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“I can’t listen to the weekend, this weekend”- I need something else. What about visiting popular amusement Parks in LA or nearby LA. I think now your weekends are sorted but wait, which one to visit? Of course, we are here to help you, hence we have prepared a list. 

Amusements Parks or Theme parks can be the best choice for your kids for an outing in the summers as part of their vocational activities. They will cherish these moments, and you will find them happy. 

Some of the famous amusement parks in LA, which we have handpicked for you are – 

  • Universal StudiosDisney Land
  • Knott Berry Farm
  • SeaWorld San Diego
  • Legoland California

Let us read about these popular amusement parks and choose one for ourselves.

5 Popular Amusement Parks in LA | Weekends are sorted 

Following are the famous amusement parks in LA, which can help you enjoy your weekends, or you can also try the best water park near you.  

1# Universal Studios | Amusement Park Near Me (only for LA residents)

Universal Studios- 5 Popular Amusement Parks in LA | Weekends are sorted

The Universal Studio is a universe of its own. You enter and instantly cut yourself off from the outside world. This is one of the most popular theme parks, which allows the fans of different genres, films, and characters to enjoy them closely. 

Universal Studio is a world of most popular characters like Minions, The Simpsons, Transformers, etc. You have to visit this wonderland to enjoy every popular film made under universal studios. 

Universal Studios is a land for all the famous characters in between the mountains with a gushing air making this place a pleasant experience. If you are Potter’s head, visiting here will satisfy your hunger to re-experience the Harry Potter world again. 

2# Disney Land | Popular Character Infused Fun Park 

Disney Land

I always say that my entire childhood has dwelled on Disney Shows, and I can never forget the attachment that I have for Disney. 

Let me put it this way, the way food is essential for us, for Disney held that importance during my childhood days, and don’t lie, I know you also watched shows on the same platform. 

If that’s true, then why not choose to visit Disney Land, which makes LA one of the most overrated cities, I must say. Visit Disney Land, and then you will be able to revisit all those unforgettable memories and end up feeling Nostalgic. 

3# Knott Berry Farm | Park with Open Bar

Knott Berry Farm

Suppose you want to have a thrilling experience while visiting Los Angeles or during weekends if you are a resident, then guys, I would recommend you all the Knott Berry Farms to you. It is one of the best and also amongst the most visited amusement Parks in the town. 

If you want to enjoy those loft and huge rides to those small swings, it has everything in one. Food, water rides, fun park; everything you want to visit is situated here. Choose this and later walk out like a fresh person, rejuvenated after having a gala time.

Visit Knot Berry Farm with your friends, and you will have a blast. Don’t think about food; you will get it here. 

4# SeaWorld San Diego| A Park for Long Lasting Fan 

SeaWorld San Diego

Covering I don’t know how much land this is, I believe the most expanded theme park for the people in San Diego and also people of LA. The Park has a planned aquatic life theme and rides based on the oceanic theme and giving water chills to its visitors. 

What all do you have here? You should ask what else is left now. It has rides like Bayside Skyride, Ocean Explorer, Riptide Rescue, Shipwreck Rapids, Sky tower, Electric Eel, Journey to Atlantis, Emperor; still, I have more to add. 

In addition to it, there are animals, namely Horseshoe Crabs, White-Spotted Bamboo, Brown-banded Bamboo Shark, Dolphins. AHH! Now I am tired. Think about your visit; I think you will forget to see at least one location, but make sure you don’t.  

5# Legoland California | Assemble them or dismantle It

Legoland California

If you are done buying those popular Lego games of monuments, I suggest you visit the ultimate fun at a bigger platform. Not that far from Los Angeles, this Lego amusement park is the best place you guys can visit. 

It is just not a Lego game, but it has more to offer, such as Water Park, Pirate Shores, Castle Hill, Ninjago World, Main Entrance, Legoland Hotel, DUPLO Fun Town. This is the second time I am tired of mentioning the places within a single location. 

To know how it looks, and what the experience will be, I request you to visit the place. 

Final Words 

So, guys, these were the best places and amusement parks to visit in LA, which will help you enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Do not forget to visit the best cafes too, because after enjoying so much, you will feel hungry.