5 Best Benefits of Smoked Meat


The history of smoked meat dates backs to the earliest human inhabitation on earth- The Early Men. It is an integral part of mankind’s fire harnessing of fire. However, there is still some doubt and controversy surrounding the safety and health benefits of smoked food to date.

After spending hours researching the same, we were able to conclude these 5 benefits of consuming smoked meat and with tasty recipes.

Here they are-:

Why You Must Try Smoked Meat

1.Unique Flavour

Smoked Meat

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Smoking imparts a peculiar and wholesome flavor to the meat that is very unique to this particular method of cooking. As the wood burns, aromas are released into the smoke. This smoke then infuses the different flavors into the meat, making it a more sumptuous treat. Unlike other methods of cooking like grilling, smoking does not suck the entire moisture out of the meat. It dries it only up to a point where a combined taste of spices, wood, smoke, and meat is maintained in a perfect balance. Additionally, it creates an acidic coating around the meat that gives it a unique texture and multiplies the taste.

2.A low-fat option

The smoking procedure of cooking meat is a great alternative to the oily pan and deep fry methods. The slow smoking process enables the smoke to penetrate the meat and melt the stored fat down. The melted fat then spreads all over the meat reducing the need for any external greasing. It also makes the meat tender. However, you should be careful to consume smoked meat in moderation because the saturated fat used in cooking is one of the prominent dangers of smoked meats.  

Smoked Meat

(Picture Credits: Pexels)

3.Excellent Preservative

Smoking has been used as a means to preserve food long before refrigerators were invented. It is still a better preservation alternative since refrigerators infuse moisture in the meat whereas smoking dries out the meat. The drying makes the meat inhabitable for any bacterial or fungal infestation. Smoking coats and permeates the flesh with the antimicrobial substance that helps in long-term preservation. Apart from that, the heat from the smoke kills dangerous microbes such as formaldehyde and also keeps the bacteria-carrying insects away from the food.

4. Easy and Fun way to Cook

Easy and Fun way to Cook

Smoking is one of the most fun-filled ways of cooking. Since a majority of the work like marination etc. is done beforehand, the actual cooking time for smoked meats is comparatively lesser. It is the best method of cooking for house parties or casual dinner get-togethers where everyone can participate in the cooking and mitigate the burden on the host. It is especially a fitting option for winters where it also serves as a bonfire to keep you warm.

5.Healthy Cooking Method

The smoking method of cooking is considered a comparatively healthier option due to various reasons. Since the meat used for smoking is usually very fresh and not stored, it is free from the heavy preservatives that are very harmful to the body. In addition to that, the slow smoking process breaks down the collagen- a protein found in the muscle tissue- that makes the meat a lot more tender. It also forms an acidic coating around the meat that shields it against harmful bacterias. Besides the above-mentioned benefits,  it also adds rare lean protein to your diet which is good for the body.

Bottom Line

Therefore, we see that smoking meat is not just a fun way of cooking it but also a means of availing various health benefits. The enticing smoke flavor brings primitive delight to our senses. This elemental scent remains a significant part of our culinary DNA.


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