6 Best Anime Cosplay Dresses 2023 | Smack Everyone Down With That Look!


Johnny: Darla, what are your plans for this Halloween & Christmas Cosplay?

Darla: I think I will dress like a lioness so that a monkey-like you cannot approach me!

Johnny: Alright! Alright! Don’t be rude; I am just here to discuss which fantastic anime cosplay I can choose for this festive season.

Darla: Listen, Johnny, I would suggest you to read this blog and give me suggestions too because, to be very honest, I, too, don’t have many options for myself. Please choose the best!

Me: Before Drala and Johnny jump to the options we have hand-picked for you, you can read about Cosplay and then certainly choose something. 

What Is Cosplay? Know It Thoroughly!

What Is Cosplay? Know It Thoroughly!

I think it is high time that all the geriatric millennials, millennials, and Gen Z kids get clear with what Cosplay means. It stands for Costume Play, where you pick your favorite fictional character and dress the same with certain accessories like wigs, props to make yourself look like a human version of the chosen character.

If you have a query like Is Cosplay suitable for Halloween costume or Christmas party? Yes, you can choose it both ways. If the Christmas Halloween theme is Cosplay, then I feel choosing your favorite fictional character’s costume (Cosplay) makes sense, or otherwise, there are many Cosplay events where getting ready like any fictional character is the main motto, then why not give 100% to play like one.

Now, your crazy brain is inquisitive about scrolling down to look for the best Cosplay Dress 2021; you can win the game like a slayer (Internet lingo). Then What are you waiting for? Scroll down and choose one for yourself or your better half.

6 Best Anime Cosplay | Darla & Johnny Are Cosplay Ready! What About You?

I mean, there are plenty of choices in the market, but costumes that we have decided are easy to carry, budget-friendly, and at the same time fun too. 

3 Best Anime Cosplay For Female 2021

1# Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

If you want to look like that badass girl who is a fantastic fighter and gives you crazy vibes; then your choice should be Faye Valentine. Faye Valentine is one of the famous characters from the 90s of Cowboy Bebop. She has purple hair, a yellow costume with a redshirt. This could be one of the best choices for the year 2021.

What All You Want To Dress Like Faye Valentine?

  • A Purple Wig: The main and one of the highlighting things which you need to keep in check while getting ready into Faye Valentine’s character is the purple wig. You will get this purple wig readily available in the market.
  • Yellow Costume: The other colorful piece of clothing which you should have are yellow shorts and a yellow top to partially complete the look. Yellow shorts and tops are easily available in the flea market or any other clothing shop. You can even get it customized by the designer.
  • Red Shirt: Wrap yourself in a red shirt above the yellow costume you wore so that you complete your look. Red-colored shirts are very easy to find online or in any nearby clothing shop.

2# Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami

The legendary character from the 90s had a great impact on the show Neon Genesis. It was not just the show that made us fall for her, but also her aura. She developed her character. She grew from being a not-so-loving character to being an integral part of the storyline. I know you may not like those grey hair, but guess what it will make you look like an avenger, Oh not an avenger, like Shizuka. I am sorry I’m not Shizuka, obviously like Rei Ayanami.

What All You Want To Dress Like Rei Ayanami?

  • A Grey Wig: Again, getting a grey wig is not an issue. Will you be able to pull off the entire look? I hope you don’t end up looking like an avenger or Shizuka. We want you to look like Rei Ayanami.
  • White Huge Collared Shirt: Not the normal white shirt; it has to be the cool and oversized collared shirt to make you look a little Japanese character.
  • A Blue Dress With Suspenders: Like it is a school character from the 90s, so wearing a blue uniform with suspenders will help you complete the entire look.
  • Red Ribbon: A red ribbon will add a bold color to your entire look. I mean, you can use it as a small hanging bow.

3# Sakura Haruno

 Sakura Haruno

One of the popular Naruto characters from Team 7 is Sakura Haruno. Many love her madly but few consider her as a useless character. She is snappy, but at the same time, she is intriguing. She is someone today but will be someone else the other day. Strange! You may call her an unusual character.

What All You Want To Dress Like Sakura Haruno?

  • Pink Wig: It is not like a dark pink wig, but it is a very light shade that gives you an anime look just like that. I would say use the red band to add oomph to your pink hair. I am sure it won’t look like candy floss.
  • Lighter Than Your Hair, Pink Skirt: I hope you got it which color. Yes, I am color illiterate; I don’t know every shade of pink. Coming back to the point, you can buy this pink-colored skirt from a flea market, but I will suggest you to get it stitched. You can choose a cotton fabric to give it an authentic look. 
  • A Red Jacket:  Hot popping red-colored jackets will add a great value to the entire look of Sakura Haruno. It will make you feel like her. You can even use the same coat once the Cosplay gets over.
  • Black Stockings: The only thing which I feel you might have is a pair of black stockings. If you don’t have one, God!!! Darla, please go shopping. (Sorry for acting like your Mom!)
  • Extras: Elbow covers, a kind of fanny bag, and black gloves are what will complete the entire look. If you don’t have three, then again, shop them as well, along with your stockings. 

3 Best Anime Cosplay For Male 2021

1# Batman

Batman | Classic & Amazing

Yes, one of the classic and fantastic Cosplays for men in 2021 could be nothing other than every boy’s childhood inspiration and every girl’s childhood crush, the muscular and king of bats- BatmanI mean, who doesn’t want to be a Batman. All the DC’s die-heart fans, this is the opportunity for you to become what you always wanted, so don’t blame us that we didn’t inform you!

What All You Want To Dress Like Batman?

You need to be a man!

Excuse me, He is a fictional character and women can also dress like him and be sturdy! #destroysexisim

  • Grey Suit: Not suit like a suit, but suit similar to what Batman wore in comics and TV. You will get the entire ensemble from one shop, and I feel the whole thing cannot be made from scratch.
  • Black Cape:  When I was young, I used to watch that monster shows where everyone had their cape. I wanted to buy one but never wanted to associate myself with a monster, up until I saw Batman with a cape. You can either buy it with the ensemble or make it with the help of a black cloth.
  • Batman Mask & Long Boots: Both of them are made from latex. I mean, you would look amazing when you pull the entire look, and you will do things that Batman did.

2# V For Vendetta

V for Vendetta
"The only verdict is vengeance---- a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous."

How good it would be if someone who takes vengeance remains anonymous! You will never get caught, and this earth would be filled with terror because revenge can go to any degree. You can make sure you don’t indulge in such problems but can get dressed like Guy Fawkes Mask for the upcoming Halloween and perform a play related to vengeance.

What All You Want To Dress Like Guy Fawkes Man?

  • Vendetta Mask: I mean, for vengeance, you need to have an anonymous identity, and what could be better than a Vendetta Mask. These masks are very popular amongst the protestors, who want to keep their identity intact and still be vendictive.
  • Black Cape: All the Halloween looks are incomplete without a long black cape. I mean, it will make you feel like an actual spirit or a wizard. You will quickly get it from a nearby costume shop. If you meet any issue while buying it, you can also buy a long black cloth for about 4-5 meters to make one yourself. 
  • A Balck Hat: Carry a cat in your black hat. No, I am kidding. You don’t have to be a magician. You will quickly get a hat from the market, and it is available at minimal prices. Choose one that suits your budget. 
  • A Medium-Hair Wig: To insinuate your entire look, you have to make sure that you also buy a medium-hair wig and complete the entire ensemble of your look. Buying a wig is as easy as getting bread. 
  • Long Black Boots: I would rather say that if the long boots are pointed, you will look more like Guy Fawkes Man. Getting such long boots is a bit difficult, but there is always a space for trying. 

3# Joker


A Joker may have many emotions behind its curated smile, but the vibe of Joker’s look can help you look creepy. Kids will get scared on a Halloween night. Joker is by far the most enteratining and the best choice you can make to kill people with your look. Let’s see what all you want to dress like a Joker. 

What All You Want To Dress Like Joker?

  • A Suit: Either wear an exploding purple or blood oozing red suit to look like your favorite Halloween character Joker. I would instead suggest you go for normal polyester and viscose fabric, instead choosing a velvet. It is because velvet is not for all the events. Be smart, you know want I mean!
  • Clown Shoes: Clown shoes are balloon-like from the tip and tapering at the end. I would recommend you to buy an absurd color like green with red and yellow with purple, as it will enhance your entire look.
  • Green Hair: You can either use green hair color, which will remain on your hair, for quite a long, or you can also use an instant removable color so that the next day you are back to normal. 
  • Face Make-up: I was wondering what is that I am missing. It was makeup! It doesn’t mean you’ll get ready like a bride. It is only limited to putting on some white color on your face with a big smiling red lips. Now, you are prepared to walk out like a Joker.

Final Words 

These were some of the fantastic yet scary choices for all my readers. I have handpicked a few of these classic looks for you. Now, I feel you are festive ready, walk out on the road & scare the shit out of the people. 

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