Best Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas | Phrases To Use In 2022


The popularity of Animal Crossing transcends all barriers of age and gender. That is why it is still one of the most famous simulation games in the market right now. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons released some time ago, we thought, why not get you some new things to consider and give you new animal crossing greeting ideas.

If you haven’t heard of Animal Crossing before, it is an online simulation game where you get to live on an island and build a community with the villagers whose personas are animals. You mine for materials, look for resources, the whole shebang. To live a good life on the island and make a healthy community, communication is important, and that is done through your greetings, conversations, and catchphrases. The game is extremely entertaining!

Let’s look at a few types of greeting ideas you can use for your characters down below.

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Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas | Keeping It Friendly And Nice!

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas | Keeping It Friendly And Nice!

Greetings in Animal Crossing are different than catchphrases. While Animal Crossing catchphrases can be used by other island villagers, too, without your permission, greetings are villager-specific. So, when your bond with another villager increases, you will have to ability to choose a specific greeting. This will let you set a custom greeting unique to you. So, you have to make it special.

All the villagers in Animal Crossing have a persona. They can be snooty, cranky, smug, or jock. So, first of all, it’s nice to make the greeting suit the villager too. Making custom greetings with your village members will also increase your friendship score!

However, please keep in mind that be respectful and don’t use any cuss words, or else the residents will talk to Isabelle at Resident Services and complain about you by using the option discuss a resident. From there onwards, they can raise the issue of the way s/he talks, and the option to create custom greetings and catchphrases will be taken away from you. 

Inversely, you can follow the same procedure above if you feel another villager is being disrespectful or violating the ethics of the game. Let’s see what the best greetings are in the list below.

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Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas Ideal For Smug Personality

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas Ideal For Smug Personality:
  • Hey Gorgeous
  • Yellow!
  • Boo!!
  • Good to see you!
  • Howdy!
  • Hello, Old Friend!
  • Hey there buddy.
  • Hola mi amigo.
  • Mr. Fantastic, what can I do for you!?
  • How is it going?
  • How do you do?
  • You know I’m a genius!
  • It’s me! Your man!
  • Been waiting for me a while, yeah?
  • Say hello to my little friend.
  • You look cool!
  • You look sharp!
  • Mamma mia baby!
  • May the Force be with you.
  • Move over, Pretty face.
  • Move over, snazzy pants.
  • My favorite girl!
  • My favorite guy!
  • Que pasa mi amigo?
  • Say you love me!
  • Smokinnn!
  • Pretty face, take care of that.
  • There’s my favorite villager!
  • Heyyy there’s my pal!
  • Let’s flip the scene!
  • Mr. Bond, we meet again.
  • Excuse me, princess!
  • Well, well, well, what do we have here
  • Hey yooo
  • Let’s hug it out
  • Do you want me to hug you?

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Jock Personality

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Jock Personality:
  • Aye bro, sup?
  • Hey ho, who’s my bro!
  • Yo yo, what’s cookin!
  • Nice to meet you, broski!
  • Hello Behzinga!
  • My abs look poppin!
  • Broski, wanna chill?
  • Cowabunga baby doll!
  • I’m crushing it!
  • Work out Work out!
  • Wanna lift with me, man?
  • Do you even lift, bro?
  • I’m sweating, pls dont mind.
  • High Five!
  • Up top!
  • Down lowww!
  • Squat and aim for the sky!
  • I have fancy shorts!
  • Mega..PUNCH!
  • Can you feel the burn?
  • Ayo, fist bump!
  • Dawg are you for real?!
  • Hiyaa ho!
  • Heyyy look, it’s my best buddy!
  • Let’s move it move it!
  • Rock that body!
  • High five? Gimme a ten!
  • How is it hangin’ my dude?
  • Yo let’s get things fired up!
  • Time to get them gains!
  • Yeahhh! Kneecaps!
  • Time to get those legs toned!
  • My baby dawg!
  • My brotha!
  • I am ready!
  • My legend!
  • No cap bro!
  • Let’s go hit it!
  • Down for a pull-up contest?
  • Down for a push-up contest?
  • Let’s race around the island! See Who’s the fastest!
  • Salude!
  • Show me what you got!
  • Let’s hit the gym, the sun’s out!
  • Carpe Diem my friend!
  • Let’s get rid of the fat!
  • Wanna see my killer muscles?
  • My man, show me what’s good!
  • Wazzzaaa?
  • Yo!
  • Do you lift pal?
  • Let’s move you’re kinda slow!
  • The gym makes me so happy!
  • Let the sweat shine!
  • Yo bro! What’s poppin!?
  • Hey Ladybro! 
  • Let’s hang, shall we?

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Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Cranky Personality

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Cranky Personality:
  • Ugh!
  • Mate, you need a job!
  • Hey, don’t walk on my lawn!
  • Argh.
  • I’m grumpy, can you tell?
  • I can’t do it much longer
  • Hey hey, I’m trying to walk!
  • Oh wow someone from the circus has come!
  • Kapow!
  • Release the Kraken!
  • My authority should be respected!
  • Easy there fella! Slow down a bit!
  • What do you want boy!
  • Okay, what is it this time!?
  • Son, why are you so loud?
  • It’s you again!?
  • Obey my command, mortal!
  • Ew what’s that smell? You?
  • Wow, you really wore those clothes?

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Lazy Personality

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Lazy Personality:
  • Uh Oh, Where Am I?  
  • Ugh, I hate cold mornings!  
  • Do I smell foooood?  
  • I’m craving some donuts!
  • Me Gusta some cake.  
  • It’s probably my snack time!  
  • I’m soo sleepy
  • Whatever you say, my man!  
  • Oh, the bugs are making me hungry!  
  • You shall seek and I shall abide 
  • I knew it was you by your scent
  • What’s up, bru?  
  • What time we havin’ dinner?
  • Hey, do you have any snacks?  
  • Dude, can you smell that?
  • Uwwu!  
  • The bugs are talking to me! 
  • I think it’s time for lunch
  • Wonder where this stain is from, hm?

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Normal Personality

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas For Normal Personality:
  • Bonjour, how do you do? 
  • It’s a happy day, isn’t it?
  • Hey, can you help me clean?
  • Hi, my sweet friend!  
  • Tally-ho!
  • Hi! So lovely to see you!
  • Hello! So lovely to see you today!   
  • What a lovely day!   
  • Nice weather, isn’t it?   
  • Oh, it’s you! Almost missed you there!   
  • Oh, how nice to bump into you!   
  • Such a beautiful day.   
  • What a wonderful day.   
  • Hey, welcome back!   
  • Hello! Been a while, hasn’t it?

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Final Words 

Making connections and friends is a good way to increase the number of villagers on your island in Animal Crossing. While Animal Crossing greeting ideas are aplenty, this list gives you a good place to start. You can let all your creativity flow and develop your versions when you get the option. If you speak multiple languages, try making those into greetings. That way, people will also develop familiarity with your language. What is your favorite greeting to use in Animal Crossing? Let us know in the comments below!

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