You can build a large number of followers over time. But it is very difficult for even a normal user to keep a record of your unfollowers. Here comes the best apps to check Instagram followers and unfollowers. 

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. Your follower-to-following ratio says a lot about your personal and business account. Everyone knows that follow-for-follow is an effective way to increase IG followers but on the other hand it is difficult to keep a check on the users who unfollowed you at the end of the day. So keeping it simple for you, I have a list of apps that keep an eye on your unfollowers and notified you when a user unfollowed your account.

According to the App Store users reviews, the best apps to check Instagram Followers and Unfollowers are:

  • Followers for Instagram!
  • Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram
  • Tracker for Instagram
  • Mass Unfollow App
  • FollowMeter for Instagram

Instagram won’t tell you about the unfollowers and users who don’t follow you back and checking manually is a very time taking process. So these apps can help you a lot in growing an organic follower

Best Apps to Check Instagram Followers and Unfollowers

Most of the listed apps are free and very simple to use. Read along with the article to find the features, pros, and specialty of the given apps.

Followers for Instagram!

Followers for Instagram!: best apps to check Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: MAC Store

Followers for Instagram! app is used to check who has followed and unfollowed your account in the last week. You can check the whole statics of your Instagram account with just one click. You can check who you aren’t following back, and who isn’t follow you back. The app tops the list because it’s all free and you can access all the features of the app. 

Wait!!! Here is more, you can check the users who blocked you and stalk you. You can also check the most liked post and your targeted audience. You can use it to check ghost followers (who followed you but not active).


  • Bulk unfollow
  • View stalkers and ghost followers
  • Free without ads 

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram: best apps for Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram is among the best apps to check Instagram followers and Unfollowers. You can check your ghost followers and remove them. Ghost followers are very bad for an account in terms of growth. Your post cannot reach its maximum potential with ghost followers in your account. Most of the time ghost accounts are being created by bots. In this way, it is very difficult to grow organic followers. 

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram is used to monitor your post and the target audience also. 


  • Check ghost followers
  • Mass unfollow
  • Keep your account protected from spammers

Tracker for Instagram

Tracker for Instagram: best apps for Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: Social Buddy

Tracker for Instagram is used to track the record of gained and lost followers. The app keeps data of all the new followers and unfollowers. You can monitor your post performance and reach with a click. You can check where your audience from? You can track your account engagement and people who blocked you. 

Tracker for Instagram is a free app but you can purchase a subscription as well. The additional subscription gives you access to additional insight like best commenter. The app worth the subscription as it is the most downloaded and reviewed app on App Store. 


  • Track followers insight 
  • Monitor profile engagement
  • Check users blocked you    

Mass Unfollow App

Mass Unfollow App: best apps for Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

Mass Unfollow App is considered the best app for checking Instagram analytics. In 2021, most of the Instagram policies have changed and the app complies with all the policies. You can mass follow and unfollow users from the app. The app helps you to keep an eye on the ghost followers. You can bulk block and unblock your followers with the Mass Unfollow app. You can delete and un-like posts in bulk. The app supports multi-account so no need to change accounts.


  • Bug-free
  • Supports filters and tags
  • Unfollow users in bulk 

FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram: best apps for Instagram followers and unfollowers
Source: APKPure

Checking new followers and recent unfollowers is never easy, but not with FollowMeter for Instagram. You can check your weekly followers and unfollowers in just one click. You can check your most viewed post and story in the app. You can check the post reach and most liked post. 


  • Check total likes and average likes
  • Check numbers of gained and lost followers 

Did you like our list?

I tell you something, there was a time when people follow you and unfollow right after you follow them back, you have to find such people and unfollow them too. All the apps are designed to provide you with the Insta account insights, your audience, the most-liked post, and the post reach. All the apps are safe and don’t share your data with third-party applications. 

Final Verdict

The best apps to check Instagram followers and unfollowers are chosen on the basis of their design and feature. We have compared a list of hundreds of apps and come up with these best apps. 

If you think we had missed any app that you use and think it should be on the list. Then please feel free to share the app with us in the comment section.  

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