6 Best Backyard Toys for Kids to play with during this summer vacations 2021


Summer vacations are around the corner, and we all will be spending these holidays with our cousins and friends. What’s better than playing in the backyard with some toys? But you, as a parent, are still struggling with which backyard toys to buy? Here we have a list of the best backyard toys for your kids. 

A backyard is a place at the back of your house, where you either party, grow vegetables or make it a chill area for the entire family. If you buy backyards toys for kids, you have to pay a lot of attention to many things, like are these toys hazardous or safe. You have to make sure that they do not pollute your environment once they get dumped. 

The backyard toys for kids are Bounce house, Big Bubble Wand, Water pool, Teepee Tent, Instant Fort, Warrior zipline, etc. They are more than just toys because they are huge and cost more than a typical small toy.

Let us help you know more about these toys and make up your mind to buy at least one for your kids during this summer vacation. 

6 Best Backyard toys for kids to spend money on!

Following are the six Best Backyard toys for kids on which you should spend your money on:

#Bounce House is a fun toy

Bounce House is what we usually find in fairs, but what if you invest some amount in Bounce house this summer, It can prove to your kids that you are the best parents.

In a Bounce House, kids will be able to bounce, as its name suggests; it is super bouncy and will keep you free from kids for a longer time. It’s a gift for you. Jokes apart, If you are searching for backyard toys for your dog, this could be one of them, as it can also rest on it.


  • Do fold it and keep it in a safe place after every use.
  • It would be best if you wash it with soapy water to keep it clean.


  • Please do not keep it near a pointed nail or a sharp object.
  • It is also inflammable, so you have to keep a check of it too.

#Big Bubble Wand- Who’ll make the biggest bubble?

Big Bubble Wand is a fun game, or we can say a competition, between your cousins and friends.

You all can make teams and keep an equal number of chances from each group, and your parents can check which team made a giant bubble using Big Bubble Wand. 

If you are struggling to search for backyard toys for your five-year-old kid, this is the toy for him. It will keep him/ her busy for the longest time. The highlight of this toy is you can refill it again with the help of soapy water, which helps you blow bubbles


  • Wash your hand after playing this game. 
  • Refill it once the entire soapy solution is over.


  • Do not rub your hands on your eyes; it can make your eyes itchy.
  • Do not add water until and unless the solution is over.

# Water pool- Swim like a Tuna fish

Water pool- Swim like a Tuna fish
Source: Flipkart

Who doesn’t like swimming? It is the best gift you can surprise your kids with. It is suitable for your backyard, and I am sure kids aren’t coming out once the pool is filled with water.

Water pools are of different types; a few are balloon-like, a few of them are hard plastic, and a few are made from an alloy. Please make sure you buy balloon one because it is easy to carry and store after use. 


  • Do Buy pool as the number of children in the house, because a small pool will fit only two of them.
  • Keep it away from pets if it is not inflated. 


  • Please don’t keep it close to the fire; it can catch fire easily. 
  • Do store it in a safe place away from sunlight. 

#Teepee Tent: the house next to your house

Teepee Tent: the house next to your house
Source: Decoist

Teepee Tent is a small tent made from clothing, which is easy for kids to assemble. Your kids attend a picnic in that, where they can carry their snacks, water, and mats. 

Teepee tent is not only for kids. If you are searching for Backyard toys for tweens, this is the best choice you can make for them too. 

Teepee Tent is sometimes used while you are playing dark room at night with your friends. Trust me, you and your cousins will roll some secrets out with one another at late night if you have this. 


  • Try buying a good quality cloth—it should be 100% reusable polyester.
  • Clean it before storing it and store it in a packed bag.


  • Please do not buy it online because then you will be unable to check the fabric.
  • Do not buy the small tent just for an individual. If you have a kids party, it will be trouble to let all of them play at once.

#Instant Fort- You have a castle of your own! 

Instant Fort- I am a ruler
Source: Walmur

Yes, if your kids are entirely into prince and princess, then you must help them build a castle. Jokes, a part of Instant fort, is a really fun game that they can enjoy. You can also be a part of it by playing the role of emperor’s adviser. 

It can be a fun game once all your cousins are there. You can form armies of two different forts and play a game to win over other forts. 

This is my personal experience, me and my cousins used to create a castle using a cardboard box and win over each other’s palace.


  • Instant Fort is a little expensive; you can go for an alternative like a cardboard box.
  • Do clean your fort once you are done with the game.


  • Do not hurt any of your friends while playing with Instant fort.
  • It is a fake and fun game, do not take it seriously.

#Warrior Zipline

During every summer, I attended army summer camp and was eager to be a warrior at zipline. At that time, zipline was expensive, but today it is available at a reasonable price. 

You can tie them at two different sides and roll over them with the help of a zip. It is a fun game but a little risky too.


  • Always be ready with your safety gears. 
  • Do keep a medical kit close to you for any medical emergency.


  • Do not play zipliner if the end where you tie the line is weak; it can be harmful.
  • Do not play it near a water body. Play it under the supervision of a swimmer or a lifeguard.

These were some of the easy and not so expensive backyard toys for your kids. They are easy to buy and are available online. These games are fun during summers and spring, and you can play these games with your friends or enjoy them at various summer camps. 

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