Best Emotional Movies: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry


Have you ever come across movies that can make men cry? Do you have an annoying bf who laughs every time you end up crying during or after a movie? Do you want him to cry while watching a movie and feeling the same emotions you go through? If yes, then check out the full space below. 

I can understand the pain you would have gone through when you saw Hazel reading the eulogy Gus left behind for her or when Will waved his last goodbye to Stella through the glass window(heartbroken). I know how many buckets of tears you would have cried, and your boyfriend or husband or any man sitting around you would be smiling ear to ear while looking at you. 

In your heart, you would have been thinking. I will find out the movies that can make men cry, make you watch them, and then show you how it feels when your favorite character or movie, or simply a story, comes to an end. Today, we have found you a list of movies that can make men cry. Yes, we have the list that contains some emotional movies like Bambi, Fault In Our Stars, Toy Story 3, Marley, and Me. These are some of the best emotional movies that will not have men but also the most mature men crying. 

Now, you would be thinking, what if these movies do not make him cry? What if these are just some average ones that do not hold the potential? Well, I won’t answer your questions right here. Instead, I have done a complete breakdown of all these movies to make it clear for you that these are the movies that can make men cry. 

Emotional Movies: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry 

Read along the list to find out what makes these movies feature on our list today. 

The 5 most emotional movies ever ma...
The 5 most emotional movies ever made

Toy Story 3 

Toy Story 3: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: No Fim School

Name a single person who hasn’t cried while watching Toy Story 3. The emotional farewell between Andy and his toys was the breaking point for everyone. Each one of us grew up watching the toys lying around, playing in Andy’s room, and now all of a sudden, all of it just ends. The story starts with Andy preparing to leave for his college, but like most of the college-going boys, Andy won’t be taking the toys with him. But science woody, the sheriff he decides to take him and leave the rest of the boys packed in a big attic.

A few misconceptions and incidents later, we find the toys donated to Sunnyside, a daycare. A few moments later, we find Woody convincing Andy to give the toys to Bonnie(grabs a tissue) and Andy bringing the box of toys to Andy. 


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The Fault In Our Stars 

The Fault In Our Stars: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: Busniess – Insider

You do not get tired of looking at her,” “God, I Love Her” these words echo in my mind and heart and soul whenever I remember this movie. Hazel Grace and Gus Waters’ story, two teenagers who meet at a cancer retention center and instantly make a connection. The two share an undying bond for novels and agree to read each other’s favorite. Throughout their time together, Hazel realizes that Gus is the one person who understands her the most.

Gus takes Hazel on the adventure of their lives when they get a chance to meet Grace’s favorite author Peter Van Houten. By the end of the movie, our hero loses his battle to cancer and leaves a Eurology in the name of Hazel Grace, “Okay, Hazel Grace? Okay!” I was swimming in a pool of tears at the end of the movie(and I still am)


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Shawshank Redemption 

Shawshank Redemption: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: American Cinematograper

Another entertaining movie that made men cry on our list is Shawshank Redemption. The movie revolves around Andy Dufresne’s life, an innocent lawyer sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment for crimes that he never committed. Andy is serving for the murder of his wife and lover, but only he knows that he is innocent.

While in prison, Andy forms a bond with fellow prison mate Red and the two become inseparable friends facing the realities of life and prison together. Towards the ending, things take a turn for good when Andy and Red both prove their innocence and get a second chance at life. In the end, where Red meets Andy waiting for him at the boat, it all becomes too surreal to be true, leaving the viewers in tears. 


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Bambi: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: Moviefone

Another beautiful movie that can make even the most mature men cry is Bambi. The movie revolves around a young deer named Bambi living in the forest with his family and exploring his home. While growing up, Bambi becomes friends with other animals, Thumper the rabbit and a tiny skunk named Flower. The three grow up together and are often seeing going on adventures in the forest. While in doing so, young Bambi learns that the forest is full of dangers, and hunters, from his loving mother and father, The Great Prince of the Forest.

As Bambi grows up, he realizes that growing up is not only about the joys and the beauty that surrounds his life but also the sorrows and tragedy that is there. The ending where Bambi’s mother gets killed by the hunters is where I had an emotional breakdown and started crying like a three-year-old. 


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Marley & Me

Marley & Me: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: Entertainment Weekly

A heart-warming love story about a couple who moves to a new place, finds new jobs, starts a new life, and adopts a new dog pet. Just when the couple thought life could not be any easier, their pet dog starts showing them the reality of this world. The yellow labrador soon grows out to be a mischievous dog eating all the furniture, rugs, and whatever he finds except humans.

The dog is loved with all of the heart by Jenny and John after creating a mess and chaos in the family’s life. The movie, however, turns out to have a sad ending with Marley dying due to a twisted stomach and the family burying him under a tree in their front yard. 


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Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society: 6 Movies That Can Make Men Cry
Source: D23

Another movie that had us and probably even men in tears are Dead Poet’s Society. The movie revolves around the life of an English Teacher who uses unorthodox methods to teach his students the essence of poetry from a different perspective. Robert Williams is seen essaying the role of an English teacher at an all-boys preparatory school in New England.

The boys at the school are pressured into establishing a career-oriented path both by the parents and the school authorities. Williams helps the students to pursue their dreams and break out of the shells they have built around them. The movie portrays a beautiful relationship between a teacher and his students, which will leave the viewers in tears. 


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Final Pronouncement: 

These are some of the best all-time movies that can make men cry. All of the movies featured in this list portray a beautiful relationship between the characters that have the potential to leave the viewers swimming in an ocean of tears. If you want to have a good cry session that leaves a positive impact on your personality, then you should definitely watch these movies today. Also, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. 

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