5 Banned Twitch Streamers | Shocking Notorious Bans Of 2021!


If you think that 2021 didn’t work in your favor, you are wrong because it is the same story with some popular banned Twitch streamers as well. Over the past year, a lot has happened over the popular streaming platform, including the controversial bans and suspensions. 

Suspensions and surprise bans are nothing new for Twitch, but when the popular streamers come under the radar, it becomes a matter of concern. From the past few months, many ridiculous actions like the continuous use of the word ‘simp’ and streaming ‘unmoderated content’ have led to a growing number of banned Twitch streamers. 

Let me put an end to your guesses related to who all were banned this year. Scroll down to know the names.

5 Famous Twitch Steamers Who Got Banned In 2021! #3 Deserved More Than Ban For His Sins!

Whether you talk about gaming streams or music streams, you will find anything and everything on Twitch’s constantly growing platform. Due to its versatile features like supporting streamers by Twitch donations, more and more people are joining the community every day. However, due to a constant demand for engaging and creative content, more people are rapidly entering the list of banned Twitch streamers. Let’s explore who all are these-

1# CodeMiko 

5 Banned Twitch Streamers

Sometimes it feels like Twitch is holding personal grudges against popular streamer CodeMiko because of her untimely bans. Till now, the streamer’s account has been banned more than thrice on Twitch without any reason. Even if there was a reason for her ban or suspension, Twitch has failed to reveal it to the fans, which led to the platform receiving massive criticism from Codemiko’s die-hard fans. (Expected!🤷🏻‍♀️)

2# Disguised Toast

2# Disguised Toast

Recently, Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast, has become a popular name of online and offline gaming communities due to his Hearthstone content. Disguised Toast was banned during the summer of 2021 during one of his live streams for streaming unmoderated content. Jeremy Wang streamed a short PUBG clip where the gamer was seen using a homophobic slur during the stream. Due to this, the streamer was banned for a few days. 

3# Mini Ladd

3# Mini Ladd

Mini Ladd is the only streamer on this list whose ban hasn’t affected fans in any way. In February 2021, two underage fans accused Mini Ladd of demanding explicit images. Due to the nature of the assault, streaming platform Twitch went through a lengthy investigation which ultimately ended in Ladd’s permanent suspension and removal of partner status. Since Mini Ladd isn’t a partner anymore, he hasn’t many chances of getting back on the platform. (Ouch!🤯)

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4# Ibai 

4# Ibai 

eSports professional Ibai Llanos has faced a fair share of controversies ever since he made an appearance on the popular platform. The football enthusiast may have interacted with famous faces like Lionel Messi, Sergio Kun Aguero, and Andres Iniesta, but those meetings didn’t stop the three Twitch bans. All three times, Ibai was banned due to the streaming of explicit content on his channel. 

5# xQc 

5# xQc 

By far, 2021 has been the worst to famous Twitch steamer Felix Lengyel, popularly known as xQc. The popular streamer was banned twice this year, with DMCA-related issues being the reason both times. Though the platform hasn’t openly admitted to DMCA being the reason but Twitch expert Streamerbans were quick enough to decipher the theory. The first time xQc was banned was in July, a day after broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics event, while the other suspension took place in August. 

Twitch Streamers Who Were Caught In The Middle Of The Ban Fiasco By Mistake | Bans That Happened Just Liked That!

banned twitch streamers

Due to the platform’s gaming population, it becomes tough for the developers to keep an eye on the content going live on the forum all the time. Due to this, those streamers who don’t have anything wrong end up getting banned on the platform for all the wrong reasons. Following are some of the streamers who became targets because of silly mistakes and faced the Twitch ban for a longer or shorter time. 

  • Orslok
  • Indiefoxx
  • ElmiiloR
  • Amouranth 
  • Xmgrau
  • Alinity 
  • Brunenger 
  • DrDisrepect 
  • Yoda 
  • MissbehavinOfficial 

How Much Do The Twitch Streamers Earn? Untimely Suspensions Did Pay Them Well!

highest earning twitch streamers

Over the years, Twitch has grown in terms of popularity, leading to many gamers using the platform as a medium to demonstrate their skills. Due to this, many of these gamers have taken Twitch streaming as a full-time job and are working hard day and night to provide their loyal fanbase with the best gaming content. Due to the engaging content, fans, in turn, make sure to give their favorite channels a boost and help the streamers make constant career progression with colossal income. 

Because of a loyal fan base, many streamers are now making millions off the streaming platform and are using it to move ahead in their careers. Following are some of the highest-earning streamers on Twitch who became millionaires because of their content and dedication. 

Twitch Streamer Earnings 
Ninja 25 million
PewDiePie 20 million
Shroud12 million
TimTheTatman 8 million
DrDisrespect 6 million
Nickmercs 5 to 8 million
Summit1g7.5 million
Syndicate 4 to 8 million
xQc1. 5 to 4 million
Pokimane 1 to 3 million 

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Final Words 

Due to the constant suspension and ban, Twitch is losing a lot of talents to fellow video-sharing platforms and competitors like YouTube. Even though most bans only last for a few days or hours, many streamers are leaving the platform because the process is pointing fingers towards their authenticity. 

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