Are Johnny And Victoria Still Together From Bachelor In Paradise?


When it comes to some spicy entertainment, Bachelor In Paradise ranks on top. After all, it has drama and tears! But the couple who contributed more to the entertainment was Johnny and Victoria. Maybe that’s why their fans are asking ‘Are Johnny and Victoria still together from Bachelor In Paradise’?

Among the various love triangles and couples on the show, the bond between Johnny and Victoria was a major attraction for viewers. So, let’s find out ‘Are Johnny and Victoria still together from Bachelor In Paradise’! 

Are Johnny And Victoria Still Together From Bachelor In Paradise? Know Their Relationship Status Here!

Are Johnny And Victoria Still Together From Bachelor In Paradise?

Few fans doubted, that show is scripted. They doubted the bond between Johnny and Victoria. Let’s just find it out now!

Johnny And Victoria Got Engaged In Mexico

The duo showed interest in each other after Johnny gave a rose to Victoria. And Victoria chose Johnny instead of Alex. Soon they built a special bond and announced their engagement day. 

Even while Victory was giving a second thought to Alex, she settled on Johnny for some reason. As a result, they got engaged in the finale episode. Victoria even shared “He’s my person now and I can see him being my person forever”. 

Also, the couple stated that they did not want to miss out on any chance to know more about each other. And even after so many meets, there are things you don’t understand or come across even after the engagement!

Johnny And Victoria Broke Up

Are Johnny And Victoria Still Together From Bachelor In Paradise?

There’s some bad news for the fans who were all excited for the wedding bells for Johnny and Victoria! After the couple completed one month of their engagement, Johnny and Victoria decided to call off their relationship. The split was confirmed by Steve as he got messages on the same. He shared “Back on September 15, I got a DM saying that Johnny and Victoria had broken up”. 

Unfortunately, the one who texted this information did not answer follow-up questions to Steve. So, Steve does not have any concrete proof for the split. 

Victoria Has Moved On 

Unfortunately, things between Victoria and Johnny started getting complicated after Victoria showed interest in Greg Grippo (Ummm…. Love triangle). Don’t tell me you don’t know him!

Yes, he’s the one who appeared in The Bachelorette. As of now, both are happy with each other and are having a great time together. 

Some said that Victoria cheated on Johnny but according to Steve, he doesn’t know anything. On the other hand, a TikTok user posted a video with the caption “When you are at Colosseum see Greg Grippo & Victoria F from Bachelor Nation.” 

Final Words 

After getting an answer to ‘Are Johnny and Victoria still together from Bachelor In Paradise’, you must have been disappointed. But just remember not all love stories are meant to last for long. And if you want to know about some other couple, feel free to share the name in the comment box!

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