A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There’s A Lot In Store For You!


Life happens to be the most unpredictable thing. We do not know what will happen to us in the next second. So, I would suggest that we all should live our lives to the fullest and cherish every little thing because these “little things” in life turn out to be the most important. In this article, A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date, we’ll tell you everything that you should be aware of.

A Million Little Things (2018) follows the story of a close-knit group of carefree and nonchalant friends from Boston. There is something special about this group, and everyone seems to have each other’s back. Things for them change as soon as one of them commits suicide, which shocks them to the core and turns out to be a big blow. In time, they realize how important friendships are in life and how they should cherish it. The show premiered on 26th September 2018 on ABC and is created by DJ Nash. The series has four seasons up until now, with 72 episodes.

Life Is Unpredictable, And Living I...
Life Is Unpredictable, And Living In The Present Is The Beauty Of Life!

Now that you have a pretty good idea about the show let’s not delay anymore and tell you what you’ve been waiting for. Well, A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date has not been officially announced yet by ABC, but the followers of the show think that there is a high chance that the show will receive its fifth installment very soon. 

Now, with that knowledge, let’s move on and go through the other details that will help you understand the show in a better and more detailed manner.

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A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | Everything You Should Be Aware Of 

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There's A Lot In Store For You!

As you already know, the plot of A Million Little Things, and the fact that the fifth season of the show is yet to be announced by ABC, let’s give you some more details about the series. The show has been a big success since its release in 2018 and was loved by the audience globally. With four seasons and 72 episodes that are already streaming on Prime and Hulu, we would suggest you better start watching it if you haven’t watched it yet. 

If you’re one of those people who all love to watch an astounding on-screen drama with intense, nuanced performances, then this is the show that you should definitely watch and binge on. The most unique and interesting aspect of the show is how it explores and focuses on human relationships, individual realization, and uncertain death. 

After watching all the seasons of the show that are available, there is a little chance that it might help you realize a few things about life and might affect you a little, but in a good sense.

  • Created By: DJ Nash
  • Cast: David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, Christina Moses, Grace Park, James Roday Rodriguez, Stéphanie Szostak, Tristan Byon, Lizzy Greene
  • Platforms Available On: Prime, Hulu, ABC, Fubo TV
  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.9
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 59%
  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes & Runtime: 72 (41-43 minutes)

Is A Million Little Things Cancelled? Know The Complete Story! 

Well, it’s time that we clear all your confusion. The show A Million Little Things already has four seasons to it, and you can stream them anytime you feel like on the platforms that are mentioned above. The last season as of now, season 4 premiered on 22nd September 2021 on ABC with 20 episodes.

Now the only thing that the followers and fans of the show are eagerly waiting for is its fifth season. The official release date of the fifth season has not been revealed yet, but our gut feelings are indicating that it might happen very soon.

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Is A Million Little Things Based On A True Story? A Brief Idea Of All The Four Seasons 

As we’ve already established, the fact that show is all about human emotions, relationships, and the hard realities of life. Well, in order to clarify, we’ll have to say that, NO!!! the story of A Million Little Things is not particularly based on an actual group of eight friends. Having said that, interestingly, the show is inspired by the creator of the show, DJ Nash’s own experience of losing a close friend in the same way.

A Million Little Things Season 1

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There's A Lot In Store For You!

Let’s give you a brief idea about the first installment of the show. In season one, we witness that Eddie, played by David Giuntoli, and Katherine, played by Grace Park, come to mutual terms to get a divorce. In time, they put things on hold and begin to talk to each, reconnect and rediscover their suppressed feelings for each other.

Halfway through the season, Eddie realizes, after almost losing Katherine when she gets into a car accident that how he is still in love with her and the fact that his life would be far more difficult without her in it.

A Million Little Things Season 2

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There's A Lot In Store For You!

In season two, we witness that Eddie and Katherine decide that as it’s almost impossible for them to go back to the things how they were, it will be better for both of them to find a new and different path for each other.

Now, the most important thing for both of them is to parent their son Theo in a proper and healthy manner as he is already going through a rough time, dealing with all the sudden changes in his life.  

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A Million Little Things Season 3

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There's A Lot In Store For You!

In season 3 of the show, we see that Gary played by James Roday Rodriguez, receives a new job offer but in a different city. Eventually, he convinces his former wife Darcy, played by Floriana Lima, to move with him along with their son Liam played by Mattia Castrillo.

Gary’s reason for convincing Darcy to move with him was because he wants to start a family again but in a proper way.

A Million Little Things Season 4

A Million Little Things Season 5 Release Date | There's A Lot In Store For You!

In the ‘as-of-now’ last season of the series A Million Little Things, we witness that Gary seems to learn a few unknown facts about Maggie, played by Allison Miller, his former girlfriend, on their journey to Albany. On the other hand, Rome, played by Romany Malco, finds himself in a great crisis, but Eddie somehow manages to help him out.

We also see that Regina played by Christina Moses, after going through all the trouble with her father, tries to set new boundaries for him. Whereas we discover that Katherine gets back with somebody from her past.

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Final Word

Hope this article was informative enough and gave you what you were looking for. While waiting for season five of A Million Little Things, we would suggest that you start watching the rest of the four seasons that are available if you haven’t yet.

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