Why you need an app to check Instagram followers and unfollowers? No doubt, Instagram is a top social media platform with more than 1 Billion users. Indeed, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you follow someone, but they don’t follow you back, for that you need Insta tracker apps.  

IG is a great place to promote brands and small stores. But it would be best if you had some Instagram analytical tools to check your page’s interaction. After all, more followers mean your brand has more capability, but what if you lose followers daily? Then there are some problems. The best app to check Instagram followers and unfollowers help you record your daily followers, unfollowers and reach of a post. If you have ever been through this situation, no worries, we have a list of the best apps. 

The Best App to Check Instagram Followers and Unfollowers are:

  • Followers Insight for Instagram
  • InsTrack
  • Unfollow Users
  • Iconosquare
  • Followers Pro+

We have checked the above-listed apps for their features and choose them among hundreds of fo apps. We have listed the best apps according to Google Play users

Best App to check Instagram followers and unfollowers are

If you find out which app is best for you and how to use that app, keep reading the article below. 

Followers Insight for Instagram

Followers Insight for Instagram: best app to check Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

Followers Insight for Instagram tops the list because of its easy and straightforward interface. You can check your post insight, ghost followers, and inactive followers. You can see your post reach, likes, and comments in-app section. The app helps you to ensure you can only following people that are interested in your content and are most active. 

Followers Insight for Instagram has the feature of unfollowing people who don’t follow you back with ease. You can manage your Insta account and see your most liked and comment post in one click.


  • Account insights
  • Follow, unfollow from the app
  • Check most liked and commented post 


InsTrack: best app to check instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

InsTrack is the second most popular Insta analytics tool. You can check the account insights with just one click. The app helps you to know your audience and the posts that are most liked. You can increase your post reach by targeting a set audience. The exciting feature of the app is that you can post pictures and share tags directly from the app. The app is safe and helps the community for more than eight years. The app is great for calculating followers and unfollowers. You can check your inactive followers that are following your account but not like and share your post. 


  • Check unauthorized access
  • Check most-liked post   

Unfollow Users

Unfollow Users: best app to check instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: TechZillo

Unfollow Users is a simple app to check the list of users who unfollowed you or don’t follow you back. With this app, you can check your non-follower. The app has a feature of unfollowing the user who doesn’t follow you. You can unfollow single users and multiple users in one click. 

Wait!!! There is a secret feature of the app that helps you to split your followers into categories so that you can know what kind of post the audience likes? Unfollow Users is safe as it doesn’t spam your Instagram account with feeds, fake comments, and likes. You can check the list of users who viewed your account or stalk you. 


  • Help in targeting audience
  • Check followers and unfollowers
  • Check account insight


Iconosquare: best app to check instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is designed to improve the performance of your Insta handle. You can check the advanced analytics of your account with this app. The app helps you to manage your account, and it is very easy to understand. You can manage multi profiles like personal and business with one app. You can check the insights, post reach, and followers with one app.

Iconosquare has an extra feature of scheduling posts so that you can schedule posts to target specific audiences at a particular time. You can check all the activity on your Insta account with this app. 


  • Track followers and unfollowers
  • Account insights
  • Schedule posts

Followers Pro+

Followers Pro+: best app to check instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

Followers Pro+ is an entirely different app to check Insta account analytics. You can see the users who viewed your profile, who follows you and don’t follow you back. You can check everything in the app. The app helps you to boost your profile reach and engagement. The app pins the most liked post and the post with zero attention. The app provides an easy way to check daily analytics.

Followers Pro+ is free from all the virus, and your data is safe as it doesn’t share your data with third-party apps. The user interface is smooth and gives you complete control all over the app.  


  • Safe and secure
  • Check Insta and other account insight 

Did You Like Our List?

We wish that the article solved all your queries related to the best apps to check Instagram followers and unfollowers. These apps help you to analyze your account insight, create engaging content, and more. However, they are just the tracker apps that can’t help you to grow followers. 

Final Verdict

These are the best app to check Instagram followers and unfollowers that you can use to check your Instagram insight. These apps are safe and don’t share your data with any third-party apps. If you have any suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to share. 

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