Best Alternative For Quora In 2021


Quora was great in 2011, but now it’s 2021, with time the platform is flooded with immature kids. If you are looking for the best alternative for Quora, then you are at the right place. This article will cover the best sites with similar features and more advantages than Quora and Yahoo Answers. 

Quora was the best platform to get the answers to your questions from experts and masters, and Yahoo Answers is soon going to shut its services. The website’s ultimate aim was to spread knowledge, but the noobs and immature captured the Quora website with time. Nowadays, Quora contains more twaddle and gibberish answers than expert solutions. But wait, Quora and Yahoo Answers are not only the sites that are used to seek knowledge and expert answers. 

There are more than 30+ websites available serving the same purpose as Quora. Thus it becomes hard to find any relevant website that can provide the same. After testing all the available websites, we have come up with a list of the best alternative for Quora and Yahoo Answers.

These websites provide you with the best answer from the experts. All of your questions are answered by professionals in their respective fields related to the question, unlike Quora.  

Best Alternative For Quora

Quora has many advantages, but it would also have some disadvantages, and Yahoo Answers completely cease its operation from May 4, 2021. Whatever your reason for finding an alternative, these superior quality websites are remarkable. 



Fluther is a cited alternative to Quora. It is a free-to-use site with heavily moderated qualities than Quora and Yahoo Answers. The site’s notable feature is that it is powered by two sections, i.e., General and Social. The General section is for the user who asks questions with an intent to gain knowledge or spark some thoughtful intellectual conversations. On the other hand, the Social section is for questions with more open-minded answers or voting on popularity. 

Whatever is your question you want to ask, Fluther is a free-to-use site with heavily moderated qualities than Quora and Yahoo Answers.  

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is conceived initially as a forum website to answer questions about programming. But later, the developers upgraded it as a general question-answer network. The network categorized the question-answer received from the sub-website on topic basic. Sometimes you can find more than one answer to your question. 

Like Quora and Yahoo Answers, the users can vote on the best (or supposed to be best) answer and earn reputation points by asking, commenting, answering questions, or simply voting for the best answers.  These reputation points can help to expand their privileges on the site and can become experts.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a QnA site with a knowledgeable user base. The website is developed to provide an expert opinion on any problem. The website is great for users who want to gain knowledge or read some interesting content. You can find a lot of content to sharpen your knowledge or ask whatever is in your mind. The site is created to educating the masses

The site has recorded 50 million visitors every month who shares their expert opinion and gain knowledge from experts. The website was created to provide extra features like filtrations which were not available in Quora and Yahoo Answer.    



According to the internet saying, then Reddit is the 5th most used website in the US. This is a site where a registered user can share informative posts, images, or links and then get votes from the community. The votes decide the credibility of the content. The posts are organized according to the subjects, and the most voted content appears on the top. 

You can find a variety of answers related to your question. Reddit has an active base of 300 million users around the globe that can vote and upvote the content according to its accuracy. You can check outsources to buy Reddit downvotes to get more engagement.



Medium is another publishing platform on which you can upload exciting content.  The interface of the Medium is great; we (Viebly) found the website more interactive. Medium is a great source to discover and learn new and trendy things. 

Medium is a bit different and unique from other QnA websites available. The website has been focusing on quality content, unlike unvarying content on Quora.   


Ask.Com: Best alternative for quora and yahoo answers allows users to perform any search in the form of questions. The website was founded by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener in 1996. They have the vision to create a platform for users to search a question rather than just a word. 

Basically, it works as a search engine on which you can directly ask a question and get the experts’ appropriate and accurate answers. However, it is not similar to Quora but has the potential to provide you the accurate solutions without any fuss. 


There are more than 30 million questions are waiting on the Quora website. You have to discover top questions with more organic traffic to increase website visits and unlock more leads.


Best Alternative for Quora in 2021

Instapaper is another mobile app that allows you to save the content so that you can read it at a later time that’s convenient to you. The app not only saves content but also will strip away all the ads so that you can only focus on the raw images and text. The best thing about the app is that it saves content for offline viewing.


Best Alternative for Quora in 2021

UseResponse is an amazing software program that helps you to design your customer support center online. It gives you several advanced features to make it run more efficiently and smoothly. It also allows you more open communication.


Slant is an app that main aim is to make searching simpler by checking reviews. It gives you the best online option available. Then you can simply put any item in the search bar and your results will be available.

Final Word

The Viebly team tries the above-listed best Yahoo Answers and Quora alternative for a couple of weeks. After comparing all the attributes of these sites with Quora, we concluded that the quality of Quora drops with the passing years. 

The users are doing monotonous writing, publishing repetitive answers for upvotes that forced genuine users to think about similar sites like Quora. Although these websites have helpful information, providing you every bit of knowledge you required. 

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