A Quiet Place Day One Release Date, Trailer Cast, And More


In the vision of making, since 2020, a new horror apocalyptic movie is officially wrapped up and ready to kick big screens soon. I am talking about none other than Michael Sarnoski’s  A Quiet Place Day One. If you haven’t heard yet about the latest details of the new movie, read on to know A Quiet Place Day One release date, trailer, cast, and more.

Directed and written by Michael Sarnoski, A Quite Place Day One is a spin-off prequel to the previous movies in the Quite Place series whose first part came out in 2018, followed by the second in 2020. The story of the new part seems to revolve around the invasion of extra celestial creatures on Earth,  answering the question: “How the world went Quiet?”

The horror and apocalyptic fiction movie comes with a different set of characters, rejuvenating the Quiet Place Audience. We will break down the cast further in the article.

The movie is scheduled to release on 28 June 2024 in theatres.

What Is A Quiet Place Day One Release Date?

A Quiet Place Day One Release Date, Trailer Cast, And More

As discussed, the horror film is scheduled to release on 28 June 2024 in theatres globally, Paramount Pictures the announcement. The movie release was decided for 31 March 2023 before changing it to 22 September 2023 and 8 March 2023 for ultimate finalization on 28 June 2024. 

The delay happened due to SAG AFTRA strikes. Also, the movie is releasing opposite Kevin Foster’s Horizon: An American Saga, setting a challenge for both the new releases. So, no more waiting. Set your reminders and get your friends and family ready by 28th June 2024.

Is A Quiet Place Day One Trailer Out Yet? 

The movie’s trailer came out yesterday, i.e., 7th Feb 2024, on Paramount Pictures’ YouTube channel. The one-and-a-half-minute trailer reveals some intense action and dark thrills, which I believe will meet the Quiet series fans’ expectations. 

What else we can anticipate from the trailer is that the movie is set on the streets of New York, in a crowded area, unlike the previous parts that were shot in some remote and quiet places.

Break Down The Cast of A Quiet Place Day One

A Quiet Place Day One Release Date, Trailer Cast, And More

The cast of Day One includes Lupita Nyong’o in the female lead role named Sam. Nyuong’o is an Oscar-winning actress for her supporting role in 12 Years A Slave. Het notable works are Us, Black Panther, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and The Jungle Book.

Opposite Lupita is Joseph Quinn, who is in the male lead role. The actor from the famous Netflix series Stranger Things is among the cast of A Quiet Place. The English actor will be playing a role named Eric in the movie, and much about his role is yet to be disclosed. Notable works of Quinn include Overlord, Hoard, and Dickensian. Quin is also confirmed to be cast in upcoming movies Fantastic Four and Gladiator 2.

Other starring actors are Alex Wold, Denis O’Hare, Jennifer Woodward, Jonathan Sparrow, Elijah Umgvary, and Alexander John. The only returning actor is Djimon Hounso, who played the role of Man on the Island in Quiet Place 2. The characters of these actors are not yet revealed as such. 

Will The New Movie Follow The Same Story Line?

A Quiet Place Day One Release Date, Trailer Cast, And More

A Quiet Place series is apocalyptic genre-based. So, that will not change in the upcoming movie as well. A few highlights from the new story are: 

  • Sam (played by Nyong’o) is on a trip to New York when extra celestial creatures or aliens with hyper-sonic hearing ability attack Earth. 
  • The story goes back to day one of the aliens’ arrival and shows how the world fights back to the miserable time.
  • Against her wish, Sam has to pair up with Eric to survive in the city through the destruction phase.
  • The movie will be interesting as to how the reluctant couple will go through the chaos for their survival. 

Where Will a Quiet Place Day One Be Streaming?

The Paramount picture will be shown exclusively in theatres. After theatres, it will be available on Paramount + streaming service. Also, the movie is later expected to be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Currently, it is only an exclusive theatre release, and there are no options to watch the movie anywhere. 


The yet-to-be-released movie A Quiet Place Day One is all about what thrill and horror lovers want to watch. With the end of this article, we hope you have got the latest information about the movie so that you don’t miss out on anything. For more information related to cinema, Hollywood, or filming locations, come back to Viebly.

Who is the producer of A Quiet Man Day One?

The movie is produced by  Paramount Pictures along with Platinum Dunes and Sunday Night Productions.

On what The movie A Quiet Man Day One is based?

The movie is based on an original story written by John Krasinski and Michael Sirnoski. 

Is there any other part of A Quite Place coming out anytime?

Yes, a direct sequel to  A Quiet Place 2 is already announced in 2022. A Quiet Place Part 3 is awaited to release in 2025.

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