Advantages Of Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam AZ-900


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Cloud computing is one of the growing and hottest computing technologies of this century. We have seen enormous growth in the deployment of cloud platforms globally—a large number of organizations deploying the cloud platform or transiting to it from the conventional on-premises infrastructure. 

Microsoft leads the market in the cloud computing market. Overall, Microsoft Azure is the world’s second-largest cloud platform. 

Benifits of Azure Fundamentals Certification

Cloud Computing

Azure Fundamentals Certification

With the help of Cloud computing, we can access all the mainframe computing resources. We just need a computer or mobile to connect to the cloud service provider. The cloud platform will provide simple access to computing resources that include all serverless computing, online storage, or access to virtual machines.

Microsoft Azure 

Azure Fundamentals Certification is the best cloud platform with various solutions for the business needs to virtually run all or part of the computing operations. Microsoft Azure has servers, databases, networking, storage, and more.

Microsoft Azure Certification Program

Microsoft offers multiple certifications to validate different skills at different proficiency levels. Microsoft certification portfolio provides credentials from beginner to expert level. 

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals Certification

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a beginner-level certification for those who want to get acquainted with cloud computing in general and the particular context of the Microsoft Azure platform. 

Advantages Of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Cloud Certification

As narrated by Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions, “80% of all enterprise (and mission-critical) workloads will move to the cloud by 2025.” 

Keeping this scenario in mind, learning the cloud platform technologies will make you a future-enabled professional with more sustainable career prospects. Cloud literate will be preferred for IT-related jobs in the future. Download Demo: Marks4sure

  • Higher salaries 
  • Job SecurityCareer development
  • Skills Validation
  • Competitive Advantage

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals Certification

Candidates for certification should possess a basic understanding of the services provided by the cloud and the way Microsoft Azure delivers them. This certificate helps new candidates who are trying to work with cloud-based companies and helps in providing solutions and services.

This certification can help access cloud services, workloads, security and privacy, cloud principles, and pricing and support. Candidates should understand technological principles such as networking, storage, computation, application support, and development.

Other Azure role-based or specialized certifications can be utilized to prepare for Azure Fundamentals, although it is not required for any of them.

Job Role: 

  • Technology Manager
  • Student
  • Developer
  • Business User
  • Administrator

Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is a single exam certification for beginners. The candidate must pass a single exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals to become qualified for the certificate.

It is a standalone exam and has no related exams. Currently, Microsoft: AZ-900 can be accessed in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French. 

This exam assesses your knowledge of cloud principles, essential core solutions, cloud computing, network security, and data privacy on the cloud. 

Preparing For The Exam

The exam is designed for beginners who are seeking to begin their journey of cloud computing technology. That is why there are no prerequisites whatsoever for this exam. It also doesn’t require much hands-on experience for the candidates taking this exam. That helps the novice/beginner in the field of cloud computing.

However, the candidate is expected to possess a reasonable theory-level knowledge of the subject to tackle the exam questions successfully. For this purpose, a candidate can choose from the two most common training methods. 

1: Instructor-led or classroom level training

2: Self-paced training

Both of the methods have their pros and cons. The instructor-led training model is comparatively costlier and requires a dedicated amount of time and a fixed or less flexible classes schedule. On the other hand, the self-paced training method is much more flexible in terms of time allocation.

It is also comparatively cost-effective, but it requires more personal effort, dedication, and quality training material. The training material must be updated and accurate according to the latest exam format and course layout of the vendor of the exam.

As the technology is ever-evolving, so does the certifications related to that technology. That is why the course outline keeps on updating from time to time. That is why the candidate has to be very careful while selecting the training material to prepare for the exam. There are multiple training resources available online these days in the shape of video tutorials, mockup exams, practice tests, and study material. 

For preparing Microsoft Azure Exam, AZ-900 Marks4sure is an affordable and reliable training provider. The training material for Exam AZ-900 Dumps by includes PDF guides and Testing Engine. The braindumps by Marks4sure are known for their authenticity.

A money-back guarantee covers all the updated and accurate training material by Marks4sure for sure success in the Microsoft AZ-900 exam. The suitable training material with the right amount of effort can earn you the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification that can open the doors of new opportunities for you in the field of cloud computing. 


Everyone knows cloud computing nowadays. Over the last two decades, cloud platform has seen exceptional growth. Many organizations are trying hard to adopt cloud platform instead of the conventional on-premises infrastructure. A large number of cloud platform-related jobs are created every year.

Microsoft is among the top 3 players in the cloud arena with a steady number two position. Microsoft Azure is the favorite cloud platform in the enterprise market. All these factors make Microsoft Azure platform certifications to be strong credentials in the job marketplace.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is a single exam career-oriented certification for beginners that can be earned with a single Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.


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