Do you want to live the imaginary world in reality? If so, then the best augmented reality apps can redesign the fictional world for you. This post is all about the best apps that can take you to the future. 

Augmented Reality Apps maybe look like a futuristic concept. But probably, the technology has changed the scenario. This futuristic concept has broken all the stereotypes and forced gadget makers and apps developer to work along on the augmented reality tech. You can see a whole new world with AR devices or with your phone cameras. There is an ocean of AR apps, so making it easy for you, we prepared a list of the best AR applications. 

According to sources and user reviews and rating, the best Augmented Reality apps are:

  • Houzz
  • YouCam Makeup
  • Google Lens
  • ROAR
  • GIPHY World

We know you must be wondering. How these apps give you the best AR and VR experience? So, without wasting any time, let us jump straight into the article. 

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Here in the article below, we have compared the best AR apps based on their pros and features. Go through the article and find the best app that suits you best.


Source: NXT Startup

Why is Houzz top on the list?

When it comes to interior designing, Houzz is the only app you need. You can click the picture of the furniture and can check how it looks in the new place without shifting to the real one. It is a home design improvement software that makes your weekly interior planning easy and gives your home a new look. 

Houzz featured e-commerce sites so that you can directly buy new products for your home in the store section. Not believe yet? Okay, Install the app and experience it personally. The ‘View My Room’ feature uses 3D technology to view a lifelike image of the products, so you can shop without worrying either product suits your ambiance or not.   


  • Home decor app
  • HD and 3D images of the product

YouCam Makeup

Source: Sarah

Why is YouCam Makeup on the list?

Here we shift from furniture to makeup (from your home to you). Everyone loves makeup, but it isn’t easy to test the make products in malls and stores. Sometimes you buy several products, but it hurts when the shades don’t match your skin tone. 

Now, not anymore, YouCam Makeup helps you to buy the top brand’s products. You can check how the product looks on your skin with virtual lifelike images. YouCam Makeup makes makeup shopping easy for every girl, don’t worry; boys can purchase makeup accessories with this app. The app doesn’t share your data with a third party that makes this app safer and reliable.  


  • Don’t store data
  • Live makeup test 

Google Lens

Source: The Verge

Why is Google Lens on the list?

It is difficult to find something when you don’t remember its name; you can feel me. Not anymore, Google Lens enhanced your searching experience with AR lens or photo-based searches. Just focus your mobile camera on the product, and boom!!! You will get the product name, brand, and history in seconds. 

Google Lens identifies the text, number, and pictures and provides you a relevant result. Moreover, it also provides the online store detail. Isn’t it amazing? You get everything with just one picture.


  • Sync with Google Photos
  • AI technology 


Source: ROAR AR

Why is ROAR on the list?

ROAR is another best app but for business owners. The store owners make their AR customized websites, so when a customer scans the product barcode at home, they will experience an amazing virtual world. You can create a product catalog, product working, and many more things with the ROAR app. The experience of the app is impressive with AR, VR devices. 

Now you must be thinking, how is the app useful for consumers? The app provides the best home and in-store experience. You can see the product and its working in virtual reality by scan any product’s barcode.  


  • Interactive experience
  • Must have app for small business and stores


Source: Make Tech Easier

Why is GIPHY World on the list?

GIPHY World is the last but a fantastic app on the list. We all love giphy images, but they are hard to draw on walls. What if we say, now no need to draw these images, but you can enjoy the same experience with your mobile camera? Do you believe it? You have to because GIPHY World combines GIFs with AR to provide you a more realistic experience. You can add images to make them GIFs in GIPHY World. 


  • Support all image format
  • Combines GIFs with AR

Final Verdict 

The above-listed apps are chosen based on Google Play user reviews. We feel the Covid era taught us the life doesn’t stop even at home. So, use these apps and enjoy anything right from your mobile screen with AR and VR devices. We see the potential in these best Augmented Reality apps that can change the world. 

If you think we miss any of your favorite apps, please let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for the best upcoming apps. 

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