What if something we shot or clicked, which we thought will be the best, but the result turned out to be dull. For its rectification we have our android photo editing apps on our phones, that will help us to enhance the quality or turn the shot or image into what we visioned for.

Android Photo Editing apps are an essential requirement because we end up posting pictures on various social sites and what is our requirement, is that we should stand out from the herd race. We want the colors of the image to be correct, subtle, with gains, etc. to give an aesthetic look to our images or to add some element.

Best Android photo editing apps are Airbrush, Snapspeed, Adobe Lightroom, Picsart, Google Photos, etc. These apps will give your photos the best quality results and hence will make the image look unmatchable to your viewers.

When we talk about photographers specifically, they will take a keen interest in these apps. So, let us read what these apps have within them to deliver us.

5 Best Android Photo Editing Apps

1.   Airbrush

Airbrush- best android photo editing app
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If you are tired of the mundane editing options, why don’t you try the Airbrush app? This particular photo editing app will give you the best filters and tools for editing that will give your images a fresh look and hence you will be able to make your images look the best.


·  There are easily useable tools, that you won’t find difficult to access while editing the image, as there are no hard science rules.

·  It is an easy app, which a beginner can also use to edit his/her image.

·  You can give natural effects to your image like tanning, shine options.

·  This particular photo editing app will enhance the quality of your image.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


2.   Snapspeed

Snapspeed android photo editing app-
Source: TechRepublic

It is one of the professional android photo editing apps. Snap speed gives you the experience of being a professional. It has 26-29 various essential tools that will enhance the image’s overall quality.


·You can use the pictures directly from the source and later convert them into the JPG.

·It allows the editors to add text with around 200+ fonts, this will make your picture look different and unique.

·It helps to crop the images and resize them as per our requirement.

·You can also add frames to the images, which will add gravitas to the images.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

3.   Adobe Lightroom

One of the premium quality android photo editing apps, that will make your images/ pictures look relatively outstanding. Adobe Lightroom is the first choice of professionals. What picture enhancement a professional can do, will be possible now with the help of this photo editing app.


·You can capture the image, edit them and also share from the same particular app.

·You can re-edit the same file again and again, to make it worth watching.

·It is available on certain devices for free and some of the apps.

·You can resize the pictures also, as per your requirement.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


4. Picsart

Picsart- best android editing app
Source: DlPure

This particular editing app adds a pop to your images. If you love to edit images in a more trendy and urban look, you can use this application. Picsart just like its name helps you to make the image look more artsy and colorful.


·Picsart is one of the easiest photo editing app, that a beginner can also use.

·It will provide you with an excessive number of tools and filters that will create a special look of your image.

·You can also professionally merge various images. (merging is defined as overlapping the images so that look a complete one image)

·It also has around 60-80+M stickers for attaching to your image.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


5. Google Photo

Google photo a trusted photo editing app that will help you edit your photos with the best quality tools. Google is a trusted name, hence its app also does the same to your clicked image. It has a lot of quality tools and effects that will enhance the picture.


·It has a lot of options and tools.

·It is possible to change the actual colours of your image with the help of google photos.

·Google photos will help you to know about trendy effects and the same can be used with the help of google photos.

·It has the best editing filters and brightness effect.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


You can just go through these editing apps and make the pictures look the best. You can also read about different articles on iOS.


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