Android TV vs Roku | Which Smart TV Platform Is Right For You?


Let’s put the never-ending struggle of Android TV vs Roku. We will analyze both the streaming platforms and help you choose what’s best for you. 

But with so many options, it becomes difficult to choose the one that suits you best. Each streaming service has its pros and cons.

Nowadays, almost all the TVs come installed with a wide range of features and entertainment options. For example, let’s talk about Android and Roku. Both allow the users to choose from a big selection of channels that include various genres to stream for. So, it makes it easy for the subscriber to watch their favorite show and not burn a hole in their pocket. Let’s get to business and find out the real winner in the game of Android vs Roku. 

Android TV vs Roku | Which Is Better? 

With technology taking over the world every other day, it becomes difficult to keep up with the changing trends. Let’s discuss the features, drawbacks, and pros and cons of Android TV vs Roku world and understand it better to get the best experience.  

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Apple TV 4K vs Amazon Fire Stick TV...
Apple TV 4K vs Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K

What Is Android TV? 

Android TV vs Roku | Which Smart TV Platform Is Right For You?

After shutting down the Google TV services way back in 2014, the platform launched a completely new streaming service called teh Android TV. Google TV lacked several apps and functions, but Android TV is an android device but made for a bigger screen. Optimized with Google assistant and backed up by the developers at Google, Android TV lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a bigger and better screen with a wide range of customizable options. 

What Is Roku TV? 

Android TV vs Roku | Which Smart TV Platform Is Right For You?

Roku is one of the most famous services transforming your normal TV into a perfectly good smart TV. It has many great features and customization options, enabling you to surf different content. Roku includes apps such as youtube, Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, and many more, making it a one-stop-shop for everything entertainment. Along with the paid add-ons, Roku also offers a lot of fresh free content to keep you entertained. The latest model in the Roku device offers the users 4k pictures and a voice-operated remote.  

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Android TV vs Roku – What Are The Major Differences Between The Two? 

Android TV vs Roku | Which Smart TV Platform Is Right For You?

Let’s discuss the major differences between Android TV and Roku to know the services better. 

1# User Interface 

User Interface is something you will interact with every time you switch on your TV. So, it is important to know what suits you the best. 

Roku has a very straightforward approach when it comes to the user interface. The home screen shows all the applications and channels that you have installed. And makes it easy for you to navigate to your desired show. You can customize the theme, accessibility, and control settings by going through the menu settings. The Movie store can be accessed quickly, and you can buy or rent any available movies. 

Whereas Android TV is a modern version of the user interface that focuses more on the visual experience. Google keeps on updating its interface to keep the users’ intrigued with its content. Android TV has its content divided into different tabs, making it very easy for users to access the apps, movies, or library, which contains all of their previous and present purchases. 

However, the user interface always comes down to personal opinions. Some might like the simplicity of Roku, while others might find it a little too boring. 

2# Hardware Availability 

A few years ago, streaming boxes would look the best option, but why should we spend more money when we can still spend less and get more. 

Roku TV is currently offering many different streaming sticks and boxes to choose from. The devices start in the range of 30 dollars and go up to a $100 max. So, you get the same services as that of a  Smart TV, but you get to spare a few hundred or thousand dollars by not buying a new Television set. 

Android TV does have a lot of options to choose from, but there are only a handful of devices that are worth the price and trouble. One such device worth buying is the NVIDIA Shield TV. It supports 4K HDR content and has a big collection of games too. But, these add-ons come with a hefty price of $150. Targeting teh gamers market, NVIDIA has recently launched another model called the Shield TV Pro, which is currently retailing for $200. 

Roku has the upper hand when it comes to hardware availability. But Google is not that far behind. The new Smart TVs now come with an advanced inbuilt system that supports Google, so Google has its hands full with world denomination.  

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#3 Voice Control 

Roku had added the voice command feature to its devices back in 2014. But, not all of its devices and boxes support voice control. The most premium and costly options contain a voice control remote, which makes surfing online very easy. The remote even helps you in switching teh television On and Off, plus with volume control. Roku also syncs in with Google Assistant or Alexa, however, not all features are supported by the Roku device. 

On the other hand, the Android TV provides the full-fledged Google assistant experience. It stands way ahead in the line from Roku, which might break the deal for some Roku lovers. 

#4 Content 

There was a huge gap in the content quality on the platforms in the past years. But, the gap has been narrowed down considerably after both invested their time in more quality than quantity. 

Both Android TV and Roku offer a lot of apps to choose from. Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Philo are just a few. But here, the cons of Roku exceed its pros. Firstly Roku has a lot fewer channels to offer than the Android TV. Secondly, Roku currently lacks access to the Twitch App, supported by Android TV. Thirdly, the currently available content is not high in quality, and some are bad. So, if you are looking for more content to stream, Android TV is the way to go. 

Android TV vs. Roku – Which One Should You Choose In The Battle Of Streaming Services? 

Android TV vs Roku | Which Smart TV Platform Is Right For You?

Both of the platforms have their respective pros and cons. And whatever you choose depends on your personal choice. 

To put it simply, if you wish you waste a lot of money but still get a quality streaming service, you can opt for the Roku. But if you have some cash to spare and would love to have more content to stream from, go for the Android TV. 

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Final Words 

For a simpler streaming experience, you blindly go for Roku, but if you love playing games, or streaming music on SoundCloud or Spotify, go for the Android TV. 

The ultimate decision depends on the user’s personal preference. Take all of the above factors in mind and decide that you won’t regret it. 

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