Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham Official Trailer Is Out!


Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham’s trailer is finally available for viewers to check out. The animated movie was announced on July 22nd, 2022, at the San Diego Comic-con festival. If you are a fan of DC movies, you are in for a surprise with this alternate version of Batman. Based on the newly released trailer, we will see Batman go full Lovecraft mode. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming movie, its cast, and the recently released trailer.

Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham is based on a comic miniseries of the same name. The comic series was released in November 2000 and presented an alternate version of Batman. The comic book follows Batman’s fights against Lurker On The Threshold. Based on the comic, we might also see Two-Face, Green Arrow, and Ra’s Al Ghul in the upcoming movie. Let’s look at what we know about the movie and its trailer.

Batman Goes Full Lovecraft In Doom That Came To Gotham Trailer!

Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham is an iconic comic book miniseries that will soon be released as a movie. The trailer for the movie was released on January 20th, 2023, on the official DC and Warner Bros Youtube channels.

The trailer of the animated movie teases the awakening of an ancient warrior by Batman as he states, “The great doom is coming.” The movie’s trailer also presents the redesigned versions of well-known Batman villains like Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Ra’s Al Ghul. It is also notable that we see Thomas Wayne in the trailer, as the awakened warrior states that his sins will be heaped on the son. Is Bruce Wayne going to face trouble once again because of Thomas Wayne? We are interested to discover what the Lovecraft version of Batman looks like, as the trailer promises an exceptional action-packed drama.

Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham will feature David Guintoli voicing Batman. Surprisingly, Jensen Ackles will not be voicing Batman, as he has voiced Batman in some recent animated features. We will also hear Tati Gabrielle, Christopher Gorham, John DiMaggio, Patrick Fabian, Brian George, Jason Marsden, Karan Brar, David Bastmalchian, Navid Negahban, and Emily O’Brien voicing other characters in the animated movie. 

The movie Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham is set to release on March 28th, 2023. The film will be available digitally for streaming. Blu Ray version of the movie will also be available for viewers on the same day. If you are a fan of DC movies, this is a great one to watch while we wait for any other movies from the DCU. We will also keep you updated about any latest news related to DCU movies, so you can stay tuned with us.

Final Words

This was all about Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham’s official trailer and the release date of the upcoming movie. You can also find the release dates of The Mandalorian season 3 and You season 4. We have also covered the latest updates about To The Lake season 2 and other upcoming movies and shows.

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