We all agree games are more fun when we are playing with friends. If you want to add friends on Nintendo Switch and join an epic battle against the enemies, you are at the right place. 

If you have a Nintendo Switch subscription, you are all set to play some epic fun games online. But to double the fun, you need to add friends on Nintendo Switch account. Without adding them, you won’t be able to join hands for the final clashes

There are two ways for adding friends to the Nintendo Switch account. One is to use the friend’s code, and the other is to accept the request. NO. There are more than two ways that you can use to get connected with your friends on the online gaming console and begin your voyage in the most epic action-adventure games

Grab your Nintendo console and add your friends side-by-side while reading this article, so you don’t waste any more time. Prepare yourself, my friend, as the battle is on your way. 

Steps to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch Account 

Read along to find how you can connect with your friends on your Nintendo Switch Account. If you face any problems, here is a detailed video that you can follow while reading this section to understand the process more quickly. 

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch?

Adding friends on Nintendo Switch is a relatively easy concept and does not require much hard work. Follow the easy steps below to know how you can add friends on Nintendo switch easily. 

  • To begin with, you need to first link your local switch user account to the Nintendo account. 
  • Go to Switch’s homepage and open settings<users. 
  • Once the page is available, select the profile you want to link with your Nintendo Switch account. 
  • Select the option Link Nintendo Account and sign in with your valid login credentials to link the account successfully. 
Add Friends Nintendo Switch: Add Friends on Nintendo Switch
Source: Nintendo Support
  • Once your account is connected, you can easily add friends to your profile.
  • Open your Nintendo profile and select Add Friend after opening your profile present at the top-left corner of the screen. 
  • Once the page is open, you will see Nintendo provides you with many options on how you can add friends to your profile. 

Friend Code 

Friend code Nintendo: Add Friends on Nintendo Switch
Source: Business – Insider
  • You can add any friend easily to your profile using the friend’s code method. Ask your friend to share their code with you so you can add them manually to your profile.  
  • Select the option Search with Freind’s Code and enter the friend’s code that you want to add to your profile. 
  • If the code that you have entered is correct, your friend will receive a request from your account in a few seconds. 

Local Users 

  • With the Search for Local Users option, you can add a player living within your range.
  • Your Nintendo console will use the in-built Bluetooth to scan for any nearby friends and add them.
  • When you match with a friend, you must press the same buttons when asked. 
  • Once you both press the same controls, you will connect as friends. 

Friend Suggestions 

  • If you have connected your Nintendo account with Wii U and 3DS or apps like Nintendo Miitomo, the console will show you a list of potential friends based on your list from these accounts. 
  • You can also find them on this console and add them manually by sending a friend request. 

Users You Have Played With

  • If you have already placed online matches with people who were not your friends, you can easily find them and add them as friends. 
  • All you need to do is select Search for Users You’ve Played With and send requests to users who you want to add. 

How to Accept Friend Requests on Nintendo Switch?

Just like you are adding friends on your Nintendo Switch, some people may have added you and want to connect with you over the platform to play. To accept someone’s friend’s request, follow the simple steps below. 

  • Open your profile and select Add Friend. 
Accept Friend Request Nintendo: Add Friends on Nintendo Switch
Source: VG247
  • After this step, you will a new menu appear on your screen. From the list of options, choose Received Friend Requests present at the top. 
  • Accept the requests from people that you know and want to connect with. 

How to Issue a New Friend Code?

Issue New Friend Code Nintendo: Add Friends on Nintendo Switch
Source: LifeWire

For any reason, if you want to issue a new friend code, all you have to do is select User Settings and then proceed further with the appropriate option. 

Final Pronouncement:

These are the easy steps you have to follow while adding friends to your Nintendo Switch account. If you are a Nintendo lover, try these steps today and let us know if you face any problems to help you fix the errors. 

Feature Image Credits: Tom’s Guide


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