6 Great Tips to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Story


Nothing can beat growing your Instagram audience more than an aesthetic Instagram story. Instagram stories are the best and the most effective to catch the attention of the targeted audience.

With a clear and well-presented Instagram story, it becomes too easy to make the viewers fall in love with the content. You may have seen how well the brand owners and creators use the feature to engage with their audience. You can engage the viewers in a conversation, ask them for feedback and promote your product in easy steps. 

You don’t have to master any professional designing course to make an aesthetic Instagram story that will go well with your account and the products that you sell or the content that you create. You only need to master the tips that we have gathered today for you in this article. By following these simple steps, you can easily increase the engagement of your account

If you are ready to grow your brand and wow your audience, jump straight into the article below. 

How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?

Read along the list to know more about these Instagram aesthetic tips and tricks. 

Consistent Instagram Story Templates

Instagram Stiry Templates: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: Mockups For Free

Creating Instagram stories that match both your brand and profile aesthetic is a very important step. When you are using third-party applications, it becomes tough to choose a template from the same palette each time, as there are so many to select from every time. If you go ahead and select a different template for every story that you upload, that can leave a negative impact on your brand. 

With every application that you use, you have the liberty to save the templates in the app’s in-built folders for easy access later. Saving the same styled and same palette templates also helps you maintain consistency and making the best aesthetic Instagram stories. 

Selecting the Right Fonts 

Instagram Fonts: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: Medium

Once you are done selecting a template style, the next important step in making an aesthetic Instagram story is selecting the right fonts. Always select a font that goes well with your brand’s aesthetic and suits your story template as well. I know right now you may be thinking what is so special about a font, pick up anyone and move on already. But trust me your viewers always look forward to seeing things that please their eyes. So, if you want to increase your profile’s engagement and brand name, this step is a must. 

You can easily integrate a font of your choice with the application that you are using and design your aesthetic Instagram story easily. The other thing that you can do is select a font from the app’s library itself. There are a lot of options and apps available for you when it comes to Instagram fonts. 

Choosing the Right Image

Stock Photo: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: Tailwind

The next thing to take care of while designing an aesthetic Instagram story is the picture that you choose to upload. If you are promoting your brand’s products, you are free to choose from any of the product pictures you have as that will go well. But if you are introducing a collection that will soon go live and you don’t want the anticipation to die, then you can select an image based on its theme. Searching for an image using the theme name instead of keyword proves beneficial every single time. 

So, the next time you are designing an Instagram story be sure to keep this point in your mind. Also, keep an eye on the color of your template and the pictures that you select as both should match each other’s aesthetic. 

Animated Elements

Animations: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: Tailwind

The next step is to add animations and gifs to your Instagram stories that will complement your story template. Now there are two easy ways to add animations to your stories, you are free to choose any option that will suit you the most. 

The first way is very easy and simple to follow. When you are designing a story using the Instagram app itself, you can use the gifs, stickers, and other animations available within the app. 

Whereas the other way is to move over to the platform that you are using to design the story and use the animations offered in their media library. 

Consistent Color Palette 

Color Palette: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: Creative Market

While designing an aesthetic Instagram story, it is important to maintain a consistent color palette as well. Now, it is important to integrate your color palette with your story template, and the aesthetic. 

Having a consistent color palette is one of the key main key steps to designing an aesthetic Instagram story. You need to maintain the color scheme for your background, the font that you use, and any other elements that you may have added to your story. 

When using other apps, you can save the color palettes they offer to be used later for other Instagram stories as well. If you cannot decide on a palette, you can search for one using the search bar and choose any based on the current styles and trends. 

Design Templates 

Instagram Design Templates: How to Make Aesthetic Instagram Story in 2021?
Source: BeFunky

The last step to building a great aesthetic Instagram story is making full use of the design templates. You can use design templates that add graphic elements to your stories like a blur, light leak, glitch-effect, monochromatic tone, hues, etc.

You can use the design templates from the app’s media library as well. These effects help you to show your creative skills to the world resulting in an increased engagement of your brand.

Final Verdict: 

Hopefully, with these tips, you can start to get more creative and start designing aesthetic Instagram stories to get a better hold of your account’s engagement and following. While these tips are important to incorporate, you also need to work on scheduling Instagram posts to make your life easy and take out time for other things as well. 

Feature Image Credits: LikeMind Media

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