9 Awe-Inspiring Largest Lego Sets To Test Your Patience!


Are time or budget constraints not allowing you to visit the beautiful places on earth? I will suggest an easy way to do this – bring home these Largest Lego Sets, build the miniatures of those exotic places and have the sheer pleasure of knowing them from so close.

I also promise to take you to such places which you know you could have never visited – the sites you watched growing up and longed to be part of them. No, I’m not going to reveal the names of those places now. Let it be a surprise for you till you read half of the article.

The exciting largest Lego sets discussed in this article are – Lego Colosseum, Lego Statue Of Liberty, Lego The Taj Mahal, Lego Creator Big Ben, Lego Disney Castle, etc. What? I’m not going to tell you the name of those unique Lego sets – It’s a surprise, so have patience.

This article also discusses the Largest Lego Set: LEGO ART WORLD MAP. Lego Art World Map Holds the record of being the largest Lego set to date.

9 Interesting Largest Lego Sets Which Can Serve As Your Travel- Guide!

The following are the Largest lego sets which you should buy:

1# LEGO COLOSSEUM – The Ageless Wonder

LEGO COLOSSEUM - The Ageless Wonder

We have scaled the heights of the sky, we have covered the depth of the oceans, but a fact which has the potential to belittle us in our own eyes is that the largest open-air theatre (amphitheater) which was built by our ancestors 1951 years ago!

And you get the opportunity to have a very close and detailed look at this wonder of the earth. 

The realistic detail of 27 into 52 into59 cm model (when complete) will give you the idea of the original masterpiece’s grandeur.

Released – Nov 2020Set – 10276Minifigs – 0Pieces – 9036Price – $775

2# LEGO STATUE OF LIBERTY – The Symbol Of Enlightenment

LEGO STATUE OF LIBERTY - The Symbol Of Enlightenment

Gustave Eiffel, who made the Eiffel Tower, also contributed to the Statue of Liberty, and here I am, trying to draw a heart’s labeled diagram for my sister for the past 2 hours and failing massively at it. No, I won’t tell you that I failed even after using the carbon paper.

Buy this green-bricked Lego set (84 cm when completed) and revive the Gustav hidden in you.

Released – 2000Set – 3450Minifigs – 0Pieces – 2882Price -$119

3# LEGO THE TAJ MAHAL – The Token Of Love

LEGO THE TAJ MAHAL - The Token Of Love

Fact: Mughal emperor Shahjahan built this sublime monument in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz, in 1631.

Gossip– He chopped the fingers of the craftsmen so that they couldn’t replicate this monument. Invest 25 hours of your life on this lego set and witness the beauty of the taj.

The ivory-colored bricks can prove to be extremely useful for you. Build the 50x40cm model and give this epitome of love to Erica. Seriously Daniel, this idea did not come to your mind. How unromantic!

Released – august 2017Set – 10256Minifigs – 0Pieces – 5923Price-$681

4# LEGO CREATOR: BIG BEN – The Cultural Symbol

LEGO CREATOR: BIG BEN - The Cultural Symbol

This Generic image of a Tower and a red bus which you got just now in your head after listening to the word Big Ben, describe how significant is this clock in England, and it undoubtedly has become a kind of cultural symbol.

This 59 cm tall lego set contains realistic details of the actual big ben clock like hour hand and minute hand which move. 

Released – July 2016Set – 10253Minifigs – 0Pieces – 4163Price – $249

5# LEGO DISNEY CASTLE – The Travelling Goals

LEGO DISNEY CASTLE - The Travelling Goals

Is going to the Walt Disney World Resort on your bucket list? Then you will surely love playing with this Lego Disney Castle. 

The complementary Minifigures of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Minnie Mouse, and Tinkerbell make this Lego irresistible.

Released – Sept 2016Set – 71040Minifigs – 5Pieces – 4043Price – $349



You cannot be a normal human being if going to Hoke words was not one of your childhood fantasies. Thanks to the cute tiny bricks, which in a way allow you to live your dream.

Complete this 58x69x43 cm model and enter into the world of potions you always craved as a young child. So this was the surprise, as mentioned earlier I was talking about. More to follow.

Released – Sept 2018Set – 71043Minifigs – 4Pieces – 6020Price – $399

7# LEGO HARRY POTTER DIAGON ALLEY – The Amazing Supermarket


This Harry Potter Diagon Alley is yet another surprise for the Harry Potter fans! Buy this Lego set without giving it much thought, as you will enjoy having it in your house and would like to show it off in front of your friends the next time they come to visit you.

The places this set contains are – Scribbulus Writing Implements Ollivanders Wand shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Quality Quidditch, Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, Flourish and Botts bookshop, etc.

Released – Sept 2020Set – 75978Minifigs – 14Pieces – 5544Price – $399



Till now, you’ve been to Hogwarts, went shopping at the Diagon Alley, and now it’s time to choose your crest.

Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Helga Hufflepuff: make your choice and get going. Build and rebuild.

Released – Oct 2010Set – 31201Minifigs – 0Pieces – 4249Price – $119

9# LEGO ART WORLD MAP – The Largest Lego Set


Until recently, the Colosseum was the most extensive Lego set, but this new Lego art world map has broken that record.

Interestingly you also get access to a soundtrack that gives you an audio Virtual tour with this 65×104 cm structure.

Released – June 2021Set – 31203Minifigs – 0Pieces – 11695Price – $249

So, while assembling these Largest Lego Sets – you visited some of the wonders of the earth, you fulfilled your childhood fantasies, what else do you want? Just a sec. Did you say Food! Seriously Daniel? I took you to Hogwarts, you dimwit. You could have used magic to eat a ton of delicacies! 

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