Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!


There was once a time when watching anime was not as easy as what we experience now. You’ll need to go through hoops to stay updated with the latest episodes of your favorite anime. Fortunately, technology evolved, which led to the development of on-demand streaming services that allow us to watch classic anime series on Netflix we always loved. 

Nowadays, most streaming services, such as Netflix, allow you to watch numerous anime series and other films anywhere and anytime you want. So, if you are already subscribed to Netflix and want to explore the best anime series you can watch as the flower blooms, make sure to check out the list we’ve prepared for you below. 

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1# Hunter x Hunter

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

This series revolves around a boy named Young Gon who’s on a mission to find his missing father. On his journey to becoming a hunter, he meets new friends, competes in a martial arts tournament, and encounters creatures that any horror prop maker would kill for. Because Gon’s foes have completely no chill, Hunter x Hunter is one of the best shounen anime of all time. 

2# Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

Tanjirou Kamado vows to save his sister and avenge his family after a demon onslaught leaves most of his family dead and his sister transformed. He joins a strange gang known as the Demon Slayer Corps, which aims to avenge the death of his best friend. Demon Slayer is a good option if you’ve completed watching Attack on Titans on the streamer but still want your combat scenes to be sharp. You will surely enjoy this anime series.

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3# Naruto

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

Naruto is a legendary series that has helped pave the way for anime in the hearts of many. Currently, Netflix has only the first half of the series. But regardless, it’s still worth watching. 

The story revolves around a young child who was born with the powerful energy of a fox demon inside his body. For Naruto, being welcomed by his village and rising to the highest ranks of the ninja ranks is a dream come true. Throughout Naruto’s transformation into a young ninja, he is guided by his newfound ninja buddies and teachers.

There are excellent battle scenes and fascinating powers fueled by natural forces, but the popularity of the show derives from the show’s core. As a whole, the show focuses on how people fit in and what keeps them apart, as well as the importance of friendship and community.

4# Attack On Titan

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

In an attempt to fight off large humanoid beings known as titans, humans have built gigantic walls around themselves. Despite having been contained within their own walls for more than 100 years, titans have broken through and attacked an outside city. Watching the horrific decomposition of their loved ones, two young people swear to themselves that they will not perish and that they will stop this evil. Its final season was released this 2022, so you can binge-watch the whole series without waiting for the following seasons.

5# One-Punch Man

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

In this series, Saitama is a hero who fights evil because it’s pleasant to do and just for the sake of entertainment as well. However, battles can only be so exciting when you can defeat all your enemies with a single kick or punch. One-Punch Man is a unique series that even anime newbies can enjoy from the start because of the way comedy and action are intertwined.

It’s a quick and easy series to follow with only two seasons and twenty-four episodes. Fans and critics alike love One-Punch Man’s sense of humor, eccentric hero, and creative animation style.

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6# One Piece

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

Aside from being one of Netflix’s best-watched anime series, One Piece is an all-time great. For those seeking something fantastic with an excessive number of episodes, this is the show for you. Monkey D. Luffy, a good-hearted and brave young pirate, sets off on a journey to find the One Piece treasure. To be crowned Pirate King, one must first obtain the legendary loot. If you’re on the hunt for a decent adventure anime, One Piece is your best choice.

7# Death Note

Top 7 Anime Series On Netflix 2022 | Enjoy The Animation!

Death Note is the story of a teenage boy named Light Yagami, who discovers he has the power to kill anybody he chooses simply by writing their name in a notebook. This leads to an exciting chase between him and the investigator who wants to find out who’s responsible for the fatalities.

In this Tetsuro Araki masterpiece, morality, justice, loyalty, honor, and friendship are examined in depth. Death Note has become a timeless masterpiece, thanks to its visuals and character designs. You can never go wrong with Death Note, as it is a great anime series that doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker aspects of life.

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Have You Picked The Next Anime Series On Your List?

What do you think about the list above? Have you chosen the next anime for your binge-watching weekend? The series listed above are timeless classics that will keep you entertained—just don’t forget to turn the subtitles on. Let us know what you think about this anime series list below!

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