6 Best Vodka Brands For Jello Shots


Are you searching for the best Vodka Brands for Jello shots? Whether you are cheering your home team or planning for a housewarming party, Vodka-Jello shots are the best way to entertain your homies. Jello shots are a super easy, colorful snack and fun addition to any party.

A great Vodka-Jello shot shouldn’t just taste good but it should also be smooth and cheap. Jello shots are the best combination for a house party or college ferociousness. As vodka is generally the base for all shots, you can go for the authentic and neutral one or flavored one, and also can mix two to enhance the taste. So, invite your mates (and their liver) to the party because we are here to help you with the cheap and best vodka brands for jello shots. 

There are many expensive Vodka brands, but a cheap Vodka that goes easy on the wallet and esophagus is the best choice for Jello shots. Here are the best Vodka brands for Jello shots are: 

  • Absolut Vodka
  • Russian Standard
  • Aermoor Vodka
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • Prairie Organic Vodka
  • Fair Quinoa Vodka 

Here in the article, we reviewed some of the best vodka brands and the Jello shot recipes to make it easy for you to choose.

Best Vodka Brands For Jello Shots

Use these vodka brands, get creative and keep the party going. Read the article below to find before you throw a party and surprise your friends with these excellent and pocket-friendly vodkas.

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Absolut Vodka

Source: Luxurious Drink

Absolut Vodka is one of the known and popular brands of vodka for shots. You can try blending Absolut Vodka with any citrus fruit like orange, lemon, tangerine, etc contain vitimin C. Absolut is distilled in Ahus, Sweden, and exported to 126 countries. The taste of the vodka is neutral and blends with any flavor you use. The price of the bottle is approx $25. Whereas all the other brands create loud advertisements, the company denies ads and saves a ton of money to provide the best vodka at a low cost. 

PS: Absolut Watermelon that brings watermelon flavor with zero added sugar. No doubt Absolut Watermelon is a new summer favorite for Jello shots.

Russian Standard

Russian Standard
Source: Whiskey Exchange

Another best vodka is Russian Standard is cheap enough for commoners and strong enough to make you high. The brand is the same as its name. Russian Standard fulfills all the requirements for the best vodka under $20. The brand was introduced in 1998 and captured the market by 1999. As we all know, Russia is the world’s best vodka producer; if it best for them, it is best for us. The company is actively exporting its product to 80+ companies. 

PS: Russian Standard comes in three variants original, gold, and platinum. These all are neutral in taste, but you can blend them with any flavor. 

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Source: Best Product

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America’s original vodka. There is a reason why Tito’s Vodka is in every bar, pub, and hotel’s menu. The vodka is made in old-fashioned pots to preserve the old taste in every bottle they packed. Everyone in every event loves Tito’s Vodka. The natural taste and price are hard to beat in terms of brand appeal. Its sweetness blends with any flavor, so it’s best for Jello shots and suits any drinker. The neutral and plain vodka cost you around $20.  

PS: Grab a bottle of Tito’s Vodka and make your cocktail serving experience smooth, just simple as opening a bottle. 

Aermoor Vodka

Aermoor Vodka
Source: Aermoor

Aermoor Vodka is a pretty good choice among the young minted drinkers. Anyone who doesn’t like the taste and smell of booze can try Aermoor Vodka once. Aermoor vodka goes easy on the esophagus without the burning sensation. The brand has set new standards for smoothness; they distilled water vapor from clouds that give the liquor a sweet and creamy taste. Aermoor is created by blending high-quality spirit with the purest water source and is further distilled multiple times to remove the purities.  

PS: Blend some fresh strawberries in a jar, pour some Aermoor Vodka, and try making the best strawberry Jello shots. 

Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairie Organic Vodka: best vodka brands for jello shots
Source: Tom’s Wine

The cheapest and best vodka available in the market is Prairie Organic Vodka. A bottle of fine Prairie Organic Vodka costs you around $17. The distillers perfectly balanced the corny taste and spicy texture of the vodka. Each batch is distilled closely for the impurities rather than a set number, as the temperature, moisture, and environmental conditions are different each time. This corn-based feel-good vodka is perfect for your Jello shots, cocktail, and martinis.

PS: A pinch of melon with some fresh berries brought the smoothness and creamy taste to Jello shots.

Fair Quinoa Vodka 

Fair Quinoa Vodka: best vodka brands for jello shots
Source: Liquorama

If you are planning a drinks night with your friend, then Fair Quinoa Vodka is a broke drinker’s Russian Speach (not rumors). The brand packed the best quality Vodka and exports it to a number of countries. You can have high-quality booze at a low cost, as a premium Fair Quinoa Vodka costs you around $17. The best thing about the Fair Quinoa Vodka is its authentic taste at such a low price. You can blend and mixed it with other flavors to make Jello shots tangier.

PS: Try adding blended orange liquor, lime juice to give Jello shots a sweet and sour punch.   


The above-given Vodka brands are the best and used by professionals around the globe. These are the best vodka brands for Jello shots due to their affordable price and neutral taste. These classic vodka brands go perfectly with any party because of their authentic taste. 

You can try mixing them with flavors to make Jello shots fruity. Now what you are waiting for, plan a party and surprise your friends with your new bartending skills. 

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