List of Best 5G Phones Under 20000 in 2021


I want a phone, that will keep me updated and upgraded with time. Is it possible that we can buy the best 5G phones under 20000 in 2021? If it is, then what are the cheapest options?

Phones are essential just like water and food. I want to work efficiently and earn money, but that is only possible if have the technology. The phone is therefore that technology. 

If 2021 is a paradigm shift of technology, then phones will be on the list. Whenever you go for buying a phone, you make a list of features that you desire and then buy a phone. This way you become sure and do not regret it later.

Your search is for battery backup, Processor, and also camera quality. What adds on is the price of the phone. And yes, markets are flooded with 5G phones under 20000. The few best 5G phones under 20000 are ZTE Blade 20pro, Realme X7, Vivo iQOO Z1x, Xiaomi Redmi 10X; and so on.

5 Best 5G Phones Under 20000

Let me take you to the list of phones that can provide you with the best options for 5G phones under 20000 in the year 2021.

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1. ZTE Blade 20 pro

ZTE Blade  20 pro- List of Best 5G Phones Under 20000  in 2021.

A performance-based phone for all the gamers and multitaskers. ZTE Blade serves its owner with a smooth functioning experience.

The main motive behind buying this can be its camera, its big display and yes of course the price. It will be available for the price of 18,000 approximately.

Reasons to buy ZTE Blade:

  • Display: the display of the phone is 6.47 inches with 398 PPI, AMOLED.
  •   Processor: With a built octa-core processor & Snapdragon 765G.
  • Camera: It comes with a Quad-rear camera of 64MP +8MP +2MP+2MP and a 20MP front camera.
  • Battery: the battery will last long as it is 5000mAh and is with an option to charge it quickly.

Expert’s Verdict on ZTE Blade:

This phone is amazing for those who entirely work through the phone. It won’t run off battery soon and keep you away from the stress to charge.

2. Realme X7

Carious models of Realme X7- List of Best 5G Phones Under 20,000  in 2021

Realme X7 is a new wave in the market of phones, that provides you with a lot of features essential in the phone for the year 2021 that made this phone the best 5G phones under 20000.

Realme X7 is popular for its screen size and also for its camera quality. Isn’t it enough… let’s know more about it.

Reasons to buy Realme X7:

  • Display: The 6.43 inches screen is the supreme size of the phone with 441PPI, AMOLED.
  • Processor: The phone comes with an Octa-core processor with Media Tek MT 6873.
  • Camera: The camera quality of this phone is exceptional. It will appear with the Quad rear camera of 64MP+8MP+2MP+2MP and a 32MP front camera.
  •  Battery: The battery of the phone is 4300mAh with a fast charging option available inbuilt.
Expert’s Verdict of Realme X7t:

Go ahead to buy this phone, if you are interested in buying a phone that will provide you a value for money with a deal.  

3. Vivo iQOO Z1x

Various models of Vivo iQOO Z1x- List of Best 5G Phones Under 20,000  in 2021.
Source: Gizmochina

Vivo iQOO Z1x a new model that supports the life of a busy human who is controlling his work with gadgets like phones. If it’s true, Buy this phone to save your work from any kind of interruption.  

Reasons to buy Vivo iQOO Z1x :

  • Display: the display of the phone is 6.57 inches with a 402 PPI, IPS AMOLED.
  • Processor: The processor of the phone is an Octa-core  Snapdragon 765G.
  • Camera: This phone has a triple rear camera of 48MP+2MP+2MP &16MP front camera, to provide the users with an outstanding quality of pictures.
  • Battery: the battery of the phone is of 5000mAh with a flash charging option available.
Expert’s Verdict on Vivo iQOO Z1x:

If you want a decent phone that gives you the satisfaction of spending 17,190 INR, go ahead to buy this one.

4. Xiaomi Redmi 10X

Xiaomi Redmi 10X is a modern phone for buyers who are in search of various new features and a smooth functioning service from a phone.

It’s an amazing phone to start your experience with, will be best for Gaming and multitasking a lot of features make this phone the best 5G phones under 20000.

Reasons to buy Xiaomi Redmi 10X:

  • Display: The phone has 6.7 inches of display with 401 PPI, AMOLED.
  • Processor: The phone is built with an Octa-core Media Tek Dimensity 820 Processor that makes it smooth and glitch-free.
  • Camera: the camera quality with a Triple rear camera of 48MP+8MP+2MP AND 16MP front camera allows you to buy amazing clicks.
  • Battery: The battery of the phone has 4250mAh with a fast charging mode.
Expert’s Verdict on Xiaomi Redmi 10X:

A modern phone as said before, with modern features and also specifically for smart and modern buyers If you are a smart buyer you’ll choose this model.

5. Oppo K7 x 5G

an Oppo K7 x 5G- List of Best 5G Phones Under 20,000  in 2021.
Source: Cashify

This phone will amaze you with its charging speed and its camera quality. The sleek and stylish design will help you flaunt it in front of your peers.

Reasons to buy  Oppo K7 x 5G:

  • Display: the display of the phone is 6.5 inches and 405 PPI, IPS LCD.
  • Camera: the camera of the phone comes with a Quad rear camera 48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP and a 16MP front Camera.
  • Processor: the processor is with Octa-core Media Tek Density 720.
  • Battery: The phone’s battery is with 5000mAh that will keep it alive throughout the day.
Expert’s Verdict on Oppo K7x 5G:

It’s a phone for multitaskers and people who control everything from their phone because the battery of the phone won’t wither off.

These phones are amazing and with the help of the Expert’s verdict, it gives their Specification credibility.  Go grab your 5G phone. Why are you still waiting?

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