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Yes, I am not going to discuss some popular horror stories here. Lol! American Horror Story is the title of the anthology created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. American Horror Story has some of the best shows or seasons named with a peculiar title. 

American Horror Story has a lot to offer, more than just a narrative. It has actors (a long list, I tell you), Controversies associated with it because of the actors, its seasons, and yes, of course, the ranking from worst to the best. 

Based on the anthology American Horror Stories, this article determines the different episodes, which are ranked so that we will make it easy for you to watch the best and the worst. If you want you can, Try some funny horror stories that made you laugh.

Let us dive deep into this article to understand why one has been categorized as the best and the other as the worst. 

Popular American Horror Story | Beginning from Best to Worst

Following are the best and some of the famous American Horror stories seasons, which are ranked in descending order of their popularity- 

1# Murder House- Season 1 | Best American Horror Story Ranked 1

Murder House- Season 1 Best American Horror Story Ranked 1

The first innings of the American Horror Story were played by Murder House, which brought a revolution in the horror genre. It was also created and conceptualized by none other than Ryan Murphy. 

It came into release on 5th October 2011, and the season marked its end in December 2011. The entire cast and crew of the series was the first face of the American Horror Story. The plot is essential, but the twists and turns in the series are the best. 

Dr. Ben is shifting with his daughter in an unknown mansion, which he is unaware of the fact ghosts guard that. His daughter went through a fresh miscarriage and went through complete turmoil along with the ghost angle.

Total Episodes of the show 


The cast of the show

Connie Britton; Jessica Lange; Taissa Farmiga; Evan Peters; Dylan McDermott; Denis O’Hare

2# Apocalypse – Season 8 | Best American Horror Story Episodes

Apocalypse – Season 8

The ability of writers and the crew to make the eighth season one of the biggest hits in the show business. It has more to offer other than just a narrative. The characters have been stated as iconic because of there, of course, acting skills but also the placement of these characters in a well-knitted way. 

The series spent a lot more time in the past, but the dramatic arch ended so well that no one can even raise any point of discrepancy. The outfits, precious jewelry, everything made this series possibly one of the best. 

Total Episodes of the show 


The cast of the show

Kathy Bate; Emma Roberts; Evan Peters; Adina Porter; Cody Fern; Sarah Paulson

3# Coven – Season 3 | Best American Horror Story Season 

Coven – Season 3

I guess No. 3 is what defines Season 3, Coven. Season three is more inclined towards the three characters carrying forward the story. The narrative is also supported by different characters, who made it possibly one of the popular shows on social sites, as it has some meme and gif-worthy content. 

Coven has been nominated for Emmys, the Golden Globe Award, and many others, making it one of the most trusted and watched shows on the web or the FX Tv Channel. 

Total Episodes of the show 


The cast of the show

Adina Porter; Kathy Bate; Emma Roberts; Sarah Paulson; Cody Fern; Evan Peters

4# Hotel – Season 5 | Best American Horror Story Off-Shelf 

Hotel – Season 5 |

The series marks a little off-the-shelf approach as the narrative seems less intense and carries a usual story for horror, like that of killing and deaths. Hotel is one of the most liked shows, but I find the writing weak and has been made to fill the space, as it leaves the starting and ending very non-uniform. 

The hotel revolves around the story of a hotel holding a mystery. WOW! Very new. It disappoints me when a genre like horror is not frightening; then the team fails as a whole. You can watch this series in your interest but not on my recommendation. 

Total Episodes of the show 


The cast of the show

Chloë Sevigny; Angela Basset; Adina Porter; Kathy Bate; Emma Roberts; Sarah Paulson; Cody Fern; Evan Peters

5# Cult – Season 7 | Best American Horror Story Narrative 

Cult – Season 7

The narrative of this season can put you in hell with a lot of questions. The character played by Sarah was seen crying after every minute, which turned out to be the cringe part of the show. 

It has a political angle that can make you understand things in a stable form—the idea behind creating this season to actually show the mix of creepiest narrative and somewhat cringe characters. 

Total Episodes of the show 


The cast of the show

Adina Porter; Kathy Bate; Emma Roberts; Sarah Paulson; Cody Fern; Evan Peters

Final Words

Out of around nine-season, these were some of the bests to worsts, handpicked and analyzed after watching each season. If you feel that some other season is far better than the mentioned one, please let us know in the comment section. 

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