It is not possible to always carry makeup? Here comes the best beauty apps to save us. The online stores are full of useless apps. Finding the best app that fulfills all your need is difficult.  

After reading a lot of the best beauty apps articles available on the internet. I got to know that there are hundreds of best beauty apps are available. But no article has explained them in detail. So, I have explained each app below. With these apps, you do not need to carry any makeup accessories with you. It is very challenging to choose from a pile of apps, so making it easier for you, I have come with a list. 

After going through a number of articles on the Best Beauty Apps for Android are Youcam Makeup, BeautyPlus, Nykaa, Pixl, B612, Perfect365, and BeautyCam. 

Why these are the best beauty apps? Why I have listed them among the thousand apps? Don’t worry!!! I know you have a lot of questions in your mind, and I will answer them in detail.

Best Beauty Apps for Android

These apps can make you a professional makeup artist, even beginners can use the following apps very easily. Find out the Best Travia Games for Android.

Youcam Makeup

Youcam Makeup: Best beauty apps
Source: Sarha Najafi

Youcam Makeup comes with a simple and interactive interface. This is an auto-recognition makeover that can change your appearance in real-time. Youcam Makeup featured all the makeup accessories and airbrushes that a beginner can use. Youcam Makeup comes with easy makeup tutorials from where you can learn some advanced techniques to give your pictures a more realistic effect. 


  • Live cosmetic makeover
  • AI Skincare 
  • Support Airbrush 
  • Auto Recognition makeovers 


Beauty Plus: Best Beauty apps
Source: Next Reality

BeautyPlus featured the best skin tools that auto retouches the skin tone, eye color correction, and many more things in one click. You can click the images in real-time or retouch the old image from your gallery. BeautyPlus has lots of realistic filters in which you can click like a professional photographer. The BeautyPlus make the picture look natural and more vivid. BeautyPlus is not a photo editor but a lot more than that. 


  • Perfect complexion program
  • Eye tools 
  • Auto-retouch 
  • Auto-recognition 


Nykaa: Best Beauty apps
Source: Nykaa

Nykaa is a known company for girl fashion accessories. The company has started its beauty camera to give you a real-time virtual makeover. You can get online assistance from users and professionals in-app. Nykaa featured with the in-app tutorial. You can learn real make-up and try the same in real life. 


  • Amazing makeover tool
  • Assistance from community 
  • In-app tutorials 
  • Gift cards for new users


Pixl: Best Beauty apps
Source: Pixl

Pixl is one of the best beauty apps for professionals. Pixl has everything that a professional needs. The app featured airbrushes, filters, skin smoothening, and face resizers. You can click or edit real-time pictures in-app. A fun fact is that you can be whitening your teeth from options. This app detects your face shape and resizes according to the golden ratio.    


  • Eye color correction 
  • Reshape your face
  • Smooth skin 
  • Tan effect 


B612: Best Beauty apps
Source: Next Tech

B612 is famous for its cool effects and stickers. B612 featured more than 1500 stickers that make your selfies cuter. B612 comes with a cool augmented reality feature that makes your real-time image more amazing. You can add cute little things to your real-time photos or edit them in-app. Do you think the app is cool? So, go and try this app ASPA…  


  • Cool beauty effects
  • Supports beauty mode on videos 
  • You can select ideal makeup from the app
  • Collages support 


Perfect365: Best Beauty apps
Source: Google Play

Perfect365 sets a mark for beauty apps high. Perfect365 has custom color palettes that are loved by millions of users. The app has unlimited color correction options that you can choose from. A single button touch makes Perfect365 the best beauty app for android. The auto face recognition feature makes this app flawless. The app can detect your face automatically, without adjusting any settings. It is easy to understand because of its unique interface. The app contains more than 20 tools that give a professional-like feeling. The customization feature of this app is unexplainable.   


  • Professional color correction settings 
  • One-click touchup support
  • Auto face-detection 
  • Pro tips for beginners 


Beauty Cam: Best Beauty apps
Source: APKPure

BeautyCam able to get on the list because of its one-touch click and video recording support. BeautyCam featured amazing modes like AI portrait mode, color correction, and filters. The app comes with a lot of accessories like stickers and light effects. The app has artistic effects that even a beginner can use. But for making it more advance in options you can find the manual correction settings. BeautyCam supports short videos, so if you love to upload short videos you can use amazing filters.  


  • Stunning modes 
  • Bunch of accessories 
  • Ratio adjustment
  • Amazing filters
  • One tap click

Final Verdict 

The given beauty apps for android are based on Google Play user reviews and ratings. Some of the apps that I liked. If you are a beginner you can go for Youcam Makeup, and professional can go for Pixl.

These apps can style your hair and gives you flawless makeup to your pictures that you can share online. Go and try these apps, all the apps are available online and are free. 

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