Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!


Medical dramas are the best escapes from boredom. Balthazar series is an amazing procedural thriller drama that perfectly blends medical cases with mysterious murder investigations. The series has already entertained audiences with three seasons, and fans are now eager to know about Balthazar season 4 release date. So, here I am at your rescue!

French procedural drama Balthazar is a popular series based on investigating mysterious murders happening in France by a charmingly intelligent pathologist and a hot-headed police officer. Clothilde Jamin and Clélia Constantine are the creators of the Balthazar series. The show boasts a 7.6/10 IMDB rating and is available on Prime Video. 

Balthazar season 4 has been released, and currently, it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The makers have also announced that soon it will bring Balthazar season 5. Apart from the release of the medical drama, the makers have also announced some interesting details. To know about them, read ahead!

Balthazar series differs from other crime investigation shows for many reasons (I have discussed them in the later sections!). The story is a well-knitted thriller drama with intriguing characters and compelling twists. You can also catch up on a famous series – To The Lake release date here! So, read ahead to know what is in the store of Balthazar season 4.

Balthazar Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot | Read The Latest Details!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

Balthazar series is again storming the internet with its insanely amazing storyline and well-structured plot. The protagonist, Raphaël Balthazar, is back with his super wits and charming personality to solve some of the most complicated murder mysteries through his knowledge and extraordinary powers like talking to the dead! 

In case, you have changed your mind and want to see something different from medical crime drama, check out the release date of October Faction and Jane The Virgin season 6 here. To know more interesting details related to Balthazar season 4, read the following sections that describe the plot, cast, trailer, etc. 

What Is Balthazar Season 4 Release Date? Mark The Date!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

Balthazar season 4 is finally out and successfully streaming on Amazon Prime Video and the Just Watch network. The series has already been released in three seasons so far. The fourth installment will continue with the adventures of Balthazar and Bach.

Apart from solving the new murder mysteries, the series also focuses on the budding relationship between Balthazar and Bach. However, you can watch the series only in English audio. Though it has subtitles available in different languages, the audio is not available in any other language. 

How Many Episodes Are In Balthazar Season 4? Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

As of now, the Balthazar series has released 34 episodes in total. Season 3 had 8 episodes. Balthazar season 4 also has 8 episodes in total. Do you know how many episodes are in Squid Game season 2? Click to know! The description of Balthazar season 4 episodes are mentioned below-

OneEn Plein Vol  
ThreeEn Apparence   
FourNature Morte   
Five Dernier Recours    
SixEros et Thanatos    
EightSi ce n’est Toi

What Is Balthazar Season 4 Plot? Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Updates! 

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

The central premise of the Balthazar series revolves around a super-intelligent pathologist named Raphaël Balthazar. He has supernatural abilities to talk with the dead bodies and ask them directly about their cause of death. His abilities soon make him famous and integral to the France police. 

Balthazar teams up with a lady officer named HeìleÌne Bach to solve some of the most mysterious and notorious criminal cases. However, the duo are poles apart in nature and often fight over their ideologies and working styles. Despite being at loggerheads, the duo manages to solve cases in the end!

Balthazar season 4 follows the same storyline with similar characters. However, it has introduced new murder cases that are way more complicated. Moreover, Balthazar and Bach are also struggling in their personal lives and going through emotional crises. 

In Balthazar season 4, the duo takes up the murder case of a government lawyer and his spouse. The couple has been shot in their home, and the sole witness is their young daughter, who somehow manages the invasion. Balthazar tries to fit in the missing clues, but many turns and twists constantly keep changing the course of the story.

Who Are In Balthazar Season 4 Cast? Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

Balthazar‘s season 4 cast has some new additions apart from the actors and actresses from the previous season. The newly added actors are-

  • Augustin Ruhabura
  • Jean-Marie Winling
  • Caterina Murino 
  • Félix Bossuet
  • Constance Labbé

Apart from the actors mentioned above, the main cast includes-

  • Tomer Sisley will reprise the character of Raphaël Balthazar.
  • Côme Levin will be seen playing the character of Eddy.
  • Leslie Medina will reprise the role of Maya Deval.
  • Philypa Phoenix will continue her role as Fatim.
  • Pauline Cheviller will continue her role as Lise.
  • Yannig Samot will reprise the character of Jérôme Delgado.
  • Aliocha Itovich will be seen playing the character of Antoine Bach.

Where Can You Watch Balthazar Season 4 Trailer? Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

The makers have not dropped an official trailer for Balthazar season 4. Though you can watch the trailers of all the previous seasons on Youtube, you will have to wait a little bit more for the season 4 trailer. Who needs a trailer if the complete season is already available on Prime Video! So, do watch the latest season now.

Is Balthazar Season 5 Coming Or Not? Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Top Medical Crime Drama Balthazar Season 4 Release Date Is Out Now!

The makers have already confirmed that the Balthazar series will bring season 5. However, the makers have also claimed that Balthazar season 5 will be the last and final installment of the series. So, it will wrap up the series with season 5. As per the reports, the shooting of Season 5 has already started, and we do expect its release in the month of 2023. 

The makers have not confirmed much about the details like the plot or how many episodes will be in season 5? So, we will have to wait for a little to know the details. However, it has been confirmed that the shooting has started in the Paris locations. Stay in touch with our page for the latest details about the show.

Final Words

I hope you have found all the answers related to the Balthazar season 4 release date. If you have any doubt, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box. You can also catch up on the latest trending shows and movies by visiting our official website. So, catch up with all the latest episodes of the Balthazar series asap to enjoy refreshing stories.

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