For more than 25 years, Beauty Schools of America has been providing professional training for students to get into the industry of cosmetology. The Schools offer a complete professional curriculum in cosmetology, with the aim to sustain a learner’s creativeness and speed which are important to generate a big amount of salary in the industry.

It provides you a wide range of career options because of your preparation at Beauty Schools of America and your permit from the State of Florida’s Board of Cosmetology. . Work the same number of hours as you wish, in the kind of place that you like, with the sort of customers you appreciate, all options which are of your choice is always great.

Beauty Schools Of America- All Campus Locations

Beauty Schools of America has five campuses all situated in Florida, their locations are as given below:-

  1. North Miami Beach in Florida – Address: 1813 N.E. 163 Street, North Miami Beach, FL, 33162,  United States
  1. Miami in Florida
  2. Hialeah in Florida
  3. Homestead in Florida
  4. Miami Beach in Florida

Regardless of which campus you pick for learning, you can rely on getting educated in a similar way on similar sorts of styling stations, cleanser seats, facials seats, hairdryers, massage, and manicuring furniture that you will use in your profession ahead.

Beauty Schools of America delivers both full-time as well as part-time classes at comfortable times to meet your personal necessities. Full-time students ordinarily go to classes during the non-weekend days, while part-time students take evening or end of the week classes based upon their choices.

Mission Statement Of Beauty Schools Of America

To make an environment where each trainee is empowered to build up a passion for a profession in the beauty industry. The industry of cosmetology is dynamic and developing with new trends, the faculty members of the school empowers each learner to grasp the cycle of progress and advancement and transform them into a leader.

The faculty members are responsible solely and together to teach students practically as per their real-life experiences, via visits of professional artists, salon proprietor socials, and professional days alongside industry field trips.

Courses Offered At Beauty Schools Of America

Beauty Schools of America uses a system of education known as Milady. Milady’s Standard course readings for Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Barbering fuse a new, imaginative way to educate the curriculum with respect to the learner’s picture of the beauty industry and what it has to bring to the table – style, spirit, design, career options. These can be in the form of the following professions:-

  1. Cosmetology
  2. Hairdresser, and
  3. Nail Technician

Beauty Schools of America provides various kinds of programs both full-time, as well as part-time, and also, have financial aid for those who qualify. Discover why some of South Florida’s most prestigious cosmetology experts are Beauty Schools of America graduates!

Employment & Career In Beauty Industry

Beauty Schools of America, claims to have been changing lives by guiding individuals in the right way to progress and furnishing them with the recipe to accomplish their career dreams by imparting them a strong base and foundation.

There are many options and high demand for creative people in this industry, and Beauty Schools of America produces professionals that can fulfill their requirements as its students are prepared through their creative educational program and best in class innovation.
In case you need assistance in getting a new line of work after your graduation, Beauty Schools of America’s job placement center can help. Although they don’t provide any guarantee of a job, still its contacts in this industry can assist you in finding a place that suits your abilities and interests.

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