Are X-Men And Avengers In The Same Universe? Answer The Call To Avengers Assemble!


Are X-Men and Avengers in the same universe? This question often crosses my and several other fans’ minds while we are engrossed in watching an entertaining Marvel movie. Other than the comics, we have never seen them interact in the same universe. Isn’t it high time that the allies-turned-foes should star in a movie together more than two decades later? 

It should not come as a surprise that now, after a merger between Fox Studios and Marvel Entertainment, fans are expecting to see X-Men back in action in their home ground. For starters, Marvel has not only acquired the rights of X-Men but the Fantastic Four squad as well. Since these two, along with the Avengers, are all part of the same universe, it should not be tough for the franchise to incorporate them into future projects. 

Surprisingly, Avengers and the X-men team not only exist in the same universe, but they were also a part of each other at some point. That’s right. Before joining Avengers and Marvel forces, the following heroes were a part of the X-Men team for a long time. There was a time when Avengers and X-Men were ready to kill the other team because they could not stand each other’s decisions. However, being in the same universe and protecting humanity made them realize one another’s importance at some point.

Keeping this in mind, several heroes from X-Men decided to join the Avengers team in times of desperate need to protect humanity. Read to find heroes from X-Men who said yes to Avengers assemble.

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Are X-Men And Avengers In The Same Universe? 6 Marvel Heroes Who Left X-Men To Join Avengers!

The Avengers and X-Men always had a strained past because of their different perspectives, but that didn’t stop the heroes from answering the call to assemble with Avengers. Comic book crossovers like Marvel Zombies is one thing, but the X-Men heroes becoming a part of Avengers Assemble was always the icing on the cake. Trust me. When you will go through the list, you’d be surprised because you may have never seen it coming.

1# Quicksilver 

Quicksilver: Are X-Men And Avengers In The Same Universe?

Technically, Quicksilver died before he could ever become a part of Avengers in the cinematic universe, but it is a different story in Marvel comics. Before joining the Avengers in 1965, Quicksilver was a part of the Evil Mutants of Brotherhood led by Magento. Quicksilver was never a true villain at his heart as he was only in the team to protect his sister, Scarlett Witch, from the evil intentions of Magento. Later, Quicksilver and his sister Scarlett Witch joined the Avengers at the mercy of Captain America. 

2# Scarlett Witch 

2# Scarlett Witch 

Just like her brother, Scarlett Witch also joined the Avengers team at the same time he did. Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful mutants across the Marvel universe, but sadly that didn’t make her a part of every X-Men team. Yes, the mutant witch was an important part of the Evil Mutants Brotherhood, but that’s about it. Scarlett was always a part of Avengers and led many wars against the X-Men for most of her heroic career. The most memorable of these wars include the House of M crossover and Avengers vs. X-Men. 

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3# Beast 

3# Beast 

Since Beast was a founding member of the X-Men, many comic book fans came as a surprise to see him join Avengers in 1976. As a part of the X-Men team, Beast the mutant was welcomed with hatred and fear, which became a big part of his personality. It wasn’t until the mutant joined Avengers that he felt what it is like to be welcomed and accepted with love by your teammates. Not only that but being an Avenger also turned him into Hank McCoy, the celebrity. 

4# Wolverine

4# Wolverine

Wolverine joining the team of Earth’s mightiest heroes became the biggest controversy back in the day because of his hyper-exposed mutant nature. However, the controversies only pushed Marvel godfathers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to make him a part of the team Avengers. Wolverine’s initial reason for joining Avengers probably would have been billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark’s money. However, soon he became an important team member just like Captain America. 

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5# Storm 

5# Storm 

Those of you who haven’t read comic books might not know this, but the king of Wakanda T’Challa was married to the weather witch Storm at one point. Storm’s status as a royalty and the Queen of Wakanda created a path for her to join the Avengers team when they were trying to go up against Norman Osborn and the forces of HAMMER. Like Wolverine, Storm was and will always remain the heart of X-Men, but her loyalty towards Avengers will always be worth a grand salute. 

6# Havok

6# Havok

Cyclops, X-men’s first field commander, may have declined the offer to join Avengers more than once in his life, but his younger brother Havok didn’t waste any time while taking the offer. Picked by Captain America to lead the human/mutant team, Havok became one of the greatest leaders Avengers ever had and led his team on the path of victory after memorable conflicts with Kang the Conqueror and Apocalypse. However, Havok’s presence in the Avengers team soon became a topic of conflict when he married Wasp and had a daughter with her in an alternate universe. 

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Final Words 

Since its creation, Avengers, X-Men, and even the Fantastic Four have always been a part of the same universe. The cinematic universe may not give fans and viewers enough proof of their existence, but the comic books have it all. 

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