Sometimes we humans are so lost in enjoying a movie that we forget to appreciate how much they teach us about life. From Good Will Hunting to Inside Out, these smart movies have taught us many things about life in their own different ways. 

You can indeed learn a lot of new and intelligent things by watching movies. Not every film made is based on romance and friendships. There are plenty of movies made only to walk you through the different phases of life by keeping you prepared way before time. 

You would be thinking about watching a documentary to get a better insight into life and other essential things. Yes, they also have a significant impact, but here we are talking about the nine movies that we have hand-picked for you today.  

Without waiting any further, let’s jump straight into the article and read more about these smart movies, along with the valuable insights they provide on many life and business lessons

Smart Movies That You Should Watch in Your Lifetime 

Read along and find out the intelligent movies we are talking about, and the platforms to stream them. 


A man Mox Cohen believes that mathematics is the language of the universe until the subject and the numbers become the reason for his delusions and headaches. Nevertheless, this genius man who has made an advanced supercomputer at his home lives a messy life until he discovers a mysterious number and becomes the target of Wall Street agents who want the number for their profit. 

IMDb Ratings: 7.4/10

Cast: Samia Shoaib, Sean Gullette, Mark Marglis

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video 

A Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind is inspired by John Forbes Nash Jr’s actual events, and a few parts of the movie are adapted from his biography of the same name. A genius mathematician who is at the height of building his career suddenly falls to the ground because he is obsessed with numbers. The journey to self-discovery for John is filled with gruesome pain and horrifying experiences like leaving his toddler unattended in the bathroom tub full of water. 

IMDb Ratings: 8.2/10

Cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video


There is no chance that a Christopher Nolan-directed movie will not make its way to the list of smart films. The movie revolves around the life of Leonard, looking for the man who brutally raped and murdered his wife. The only difficulty that Leonard faces while finding the killer is his rare illness of memory loss. The rare disease causes him to forget everything that happens fifteen minutes ago while the memory before his accident is not affected.

IMDb Ratings: 8.4/10

Cast: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

The Imitation Game 

The very genius mathematician Alan Turing is summoned by the British Intelligence Agency to decipher the Nazi codes, including the highly secured Enigma, which has proven to be unbreakable in the past. However, Alan, along with his team, achieves the inevitable, and they all become heroes. But, Alan’s heroism is short-lived when years later, officials send him to prison upon discovering his sexuality. 

IMDb Ratings: 8/10

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Good Will Hunting 

Next on our list of smart movies to watch is Good Will hunting that revolves around the life of an MIT Janitor with an IQ level higher than a grad student. Professor Gerald notices this and decides to help Will live a better life. However, things take a turn when Will is arrested for laying his hands on a police officer. The only person who can save Will’s life now is therapist Sean Maguire. 

IMDb Ratings: 8.3/10 

Cast: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Robin Williams 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video 

Inside Out

Meet the little voices inside your head with the following brilliant movie to watch on our list. Riley is a fun-loving 11-year-old girl who loves playing hockey but is triggered by sadness when her parents decide to move to San Fransisco. However, Riley’s joy tries to guide her through this time, but she is swept into a far-fetched corner of Riley’s mind, along with sadness. The only emotions that Riley now knows are Fear, Anger, and Disgust. 

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10

Cast: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader

Streaming On: Disney+


Unemployment and rejection from a partner can be two tough things to handle at the same time. After facing the rejections simultaneously, Eddie is sure that his future has come to an end, but things take a turn when he consumes a drug that increases mental acuity. Eddie rises to the top of financial heights in his career when the drug starts showing its adverse effects, and Eddie becomes the target of a wealthy business tycoon. 

IMDb Ratings: 7.4/10

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

This movie is a beautiful rendition of the emotions humans go through while exploring the intimacies of a relationship that later turns into pain and grief for many people. The story revolves around two lovers who decide to go through extreme ends to remove every memory of them loving one another. It is one of those movies that will break your heart into pieces and yet will keep you sane throughout. 

IMDb Ratings: 8.3/10

Cast: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kristen Dunst 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Tree of Life

Last on our list of smart movies to watch is the Tree of life, a coming-age magical film that focuses on the realities of life at a deeper level. The movie revolves around the life of Mr.O’Brien, who has anger issues and spirals out on his children frequently. When one of his children Jack, grows up, he is seen struggling to make sense of his childhood while facing other gruesome crises. 

IMDb Ratings: 6.8/10

Cast: Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn 

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Final Pronouncement: 

With this, we come to an end to the list of smart movies to watch. Watching a movie is never going to make you wise or increase your IQ. The fact is that watching it will give you a better understanding of the world that we live in and the struggles that anyone of us can stumble upon any day. Stream these movies today, and let us know which one you liked the most. 

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