Everyone loves short story games. That where Best Arcade Games come in. There are hundreds of games, the list is so long. But do you know the brutal truth behind these top games?

Oh My God! Don’t tell me you don’t know. I feel that you can’t digest the truth about the best arcade games and their developers. These games are developed to boost your morale and change your mood instantly. The developers were tried so hard to beat the competition and give the best arcade games. So you can enjoy yourself when you are depressed and feeling alone.

I was researching these truths for the last 2-3 weeks. Behind the scene story of the best arcade games are totally different from the real ones. The games include Alien Shooter, Sparkle 3 Genesis, Tekken 7, Alien Hallway, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. 

Oh! How I forget to tell you the important thing. Don’t worry, I’ll cover all the things in the article below. The shocking truth will change your perspective on these best arcade games completely. Join the outer space adventure with Augmented Reality Games.

Best Arcade Games for PC for a Reason

Here below I have given the detail of all the thing that what I am talking above.

Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter poster: Best Arcade Games
Source: YouTube

What could be more interesting than clearing out all the aliens? You guys tell me…

Your main focused task is to clear the aliens that are coming to our universe with the help of teleporting machines. The game and storyline are simple and you have only one task. 

Now, what makes this game so interesting?

Yeah!! You are right the weapons and life count. You can clear all the levels but each level requires a high-tech weapon that you can find in hidden rewards or you can purchase. A must-try game due to its amazing storyline.


  • Short and consistent gameplay
  • A-class weapons
  • Limited life counts
  • Easy to play 

Sparkle 3 Genesis

Sparkle 3 Genesis poster: Best Arcade Games
Source: Nintendo

You can control a little creature but don’t think that little creature is sweet or cute. Don’t Awww! That creature, that little monster is filled with rage and power. The more little creature the more he grows. In short, Sparkle 3 Genesis is a fun game. You will love enjoying completing the mission, the more you eat, the more you win. Clear all the missions and flex your skill and in-game predecessor to your friends. 

The game is itself another world for the teens. The storyline and consistent gameplay make you addict. 


  • Microscopic world
  • HD graphics
  • The short and simple storyline

Tekken 7

takken 7 poster: Best Arcade Games
Source: Indian Express

Do you know Mishima Bloodline? If no then what are you waiting for? Tekken 7 tells you all the hidden chapters of Mishima Bloodline.

The unique characters of the storyline make you addicted to the power and weapon. The game starts where the last chapter ends so you feel the connection between the chapters. Also, It’s not like if you are a new gamer you will not understand the storyline. Now, don’t assume things in your mind. I already told you that I will answer your question. You can understand the whole gameplay even if you start playing chapter 7 directly.


  • Amazing character
  • Each character comes with unique features
  • Power to conquer the global level 


Alien Hallway

Alien Hallway poster: Best Arcade Games
Source: Ocean of Games

The game defines all the things with its name. Do I need to explain further? Yeah! I am started reading your mind. Not funny, back to the article. Alien Hallway is a newly developed best-in-class shooting game. Bro, you have full control of weapons and levels. Just start the game and start clearing all the bad and ugly aliens. Don’t let their dream of clearing humans come true. You should pick up weapons and go through all the stages and clear a single-single of them. 

The game featured deadly weapons and some unbelievable gadgets that you need in your journey to death.


  • Realistic and creative aliens
  • Unimaginable gadgets
  • Exclusive weapons
  • Upgraded skins and characters

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry War 3 poster: Best Arcade Games
Source: Steam

I always have a surprise element for the last paragraph. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is an award-winning game. So the game has everything that a gamer needs. The small story level, the classic mode, 3D graphics, and drone attacks. The best arcade game for PC because of its hard and competitive mode. The game was initially released for PlayStations but the great demand from PC gamers compelled the developers to make the game for PC. And the fun fact is the game had made on an urgent basis for the PC community. 


  • HD graphics
  • Realistic design with unimaginable things

Final Pronouncement

I hope you all loved the above given detailed information. These Best Arcade Games are the top games due to the hidden story behind them. 

So what are you waiting for go and check out the following games on Steam and go through our other articles to find interesting facts about other things that you use in your day-to-day life.

Why are arcades dead?

Some blame the massive video game console industry as a good reason for the demise of the arcade games. 

What are the best arcade games for PC

If you got to play any of these games, then you can consider yourself lucky Alien Shooter, Sparkle 3 Genesis, Tekken 7, Alien Hallway, and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

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