100+ Cute Animal Crossing Island Names | Easily Fit the 10-Character Limit


Selecting an animal crossing Island name can be a tedious task that will require most of your game time and attention. If you do it well, you will have the trendiest Animal Crossing Island names in the town and become the trendiest villager in the city. 

Animal Crossing is one of the best simulation games where the player lands the role of a villager and starts living with animals who have human-like traits. These animals have various duties to fulfill, like hunting, farming, and fishing. The gameplay is open-ended, which means the player can live in the village indefinitely and adapt to their culture with time. 

With time, the player will start working with the animals, indulge in different farming games, take on time-bound adventures, and help in planting gardens also. There are endless responsibilities in the village, and once you start to finish them, you will get to pick an island as your reward. You can name it after the most fantastic Animal Crossing island names and move on to earn more rewards. 

However, selecting a name for your hardly earned island can be difficult, so why not take our help and pick out the best names from our list below. All the names are added to the list while keeping the 10-character extended criteria in mind, so don’t worry about trimming the name. 

150 Cute Animal Crossing Island Names for Your Horizon

Animal Crossing Island Names

Animal Crossing has one of the best simulation systems that work in synchronization with the actual events of our world. The game works according to our clock and calendar, giving us the benefit of time while playing the game. In the gameplay, earning an island is one of the most significant benefits, whereas naming it can be a tedious task. So, please take a look at our list of the best animal crossing island names and pick a name that goes with your character’s personality. 

#1 Animal Crossing Island Names

Animal Crossing Island Names
  1. Littlepond
  2. Honeydew
  3. Lemondrop
  4. Lavender
  5. Juniper
  6. Serenity
  7. BugLand
  8. Beanotown
  9. Sunnyside
  10. Sandisle
  11. Seedling
  12. Rosebud
  13. Pinecone 
  14. Rock 
  15. Fluff
  16. Eclipse
  17. Evergreen
  18. Pumpkin
  19. Mocha
  20. Lemonbell
  21. Sequoia
  22. Goldcrest
  23. Rosemary 
  24. Duck 
  25. Green Hill
  26. Dankopolis
  27. Anime Isle
  28. Outworld
  29. Edenia
  30. Just Cats
  31. Cage World
  32. Crimson
  33. Indigo
  34. Magenta 
  35. Waterfalls
  36. Asgard
  37. Bug Eaters
  38. Endor 
  39. Scorpion
  40. Spider
  41. Squid
  42. Dongerland
  43. Neo Tokyo
  44. Hobbiton
  45. The Shire
  46. Elf Zone
  47. Atlantis
  48. Atlanta
  49. Slimenia
  50. Goku World
  51. Da Swamp
  52. Krakoa
  53. Zebes
  54. Azkaban
  55. Oblivion
  56. Morrowind
  57. Angel Isle
  58. Myst
  59. Riven
  60. Myst 3
  61. Isla Sorna
  62. Delfino
  63. Oak Island
  64. Yoshi’s
  65. Planet X
  66. Orangina
  67. Peach Butt
  68. Tatooine
  69. Death Star
  70. Negaverse
  71. Mega Drive
  72. Dark Souls
  73. Juice Zone
  74. Paradise
  75. Castaway 
  76. Madagascar
  77. Port Moody
  78. Sharks Warf 
  79. World Edge
  80. Miss Isle 
  81. Wuhu Island
  82. Johto 
  83. Karamja
  84. Unova
  85. Sinnoh
  86. Tingle Island
  87. Batcave
  88. Lover’s Point
  89. Fight Club
  90. Robust
  91. Lover’s 
  92. StarValley
  93. MoonValley
  94. PonyIsland
  95. Bellariva
  96. Tygee
  97. Twin Leaf
  98. Mossden
  99. Gazpacho
  100. Bellshore
  101. Bellcove
  102. StarFeild
  103. NovaBrush
  104. Seacrest
  105. FoxTrot
  106. FairyLight
  107. Starfall
  108. Moonstone
  109. Star Bright
  110. Maple Leaf
  111. Fairy Town
  112. Lilac 
  113. Fantasia
  114. Sunbeam
  115. Caramel
  116. Maplebay
  117. Teacreek
  118. DaisyCoast
  119. Naboo
  120. Kiwi
  121. Sunshine
  122. Opal
  123. RockGarden
  124. Junkyard
  125. Bakery
  126. Campsite
  127. Glittery
  128. Dolphin
  129. Tropical
  130. Thunder
  131. Vivacious
  132. Coralia
  133. Aqua
  134. Aqua Dream
  135. Laguna
  136. Ariel
  137. Delphia
  138. Pearly
  139. Fawnbrook
  140. Ruby falls
  141. Lunar
  142. Cocobay
  143. Gingerbell
  144. Hillgrove
  145. Firefly
  146. Lilycove 
  147. Kona
  148. Willow
  149. Keylime
  150. Magnolia 


Here we have come to an end to the list of the cutest animal island names. These island names will make your hard-earned lands stand apart from each other. The best part about using these names is that they all fit the ten character criteria of Animal Crossing, making it easier for you to use these names. Besides these names, please drop the names in the comments section below if you have any more suggestions. 

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