Best Art and Design Apps in 2021


When we talk about the best art and design apps, the most common Adobe company strikes our mind. But there are plenty of other applications available free as well as paid. 

So, here in this article, I gonna share with you the free apps that are famous for their design and some cool features. There are hundreds of apps available but most of you don’t know about these exciting apps used for art and design. You can create whatever you think in your mind. 

After reading several articles and comparing the specs, I have picked the Best Art and Design Apps for Android and iOS are Inspire Pro, Illustrator on iPad, Adobe Fresco, Linea Sketch, iPastels, and Zen Brush 2, Infinite Design, Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Canva, AutoCAD, Infinite Painter, and Paint VR. There is a reason behind, why these are the best art and design apps that I explained below. 

Now, you have a question, Are these apps worth trying? I’ll give a single-line description for each in the article below. So, you can decide which app you should go for. 

Best Art and Design Apps

Read the article to find the special features of the listed art and design apps? I have explained the pros and features of each app. 

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Inspire Pro

Inspire Pro: Best Art and design apps
Source: iOS Apps

Inspire Pro is among the reliable and best art and design apps. You can create multiple designs with a real rendering engine given in the app. The airbrushes, pencils, and air spray give a smooth texture to your images. The app featured customizable tools and high-quality tools you can choose from. The app works perfectly with iPencil so you can create your masterpiece easily on your phone and iPads. You can change the opacity of pencils and colors, and pressure applied in the tools menu.  


  • iPencil support
  • A wide list of tools
  • Customized layout 

Illustrator on iPad

illustrator: Best Art and design apps
Source: 9to5Mac

Creativity comes from inner happiness is an old saying. But do you know? Nowadays the creativity comes from the best art and design apps. Illustrator is recreated for the iPads to make it among the best art and design apps for Apple devices. The app comes with a wide variety of amazing tools that you can use to create and edit logos and designs. The gird and mirror function makes the flawless and you can use it easily. The mirror function can be divided into various sections to give your art a proper shape. 


  • Mirror function
  • Color pallets and brushes
  • Additional designs

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco: Best Art and design apps
Source: Adobe

Adobe Fresco is the new app designed by Adobe for beginners. The app featured all the professional tools with auto-setup. Beginners can do whatever in-app with no limits. Wait!!! It’s not like Adobe designed this app for beginners that mean the app is not worthy at all. The app has everything that professionals use. But making it easier for beginners the tools are set on auto mode. The app doesn’t support the animation effect, but still, you can adopt various paintings and illustrations.    


  • Easy to understand
  • Amazing tools
  • Auto setup

Linea Sketch

Linea Sketch: Best Art and design apps
Source: Linea App

Hey Painter, I have an amazing surprise for you. Linea Sketch is an easy drawing application. You can create sketches, paintings, and designs. The app has an amazing auto feature. You can create anything as same as professional with the auto feature. You can choose from the simple layouts as well as complex arts from the app menu. The app is mainly focused on sketching. The app supports iPencil so that you can draw freely without any restriction.    


  • Simplified UI
  • Easy and simple
  • Sync data 


iPastels: Best Art and design apps
Source: iPastels

No other app will give you the real feel that iPastels can give. The app featured the real aspect of painting. You know the fun fact, you can paint with pastel colors without making your hand dirty. The app has all, like oil pastel soft pastel, and real pastel. The app has replicated the original feeling of drawing with pastel. You kids will love the uniqueness and reality of the app. 


  • Real painting feature
  • Adjustable size and pressure
  • Customized designs 

Zen Brush 2

Zen Brush 2: Best Art and design apps
Source: PSOFT Apps

Zen Brush 2 surpasses the most of best art and design apps. The Japanese brushes and techniques are used in the making of Zen Brush 2. The app has a wide range of tools and painting styles. You can edit, create, and design on a single screen. The app has auto-sync features that help you to auto-save processes. The tools are amazing and handy. You can try the ink dispersion effect also. The app supports pressure-sensitive devices. 


  • Amazing brushes
  • Real paper feel
  • Dual color 

Infinite Design

Infinite Design: best art and design apps
Source: Infinite

If I say that you can draw anything you imagine in your mind, do you believe me? 

You will!!! After seeing the specifications of the Infinite Design. This scalable vector graphics has everything that you need. The app comes with layer transformation tools, rotate, and scale image options. Infinite Design has the most advanced feature of creating 3D images. Infinite design app is the best art and design app for beginners as they have easy tutorials.


  • Simple interface
  • Advanced tools
  • Infine zoom and easy rotate

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch: best art and design apps
Source: Adobe

Heya artists, are you trying to create some professionals sketch? Have you tried Adobe Photoshop Sketch?  

You are an artist and don’t know about Adobe Photoshop Sketch then in which era you are living. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is among the best sketching apps. You can draw, create, and upload your creativity online. It is the best app to blend designs and creativity. You can choose from the custom layouts and create new layouts.


  • All pencils and brushes support 
  • Color correction
  • Turn photos into sketch  


Canva: Best art and design apps
Source: Google Play

Canva is used to create mockups and logos. You can access the paid version that comes with bundles of features. Canva has many features for professional artists. The app has a big library of themes, icons, and clipart that you can use on your pictures. The app is great on tablets but you still can enjoy all the features in the mobile version. Canva supports all the image formats. 


  • Multi-tools for picture editing
  • Amazing templates
  • Customized design 


AutoCAD: Best art and design apps
Source: YouTube

Are you an engineer? Do you want to create some cool technical drawings and models? Then AutoCAD will surely provide the best-preinstalled tools to create realistic models and designs. AutoCAD featured 2D and 3D drawings. You can create designs with a smooth interface. The auto-sync feature of the app backup your data regularly. AutoCAD is available free online, but you can go for the premium version in-app. AutoCAD gives you access to 100 GB of online storage. The auto-save feature creates temporary files on the phone or online. 


  • Auto-sync
  • Online storage
  • Advanced tools
  • Supports 2D, 3D

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter: Best art and design apps
Source: Infinite Painter

If we compare the old Procreate with Infinite Painter, then Infinite Painter sets the mark really high. The app comes with an approximate 100 brushes style. The app gives you an advanced experience with its realistic design. The app sync with your gallery and preview all the images on the home screen. You can create a five-perspective HD image in the app. There are so many advanced tools that you can use while creating a masterpiece. The app provides a limitless environment for professionals.  


  • HD Image creation
  • Photoshop support
  • Customized layouts

Paint VR

Paint VR: Best art and design apps
Source: VRScout

You know some artists create so amazing paintings that make you go Wow… Yeah!!! It not wrong to say some of those paintings were made on Paint VR. This amazing app comes with virtual reality that you can see with VR devices. You can create 360 panorama images in Paint VR. The app supports Samsung VR devices and it is very easy to learn. New artists can easily understand interface and create great things. The app has simple tools that are enough powerful to create amazing art pieces. The app comes with a limitless environment for the creators and artists.  


  • Endless environment
  • VR support
  • 360 images
  • Simple tools
  • Easy to understand

Final Verdict

The above-listed art and design apps are based on Apple Store user ratings and reviews. I have selected these best art and design apps after comparing hundreds of app together. The given apps are the best in their respected categories. Some of the apps are used by our designers for years whereas some apps have more tools and features. 

Now, it totally up to your requirements, which app you should go for. Now, what are you waiting for? Flex your creativity with the given apps. 

What are the best art and design apps?

The best apps are Inspire Pro, Illustrator on iPad, Adobe Fresco, Linea Sketch, iPastels, and Zen Brush 2.

Are the best art and design apps free?

The apps are available on the App Store with in-app purchase.

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