American Idol Launches Pre-Season Voting | What’s The Reason Behind The Move?


Whether it’s about the winner of American Idol or the relationship status of ex-contestants, American Idol knows how to keep its fans hooked. That’s why the makers are constantly experimenting. They have something new this time. Yes, I am indicating towards the new update ‘American Idol launches pre-season voting’! 

Well, there are many fans who are still in doubt about this pre-season voting. So, let me shed light on it and make everything clear for you!

American Idol Launches Pre-Season Voting | Are You Ready To Cast Your Vote?

American Idol Launches Pre-Season Voting | What’s The Reason Behind The Move?

After the wrapping of the new season of American Idol, the makers are set to air the season on February 19, 2023. But a sudden twist has made the fans and even contestants confused a bit. 

Although the show has already granted ‘Ticket to Hollywood’ to three contestants. But now, the makers want viewers to cast their votes before the show commences, so that one more contestant can compete for the coveted ‘Platinum Ticket.’ 

I mean let’s go ahead and know about the new update that ‘American Idol launches pre-season voting’. 

How To Caste Vote For American Idol Contestants?

American Idol Launches Pre-Season Voting | What’s The Reason Behind The Move?

The fans of American Idol got to know about the special voting on November 19, 2022, via an announcement by Ryan Seacrest. He announced that a special voting is going to be held soon during the American Music Awards on ABC so that viewers can choose one more recipient of the Platinum Ticket. 

Until now, the judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were giving Golden Tickets to the suitable contestants. But the concept of ‘Platinum Ticket’ is being introduced this time. As a result, the recipient will skip the first round of race with some additional benefits. 

As of now, it’s not clear whether there will be a single owner of the Platinum Ticket, or the number may increase. Anyway, except the number of owners of this new Platinum Ticket, one more addition between Elijah, Matt, and Haven is guaranteed. 

As per the promo, you can see Ryan saying “For the first time, it’s your vote that decides who wins America’s Platinum Ticket”. Although the promo has snippets from the auditions. 

Okay, if you have decided you favorite, go ahead and cast teh vote. However, according to the rules, you can cast only one vote for your favorite contestant. You should be at least 16 years and living in the U.S, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands. Some other prerequisites are an ABC or Disney account. 

Brush Up Your Knowledge On The Platinum Ticket Contenders

Matt Wilson is the first contender who is based out of Buffalo, New York. Surprisingly, a few minutes before he was declared as one of the Platinum Ticket contenders, Matt shared a photo on Instagram with the caption- 

“I did something WAYYY outside my comfort zone y’all! Proud to say that I’ve auditioned for Season 21 of @americanidol Thank you to my wife @meliwilson.x for pushing me and believing in me…I love you”. 

Haven Madison is a high school student based out of Clarksville, Tennessee. As of now, she is “trying to survive high school while making music out of the creative ramblings of my restless mind”. Like Matt, Haven also posted a picture with the caption “I may have auditioned for @katyperry @lionelrichie and @lukebryan…Maybe you’ll see me Feb19th?!

Elijah McCormick is the third contestant who belongs from Southern Pines, North Carolina. Unlike the above two, Elijah has a limited social media presence. Although planned to audition in 2019 but met with an unfortunate accident which resulted in 10 surgeries. 

Now, lets just wait and witness other new marketing tricks by the makers of American Idol! I assure you there is a lot to come! 

Final Words

I hope you have noted all about ‘American Idol launches pre-season voting’. So, stay tuned to the show to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates. Or you may also keep checking our website to catch up with all the interesting updates!

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