6 Amazing Things to do in LA| Don’t Forget Any


Take me to LA so that I can Slay! Yes, there are many things to do in LA that will help you slay on your social media. Los Angeles is such a cool place you feel like behaving cool, even if you aren’t. Lol! (No offense) So, to make your visit worthy we have prepared the list of some best things which you can do. 

Things that you can do in LA cannot be done anywhere worldwide because I feel you won’t experience that vibe. The best part of being in LA is that you can know about the city in and out, just by visiting or performing activities mentioned in this article. 

There are many popular things to do or recommended things to do when you are in LA, and some of them are discussed in detail below, such as visiting some cafes or hilltops in the parks. You can even visit few studios.  

I know it seems exciting right, to boost it more and give yourself a rush of adrenalin of excitement to fulfill these things or activities, you need to know them in detail, so let us read the article.

6 Best Things to do in LA | Ride and Play in LA 

Following are the famous places in LA which you will enjoy the most while visiting or performing such mentioned activities- 

1# Visiting popular Cafes

6 Amazing Things to do in LA| Don't forget any - 6 Best Things to do in LA | Ride and Play in LA 
Visiting popular Cafes

Suppose you want to know about the city in and out. In that case, I recommend you visit its local cafes, as it allows you to know about the city’s food, famous and most consumed food items, local specialty and yes, course the ambiance local people are interested in. 

When we read about LA, we will mostly find that the people are busy for the entire day, and they usually enjoy cafes for a small meeting or to meet their beloved. 

The fact that we came across during the research is that LA is a fast-moving state; therefore, because of its rapid and being a digital city, the ethnicity of the land is lost somewhere else. So, if you think you want to consume that ethnic and some county’s specialty, it might be hard for you to find. 

2# The Hill-tops and Recreational Activities 

Visiting popular Cafes

LA is a part of the county of California, and therefore the county is filled with a lot of hill-tops; consequently, you can choose a few to make a visit for having fun with your family and spend some private time. 

A morning run or cardio is also an excellent choice to do while in LA at these impressive hilltops because these places surround you with nature and fresh air, which I think people are running to find in LA. 

The hilltops allow you to perform some recreational and fun activities within the county like hiking with your school or college friends. You can even plan a picnic with your family here and take some food, drinks, games, and other things to help you spend the entire day.

3# Terrific Traffic is a must, Lol!

Terrific Traffic is a must, Lol!

I know, you will think that why will someone say that you should try out traffic. I am recommending this because at night when all the huge buildings are lit, the car’s red and white lights will give you a beautiful night view. 

I know sitting in the car will be a bit boring, but to enjoy that traffic you can carry some snacks or plan out to visit to have dinner through the traffic. You will not waste time and enjoy two things: the food and the other is traffic. 

We might still sound about this recommendation, but you should try it and let us know whether you liked our suggestion or not. So, have you decided to go out today? Carry some water bottled and packed snacks. 

4# I am a huge Amusement Park Fan 

Amusement Park

There are a lot of amusement parks in LA; some of them have water parks too. Amusement parks are meant to amuse, and parks in LA will do that to you. Amusement Parks are supposedly not just for kids but adults too. 

Many parks in LA are extended and hence have waterparks within them, making it more popular amongst its peers. LA is the bust place, but what is the point of earning money and spending no time with your children. 

You should take them and click some pictures with them, so that in future when they see these related pictures, they will cherish these memories. So, make plans for this weekend and enjoy yourself with your kids. 

5# Tan yourself up at a Beach 

Beach in LA

Beaches are the most favorite place to hang out at. You have sun, water, air, and sand to cherish, which depicts Jesus’s lesson of life that we all are made of. Beaches are the best hot spots to enjoy for small picnics. 

Take your swimming clothes and some soft drinks, an umbrella, sunscreen, and yes, some snacks to relax and cut yourself up from the surroundings.  

I think tanning yourself by sitting in the sun can give a beautiful looking body, making you reveal your summer body. Dear LA peers, choose the beach and find the breath of peace with the noise of sea waves. 

6# Hollywood is a Neighbor? Studio visits are a must. 


When I say Hollywood stars, don’t you feel like meeting them or even see what these people are surrounded with? If yes, then I would recommend you visit studios like Universal Studio, Warner Bros. Studio, or Paramount Pictures so that you can sense the vibe. 

You can also visit Walk of the Fame, Madame Tussauds, and other various places in Hollywood to feel the vibe and enjoy the work they have done or are working on. I think you might be lucky enough to spot at least one of the stars there. 

The one thing that I would recommend is you pack some snacks and carry a water bottle with you because things might seem very expensive here, and you will end up spending out of your budget for choosing such an outing. Tickets are affordable, but food and drinks are expensive. 

Final Words 

These were some of the popular and most accessible things you can do while visiting LA or being a resident of LA. Let us know which one you like the most. 

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