Is American Idol Scripted? Why do Fans say Season 19 Rigged? Clear Views


The so-called reality show ‘American Idol’ needs no introduction. The show holds the title of producing great singers (and reality drama) that everyone thinks genuine. The American Idol features amateur (noob) singers with unbelievable vocal intrepidity. They all fight to get a chance to win stardom despite the show produces great singers. Some fan-made controversies encircle the show and a question arose is American Idol scripted?

We can’t ignore the significant impacts of American Idol on pop culture and the entertainment sector of the industry. But, while we were brainstorming, one question repeatedly came up and seemed to be on everyone’s mind: American Idol real, or producers pre-planned every moment? Well, we came up with facts to unravel the mystery of reality show for our readers.

When the whole nation gets hooked with Fox’s American Idol in 2002, the reality singing show featured talented professional and unprofessional singers or some contestants who could’ve to learn voice lessons. You know, either way, you fell in love with the winner’s voice. The show has Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, and many outstanding singers. Even some runner-ups like Clay won our hearts.

You know the MTV’s The Real World casting company is searching for singers who want to be the next Clarkson and add some drama and emo stories to build their appearance so that audience likes them. Shocking!!! Here below, more shocking stories await you.

Is American Idol Scripted?

The honchos and ideas behind the reality show American Idol Reboot is desperate to produce it as the best reality show ever. The producers have hired a casting agency to stack the deck of great singers and some entertainers to make the show’s engagement high. After the appropriation of a personal cast, the announcement for the live show is out.

Doron was so proud when he announced that they are the official casting head of American Idol (the country’s most talented and inspiring) singers’ reality show. They had cast people around and outside the country between the age group of 15 to 28 years old.
Many people had applied through the agency and instead of waiting in long queues. The contestants who can approach the agency can get tremendous perks and a massive advantage over other contestants who waited so long.

American Idol

On average, every year, more than ten thousand hopefuls (contestants) get selected and live like a star. Do you guys remember the casting fakery scandal of a so-called reality show? Ahm! Sound off in the comments section below. Do share your feedback in the comments.

American Idol is about a Cry Story

American Idol Scripted

American Idol has enthralled all viewers for many reasons. The hearth robbing performances by the contestants and the quirky chemistry of the judges leave everyone wanting more of it. With every season of American Idol, the show solidified its place on our favorite TV show line-ups. However, Fox canceled American Idol after 15 seasons, but on fans demand eventually, the show revived in 2017 by ABC.

Every fan had heard about Kalifa. Kalifa, a homeless performer whose travel and other expenses are paid by the church for an audition. Wade’s horrifying tale of physical abuse by his biological father. All the heartbreaking backstories can surely bring tears to anyone’s eyes within seconds. Are all these stories to pull our heartstrings? You betcha, well, we are not saying all these, but as an Ex-contestant, Michael said.
The judges had introduced more drama by asking the contestant backstories, a contestant added. He further said that some of the emotional scenes are added by the directors to pull the heartstrings of the audience.

Is American Idol Real?

American Idol

Consequently, the producers made some changes to the show’s format to present it as more authentic. Most notably, producers remove some segment in which audiences mock average singers before the live premier. The live premiere is not the live premier; it is just a show that aired with a live logo. It proves that the producers keep up with the times to entertain the audience and undoubtedly produce great singers.

An ex-contestant said that they want humor, but they end up doing ethically wrong exploitation. Such moments bring millions of views, but is this the right way? Whereas some crucial moments on the show weren’t scripted, that gives the natural touch to American Idol.

Wrapping Up

While keeping up all the arguments in mind, American Idol has a fair share [of reality and fakeness] of highs and lows, especially show’s integrity is a genuine concern, and we can say that the portion of American Idol is real. At the same time, it is hard to refute the allegations part of the fan’s emphases of the show has been scripted.

We reached a conclusion that the show is still the most authentic show as compared to the other show available in the market. Still, it seems that producers of American Idol plan to ensure that the scenes that aired stay as authentic as possible.

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