6 Best Ariana Grande Perfumes | So Many Options To Say Thank U, Next!


Switchin’ the positions for you may be my favorite Ariana Grande song, but I would never switch over the best Ariana Grande Perfume for any other fragrance in this world. Just like Ari, her perfumes are also bold, sassy, and a lot quirky.

If you are still living in a bubble and aren’t aware of Ariana Grande’s fragrance collection, then it’s a shame (especially for your lifestyle). You all know that it’s impossible to smell good without perfume, and here you are, still trying to make it work with a body wash and lotion? Honestly, girl, are you silly? Get over your mission and start scrolling below to find the best Ariana Grande perfume that will make you smell like a divine beauty all day long. 

6 Divine Ariana Grande Perfumes Fragrances | Smell Sweet Like Candy Every Day! 

Each bottle in Ariana’s collection is designed by Ariana herself because she believes in providing the best for her fans. Ari’s compassion and love are what make her one of the most successful singers and entrepreneurs of this generation. Well, now, enough talking about Ariana. Let’s get straight to business and know more about the best Ariana Grande perfume. Wear these perfumes every day and smell like a dream!

1# Ari By Ariana Grande Eau De Parfum 

6 Divine Ariana Grande Perfume Fragrances | Smell Sweet Like Candy Every Day!

Singing sensation Ariana Grande launched her first perfume, Ari, back in 2015 and made a grand entry into the world of fragrances. The fragrance Ari encompasses everything that Ariana Grande loves with top notes of pink grapefruit, pear, and fruity raspberry. Ari is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fragrance that will keep you smelling like flowers all day long. With the heartwarming middle notes of rosebuds and soft muguet, wrap yourself in a soft blanket of flowers. 

Where To Buy: Amazon, Ulta Beauty 

2# Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next Parfum 

2# Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next Parfum 

Are you grooving to the lyrics of Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande? If you are a big fan of the song, you have to try the perfume she launched in honor of this song. The sensual fragrance comes packed in a broken, heart-shaped bottle in a gorgeous pastel pink shade with notes of fresh coconut, white pear, and rose petals. A few pumps of Thank U, Next is all you need to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you. Lastly, if you have a sweet tooth, you have all the more reasons to like this perfume for its sweet and sugary macaron notes. 

Where To Buy: Amazon, Ulta Beauty

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3# Sweet Like Candy By Ariana Grande 

3# Sweet Like Candy By Ariana Grande 

Smell like the juicy berries and the sweetest candies with Ariana Grande’s favorite perfume Sweet Like candy. The scandalous scent is filled with top notes of sweet marshmallow, vanilla, Italian bergamot, and blackberry to keep you smelling sweet all day long. If you are going out for a beach party with your friends on a hot summer day, Sweet Like Candy will keep you company like your sweetest partner. Can you imagine how much much beauty the gorgeous pastel pink bottle with a little pom-pom will add to your dresser? 

Where To Buy: Amazon, Ulta Beauty, Walmart 

4# Cloud Eau De Parfum By Ariana Grande 

4# Cloud Eau De Parfum by Ariana Grande 

If you are looking for a fragrance that smells like unicorns and rainbows, aka happiness, to gift your best friend, then I say nothing is better than Ariana’s Cloud Eau De Parfum. A bottle of Cloud will bring to you feel-good notes of whipped cream, coconut, creamy praline, and lavender. Oh my God! I can imagine the notes taking over the air, making it all good and magical. If you are a college-going girl obsessed with perfumes, then Cloud by Ariana Grande is a must-have in your collection. Honestly, who does not like to smell magical in college? 

Where To Buy: Amazon, Target, Ulta Beauty 

5# Franki Eau De Parfum By Ariana Grande 

5# Franki Eau De Parfum By Ariana Grande 

The one thing that I personally like about Araina’s perfume collection is that most of them are available in similar packing but in different colors. Franki by Araina comes packed in my favorite color combination, a silver spherical bottle with a diamond-like surface and a black pom-pom. The delightful fragrance comes with fruity and floral notes of apricot, pink pepper, pear, cedar, and wild orchid. Franki by Ariana plays the perfect role for all those 20-year-olds who are preparing to go on their first dates. 

Where To Buy: Amazon, eBay, Ubuy 

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6# Moonlight Eau De Parfum By Ariana Grande 

6# Moonlight Eau De Parfum By Ariana Grande 

Did you know Ariana’s perfume Moonlight is by far one of her favorites from her collection? Like Ariana, the perfume is magical yet mysterious, with heavy notes of peony, marshmallow, and base notes of black amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. If you are looking to have a blast with your friends or boyfriend at the next Christmas party, then you will find yourself reaching out to the bottle more than once. Trust me. It’s that addicting! 

Where To Buy: Amazon, Walmart, Ulta Beauty 

Final Words 

Smell like your perfect, pretty self with the best Ariana Grande perfume fragrances mentioned above. All these scents are full of fresh floral and fruity notes to keep you in a good mood all day long. Take out your cards and visit Amazon before your favorite Ariana Grande perfume sells out. 

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