In this present time, the best augmented reality apps for iOS have given users the freedom to experience a game and or product virtually. We know you must be thinking, how can you experience the same? Don’t worry; I will share the secret with you. This post is all about the best apps that can take you to the future. 

Augmented Reality typically redesigned the physical environment with the virtual one. System-generated images impose the real environment that changes reality into virtuality. The futuristic concept of AR has forced apps developers to work on the augmented reality tech. You can see a whole new world with AR devices or with your phone cameras. AR and VR technology’s scope is limitless, and you can do anything with these best AR apps. 

According to sources and user reviews and rating, the best Augmented Reality apps are:

  • IKEA Place
  • Augment
  • Amikasa 
  • Wanna Kicks
  • Air Measure

You have a question, how these apps give you the best AR and VR experience? So, let us jump straight into the article without wasting any more time. 

Best Augmented Reality Apps for iOS

Here in the article below, we have accumulated the best AR apps for Apple devices and compared them on the basis of their pros and features. Go through the article and find the best apps that suit you.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place: Best augmented reality apps
Source: TechCrunch

Why is IKEA Place on the list?

IKEA Place is the best AR app for iPhones and iPads. The app supports Apple ARkit. The main focus of the app is on home decor. You can see the lifelike picture of the furniture without moving the real one. The app features the real measurements of the live world. So don’t worry about the space and size of the furniture. Just click the picture and check whether it fits the new location or not. 

Wait!!! One more fantastic feature of the app is that you can purchase new furniture and home decor accessories and see a virtual demo. The experience can become more impressive with AR Kit. 


  • Real-time check of furniture with 360° view
  • Check products in different lightening  


Augment: Best augmented reality apps
Source: Augment

Why is Augment on the list?

Augment is another excellent app for home goods. The feature that makes the Augment app unique and better than other app is the app is perfect for e-commerce store owners. The owners can make the augmented reality catalog, product description, and video of toys to attract more consumers

Now, you have a question about how the app is beneficial for consumers? You can check out local stores on the app and check reviews for any local store. It is a convenient and easy-to-use app.


  • Easy to use 
  • Simple and interactive interface
  • Check local stores


Amikasa: Best augmented reality apps
Source: Amikasa

Why is Amikasa on the list?

Amikasa is one of the best home furnish apps. Instead of covering all the aspects, the app is focused on brands and popular local stores. Amikasa covers all the major products available on the internet so that that buyer can choose their preferred item from a single app. 

Here is a lot more; you can compare the product on other websites. Isn’t it amazing that you can purchase and compare things in one app? The last one more feature of this app that you can list your home goods to sell; always remember, more listing means better deals. 


  • Buy and sell goods
  • Great AR experience

Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks: Best augmented reality apps
ource: Wanna Fashion

Why is Wanna Kicks on the list?

Buying sneakers is never easy. You have to visit multiple stores, try several shoes but sometimes, in the end, it is not worth all the effort. But now Wanna Kicks gives you the freedom to buy sneaker from the comfort of you home, and you can try and see how they would look on you. You can put the virtual version of the shoes on your feet to check how they look from any angle. Wanna Kicks is so socially driven that they provide you the feature of sharing your sneaker looks with friends on social media and get feedback.  


  • Try hundreds of branded sneakers 
  • 3D and AR view enabled 

Air Measure

Air Measure: Best augmented reality apps
Source: ARMeasure

Why is Air Measure on the list?

Did you ever feel an urgent need for a measuring tape? The Air Measure is an AR measuring app equipped with 18 measuring tools. Now you can carry one with you always. The app gets you prepared with the right tool for any job. You can measure the floor or furniture, check the inclination of the wall paintings, etc., with this one app.


  • Measuring tools
  • Level Gauge and inclination tool
  • 3D tools  

Final Verdict 

The above-listed best augmented reality apps for iOS apps are chosen on the basis of Apple Store user reviews. We feel that the pandemic taught us the life doesn’t stop even when the world stands still. You can use these apps and enjoy anything right from your mobile screen with AR and VR devices. We see the potential in these best Augmented Reality apps that can change the world of tech. 

If you think we miss any of your favorite apps, please let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for the latest post. 


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