruler is also used to define a tool that is used to measure and draw straight lines.

# Rules

A set of principles and regulations to manage a country, organization, or event. The term is used to define acts of proper conduct.

# Rumex

Rumex is referred to as a plant family with the scientific genus Rumex, the term is also used to refer to a dock.

# Rumor

News traveling in the form of gossip, the term can also pertain to talk that is used to slander a person.

# Rumpy

A Rumpy is a type of cat breed that is famous among Manx breeders native to the Isle of Man, the cat is known for having no tail genetically.

# Runed

Runed refers to fictional objects, artifacts, or weapons that are inscribed with spells or runes so that their functioning capabilities are enhanced.

# Runes

Runes refer to the ancient scriptures and writing systems of primitive human civilizations. Runes are usually presented in pictorial formats.

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5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!

# Rungu

Rungu is referred to as the individual member of the ethnic tribe of Borneo, the term is also used to describe the ethnic people of Tanzania.

# Runic

Runic refers to things and objects that have runes inscribed on them, the term is usually used to denote fictional characters, weapons, and such.

# Runny

Runny primarily means matter that has a liquid-like consistency or can flow freely, despite being in a partially solid state.

# Runts

Runt can be used to mention various things depending on the situation, however, the most common use of the term is done to refer to a weak or cowardly person.

# Runty

The term derived from the word Runt primarily refers to a small or short-sized thing, usually used in the context of height.

# Runza

Runza is a type of bread that is prepared by stuffing it with various meat and vegetable stuffings. The bread is a bread version of a dumpling. 

# Rupee

Rupee refers to the monetary unit of various countries, namely, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles. The term also refers to historical silver coins used in medieval India.

# Rupel

It is a small river based in the country of Belgium. The river is primarily a tributary of the river Scheldt.

# Rupia

The term rupia refers to the former currencies of colonized countries, namely Portuguese India and Italian Somaliland.

# Rural

Rural refers to the countryside regions of any town or city. Primarily places that follow a less metropolitan lifestyle.

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5 Letter Words That Start With RU | The Ultimate List!

# Ruses

The term Ruses refers to a cunning and severely intelligent person. The term can also be used to define an illegal or illicit plan.

# Rusks

The plural term for rusk is a dry and rectangular-shaped biscuit consumed globally with sweetened milk.

# Rusky

The term Rusky is a rude word to refer to a Russian person. The term can be considered derogatory slang used to refer to Russian natives.

# Rusma

Rusma was a liquid concoction made during ancient times by people to remove hair from their bodies, the concoction usually consisted of Quicklime and Sulphite Arsenic.

# Rusty

Rusty refers to a surface that has been affected by rust, it also refers to an extremely old or weak person who has had a lot of experience in life.

# Rutin

Rutin is a plant metabolized chemical compound that is found in many plants and is primarily the derived glycoside from Quercetin and Rutinose. 

# Rutty

Rutty refers to a non-smooth or a non-leveled surface.

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Final Words

This was our list of five-letter words that start with RU. We hope our list helped you in enhancing your vocabulary. Do let us know what you would like for us to cover next. Stay tuned with us for more of such informative reads.

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