What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 


Who all are in favor of beautiful, soft, i.e. freshly manicured hands? Keeping your hands well-polished at all times can be quite tiring and confusing. There are various kinds of manicures in the beauty market. So, which one should you get? The American manicure? Or, the French one? What is the difference between a French manicure and an American one? These are a few questions one can endlessly ponder upon. 

It’s not just about manicures. Millions of fancy DIYs and hand creams, promising to deliver beautiful hands are flooding the internet. One can easily lose themselves while trying to navigate their way through these products. Even the best of us, I’m talking about all self-certified manicurists, can get confused at times. And, if you are someone who prefers to get their nails done at a salon, the process can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. Still, a nail enthusiast needs a perfect manicure like a living creature needs air. 

Now all those people who’ve never experienced the bliss of getting a manicure but wish to get one soon, this article is here to help you. The above description might have been appealing and confusing at the same time. You might have tons of questions running through your mind. Which manicure should you get? Will an American manicure be a good choice for you? Isn’t French manicure considered a better option by some? 

Here’s All That You Need To Know About An American Manicure! 

All the queries you’ve had about American manicures will be answered in this section. Keep reading to know what actually is an American manicure, how you can do an American manicure all by yourself at home, and the various versions of it. 

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1# What Is An American Manicure?

What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 

If you’re new to the manicure department, you might not know what an American manicure is. You’d even consider it similar to the French manicure. And, in a way, the two of them are quite similar. In the simplest of terms, the American Manicure can be considered a glorified version of the French one. 

In an American manicure, the trademark white tip of a French manicure is swapped for a more neutral color. American manicured nails are more glossy and translucent. If you think it’s something pretty trivial and doesn’t matter, let me inform you that it makes a world of a difference. Don’t take my word for it, try an American manicure yourself. See how much more elegant it will make you look.

The base of an American manicure is tinted pink. As it builds up, it transitions to a neutral or white color. Lastly, the tip of the nail is painted in an inverted V. It gives the nail a natural look. 

2# How To Do An American Manicure Yourself?

What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 

Maybe you like to do your nails yourself. That can be because you don’t have the time to go to one. Or maybe, you don’t consider going to a nail salon economical. It’s also possible that as a nail enthusiast, you enjoy the process of giving yourself a manicure while watching drama shows like Gossip Girl. No matter what the case is, I’ve got you covered. 

I’ll tell you how to nail an American manicure without going to a salon. May you find these tips useful when you wish to pamper yourself with more self-love! 

1# Prep Your Nails

Isn’t this the most obvious step? Nail prep always has to be the first step in any manicure. Follow the below-mentioned steps to prep your nails the right way:

  • If you are wearing nail polish already, remove it. 
  • If you’re not wearing any nail paint, then you can start with the next step: trimming. 
  • Shape your nails according to whichever shape you prefer, oval, round, square, etc. But make sure that your nails should look natural. 
  • Groom your nail cuticles. This has to be the most important tip for achieving the results of a salon manicure. 
  • For grooming cuticles, you can use a cuticle remover and an orangewood stick. These tools can push the nails to their original position. 
  • To get rid of dead skin cells, gently massage your fingertips. This can be done with the flat end of the stick. 
  • Now, take a bowl of warm water with shampoo or hand wash in it. Soak your hands in a bowl for 10-15 minutes. 
  • After that, use a loofah to scrub all your dead skin cells away. 
  • When you’re done, wipe your hands on a towel. Make sure they are dry for the next step. 

2# Materials Needed 

Here are the materials you’ll need to do an American manicure at home:

  • A clear base coat to apply before nail paint. 
  • Any nail paint of your choice. It’s even better if the nail polish is nude, beige, or a light pink shade. 
  • A suitable color for the tip of the nails. Ivory, off-white, or pale nude color would be a better choice. 
  • A clear base coat
  • Manicure strips to help paint the tips. 

3# Steps To Follow

After you’ve assembles all the materials you will need, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Put on a clear base coat on your nails. 
  • Let the base coat air dry. 
  • After the base coat has dried, put on the nail polish you picked–beige, nude, or pink. Apply a single coat only as it gives a more natural look. 
  • Let the nail paint dry. 
  • Now color the tips of your nails using manicure strips. Ivory or off-white color is preferred for this step. 
  • Let the paint on your tips air dry. 
  • If you want the color of your tips to look more eye-catching put on a second coat. 
  • Let the second coat dry. 
  • After everything has dried, apply a top coat to make your manicure look glossy and well polished. 
  • If you’re in the mood for something extra–decorate your American manicure with rhinestones, nail art, or embellishments. You can even do Fourth of July nail art!
  • You can put on some glittery nail paint too if you want.  

Also, remember that this manicure is all about delivering a natural look. So, mistakes are normal and acceptable. Nobody is perfect after all, won’t you agree? 

3# Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Yourself An American Manicure 

What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 

If you want to have a perfect American manicure, then there are certain things that you should take into consideration. Those things are as follows:

  • Nude nail paints are the best for American manicures. So, it’s better to stick to them. 
  • Short nails are better for this kind of manicure. 
  • The more natural your manicure looks, the cuter it will be. 
  • However, a little pop of color never caused anyone harm. If you feel neutrals are too plain for your liking, you can always opt for red. 

4# Different Varieties Of American Manicures

What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 

Here are some ravishing varieties of the American manicure: 

  • Classical American mani
  • Nude nail color and floral art American mani
  • Shimmery nail American mani
  • Rhinestone accent American mani
  • Wild Leopard American mani
  • Cute flower American mani
  • American mani with blings
  • Simple American mani
  • Chic American mani with Pearl effect
  • Glam Stiletto American mani
  • Subtle American mani
  • Classical American mani with nude tips
  • American mani with glitzy nail embellishments

French Manicure Vs American Manicure | Fundamental Differences Between The Two

What Is An American Manicure? Read Everything You Need To Know Here! 

The French manicure was invented in the 1930s. The origins of the American manicure cannot be traced. French manicure is probably the most famous type of manicure out there. But a more recent and upgraded version of the same is an American manicure. However, there are some striking differences between the two that can help you tell them apart. 

One of the main differences between the two is the color of the base of the nail. The American manicure uses creamier, more natural colors that give it a natural look. On another hand, French manicures only use white. 

 A white tip with a pink base denotes a French manicure. Whereas, an American manicure has a light beige base with a white tip. Sometimes, the base in an American manicure can be red as well. French manicures generally use Orly White or Alpine Snow-colored tips. The American ones use Swedish Nude and Kyoto Pearl. 

If we talk about the shape of the nails, then a French manicure comes with a square tip. An American is more of a round shape. But, an American manicure allows more room for experiments and so this round shape isn’t fixed. 

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Final Words

Now, I hope you’re well-acquainted with American manicures. In this article, we also saw a French manicure vs American manicure contest. There’s no clear winner between the two. Some people prefer American manicures because of the more polished look that they deliver while others prefer the French ones only. So, we can say that it all comes down to an individual’s preference. If I missed out on any other difference between the two, do let me know in the comments. 

Tell me, next time that you’re getting your nails done, which one will you prefer? 

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