6 Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot 


Are there some action shows like Blindspot to watch if you miss Blindspot? Though an action lover can’t miss Blindspot if it happened, other shows can give you similar fun and joy. Get ready to explore more shows like Blindspot!

Blindspot (2015-2020) is an amazing action-packed series known for the FBI conspiracy with a pinch of the thriller. Unfortunately, the series ended after producing 100 episodes and deals with the tale of Jane Doe (Jamie Alexander), who loses her memory. But tattoos on her body depict a lot about her previous life. 

I know you can’t wait to know about shows like Blindspot; let’s get started and know each of these shows in detail!

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Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot | Don’t Miss The Chance Of Enjoying Thriller!

If you have missed Blindspot, don’t think once that you have missed an amazing thriller because there are many shows like it that you can still enjoy. That’s why I have hand-picked some shows that will interest you a lot!

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1# The Equalizer (2021-Present) | Tale Of A Woman With Skills

Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot

The Equalizer continues the 80s TV series of the same name. The series is all about a woman, a former CIA agent, Robyn Mc Call. She is determined to provide justice to people who have lost their lives due to a failed government system. As a result, she forms a team that comprises an NYPD detective, a stylish snipper, and a computer hacker. 

In this series you’ll see Robyn Mc Call riding her bike and doing some basic stunts. I want to recommend this show because it is a package of mysteries and deals with a tough woman. Cheers to women’s power!!

2# Hanna (2019-2021) | A Package Of Mysteries

Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot

Hanna, an Amazon series, features a lot of action. It is based on Joe Wright’s action movie with same name from 2011. Surprisingly, the series is close to Blindspot, so you will have a great time watching it. 

The Amazon series follows a story of a girl (Esme Creed-Miles) who has in-built skills to become an assassin and work for a secretive CIA program. As a result, she is assigned the task by the CIA to find the mystery of a case, and she breaks the shoulders of whoever tries to stop her.

Moreover, you will fall in love with the exotic locations of the series that are similar to Blindspot. Watch to know how Esme Creed-Miles uncovers the mystery. 

3# The Blacklist (2013-Present) | A Show With All The Features Of Blindspot

6 Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot 

If you are a fan of Blindspot, you must have missed a few episodes of The Blacklist. If yes, then it’s the right time to explore this series.

The plot of the series is based on a man, Raymond “Red” Reddington, who helps the FBI solve a criminal case that belongs to a mastermind criminal. Moreover, the viewers are not informed about the reason for which Red is helping the FBI. And this is the another big mystery of the plot, that will be solved by the end.

Watching this series is a treat for action lovers because it is filled with action-packed conspiracies with a sense of humor by Spader. 

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4# Burn Notice (2007-2013) | A Show With Thriller And Humor

Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot

Interestingly, Burn Notice has a lot of commonalities with Blindspot in terms of activities of intelligence agencies and various conspiracies. 

The core of the series is Jeffrey Donovan, a CIA operative who gets evicted from the agency without any reason. As a result, he goes back to his home in Miami, where he starts working as an unlicensed investigator and tries to find who evicted him and why.

The interesting element of the series is its most entertaining character named Sam Axe. So, watch it today!

5# Scorpion (2014-2018) | Series That Is Full Of Action Drama

Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot

If you adore Patterson and Rich Dotcom, then you should not miss Scorpion. Also, many viewers have perceived it as a counterpart of The Big Bang Theory.

All the seasons of the series follow the story of a computer genius, Walter O’Brien, who is the team leader (the team has super-smart scientists, hackers, and assorted nerds). The team aims to carry out the security mission of the Department of Homeland Security, but they also handle private individuals.  

You will surely like this series because it is similar to Blindspot in terms of action and conspiracies with humor.

6# Absentia (2017-2020) | An FBI Agent That Shows Up After Memory Loss

Action Shows Like Blindspot To Watch If You Miss Blindspot

Interestingly, the setup of Absentia is similar to Blindspot, and there is a lot more to get revealed.

The core of the series is an FBI agent, Emily Byrne, who disappears without any reason and is declared dead. After six years, she is shown living in a cabin with no intimation about what happened in those 6 years. And she is shown to be responsible for a series of murders.

You will remember this series because it is more of a psychological thriller. So, I hope you are going to choose it soon!

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Final Words 

So, these were some action shows to like Blindspot to watch if you miss Blindspot. Interestingly, these shows have some Blindspot elements, making them a treat to watch. So, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy them!

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