Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 


Following a successful first season, Are You The One season 2 matches did not disappoint one bit. Couples paired up left, right, and center to become the perfect pair and take away a whopping one million dollars in the bag. AYTO, as the show is most commonly known, has emerged as a fan favorite amid a rising number of reality shows.

The premise of AYTO is quite simple. Single men and women are paired up by the producers of the show based on an algorithm. Then the contestants have to figure out the perfect pairing for them throughout the show, and for every perfect match, they move closer to the prize pool.

But finding love has never been easy, and the reality show proves the same. Every couple tries their luck with someone in the hopes that they are their perfect match, but only a few are successful. Leading to a lot of drama, chaos, and heartbreaks along the way.

Are You The One Season 2 Matches And All The Couples | The Best Couples In 2022!

The MTV original show has been available on Netflix since the 1st of December 2020, and we can’t get enough of it. The unlikely couples and the perfect matches have given us some of the best moments in the show. Let’s check out some of the Are You The One season 2 matches and see whether the couples who the algorithm thought to be perfect did end up being together or not.

Additional Details About The Show – 

Release Date2014
CreatorHoward Schultz
GenreReality Show
IMDb Rating6.5/10
Average Run-Time60 minutes
Streaming Platform Netflix
Number of Seasons8
Number of Episodes 88
Rotten Tomatoes Rating NA

So who were the couples and which ones are together? Check out the table below!

CoupleCurrently Relationship Status 
Alex and JasmineNot Together
Anthony and Alexandria Not Together
Brandon and BrianaNot Together
Curtis and ShelbyNot Together
Dario and ShelbyNot Together
Garland and JessicaNot Together
John and JenniNot Together
Layton and ChristinaNot Together
Nathan and EllieNot Together
Pratt and ParissNot Together

Note: Curtis and Jenni weren’t an official couple but ended up being together after the conclusion of the show.

1# Pratt And Paris | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 

Pratt and Paris seemed to be the ones that would go on strong even after the show ended. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The two broke off their relationship sometime after the finale and the reunion episode. Some may say it’s a surprise that the couple who were together since the fourth week of AYTO would actually be each other’s one. Clearly, Pratt and Paris had other plans!

2# Christina And Brandon | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 

Christina and Brandon were the unlikeliest of the Are You The One season 2 matches. But the two somehow stood by each other after finding that they are a perfect match in the Truth Booth. But after the show ended, the two seemed to have broken off ever since the show ended. It’s 2020, and a deep dive on their social media channels shows they aren’t hanging around each other.

3# Jenni And Curtis | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 

Moving on to the happy stories from the show, Jenni and Curtis were deemed to be no match by the algorithm. But love finds a way, right? Jenni and Curtis continued to explore their love after Are You The One, and it looks like they were each other’s one. 6 years after the show ended, the two are still going strong and can be seen in public displays of affection on Instagram.

4# Alex And Jasmine | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 

Not everything is meant to be, and Alex and Jasmine are the prime examples of that. The couple was a perfect match according to the algorithm, and they hit it off immediately. They continued to be a couple throughout the show’s filmimg, but something seems to have gone bad after the show ended. In a reunion episode, Jasmine explained the two could not make it work because of the long distance. No, we are not getting teary-eyed here.

5# Dario And Ashley | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now? 

Are You The One season 2 matches seriously made us question the logic at times? Dario and Ashley hit it off from the start and were an unofficial couple. The Truth Booth only declared the couple a perfect match in episode 10 of the show, which made the couple as well as the fans happy. So they must have continued the relationship after the show ended, right?

Wrong! The two have broken up ever since, and Dario seems to have found love somewhere else. According to his Instagram and snaps, he is dating Nathalie Barrera. Ashley on the other hand is low-key about her dating life since the show ended.

Truth Booth MatchUps | Are You The One Season 2 Matches

Are You The One Season 2 Matches | Where Are They Now?

Truth Booth Matches played a pivotal role in deciding the fates of the couple. So, you must know about the astonishing result of this love guru booth. The following table covers the information on Are You The One Season 2 matches that were recognized as perfect matches and failed matches.

Brandon And JessicaWeek 1Failed To Match
Brandon And ChristinaWeek 2Failed To Match
Brandon And AlexandriaWeek 3Failed To Match
Pratt And ParisWeek 4Matched Couple
Shelby And CurtisWeek 5Matched Couple
John And JasmineWeek 6Failed To Match
John And JennyWeek 7Matched Couple
Nathan And ChristinaWeek 8Failed To Match
Alex And JasmineWeek 9Matched Couple
Dario And AshleyWeek 10Matched Couple

Final Words

So while some stayed together, most of the Are You The One season 2 matches seem to have moved on after the show ended. Reality shows really have a way of breaking your heart, but love can’t really be forced. What are your thoughts on the couples? Let us know in the comments below!

Is Are You The One coming back 2022?

Yes, the new season will be available soon. It is scheduled for 2022. The show will be aired on Paramount+.

Is Are You The One scripted?

Unlike most reality shows which are scripted, AYTO is quite different. The show is not scripted and is based on real raw emotions.

Is Are You The One on Netflix?

Well, yes! Many seasons are also available on Netflix. However, you can catch up with all the seasons on MTV.

How do you get cast on Are You The One?

To participate in the show, you must be above the age of 21. It releases a form where you will have to write your brief introduction and details. If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to be on the show.

How do they split the money on Are You the One?

The grand total amount of the prize money is $1 million. It is split among 22 contestants. So, each contestant gets a $45,450 amount.


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