Best Board Games in 2021


I know you want to know about the best board games in 2021 so that you can play them with your family and friends. So here is the list for you.

These board games will be the best and also very fun to play. They are of 9+ age limit but kids can also play these games and uses very little space on your device. Hence it is the best thing you can enjoy on your phone.

Best Board games in 2021 are Yellow & Yangtze, Puerto Rico, Brass, Steam, The Castle of Burgundy, Tokaido, Terraforming Mars, That’s Pretty Clever, Patchwork, Eight-Minute Empire; etc.

Let us read about these games and enjoy at least one out of these ten mentioned above.

10 Best Board Games in 2021

Following are the ten best board games in 2021, which we should also know about how to play.

1. Yellow & Yangtze

Based on the background of Chinese kingdoms. In this game, you build your empire of different colors. You strengthen your domain and try to weaken the others’ kingdom. It is a fun game to enjoy with your family.


  • It comes free for all android users and costs less than 1000 bucks for iOS users, so here lies a difference.
  • Yellow & Yangtze is based on five different languages, so it is easy for all the people with different dialects to play this game.
  • Yellow and Yangtze also help you build a society of army men, farmers, traders, artisans, etc. They will be a support for our kingdom.

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico- best board games for android users in 2021
Source: Espace Jeux

It is one the best and also the most popular game available in the market. Puerto Rico is developed with high graphical resolutions that will appeal amazing on the screen. Puerto Rico is the best choice while playing with your siblings.


  • You play the game amongst four players, and then mixing and matching takes place.
  • Puerto Rico also allows the players to play it online without physically present with one another.
  • There is no understanding about these, so you can go ahead and play the games directly.
  • It is available in a lot of languages, so people from different dialects can play it.

3. Brass 

This game was awarded as the best strategy game in 2007, 2008 & 2010. Brass creates a world of the market, and there happens a give and take the process so that you can develop your industry and make money out of it. Brass is the most popular economic game as well.


  • It has a multiplayer facility for playing with more than two players.
  • It also has a tutorial on YouTube for new bees so that they can understand the game well.
  • It has a one-time payment option, which you can connect to on any of your devices.
  • Brass is one the most popular game which you should have on your phone. 
  • It prepares a leader board so that you can keep a check on your scores.

4. Steam 

Steam Board games- best board games for android users in 2021
Source: PCGamesN

Recipient of a lot of awards and honors, Steam is the best game you can ever play. You will enjoy taking the leadership of handling the train and will keep in consideration various points. You are assigned multiple duties, from building the railroad and delivering the goods, etc.


  • It has an option of 3-5 players in the game and, therefore, makes its more competitive.
  • Steam is one the most innovative game, might be the reason for its a lot of accolades.
  • You have an option to play with AI as well. So, you will never get bored.

5. The Castle of Burgundy

 The Castle of Burgundy- BEST BOARD GAMES FOR android USERS IN 2021
Source: Yucata

The castle of Burgundy is the easiest and fun board game that you can enjoy at times. It refreshes you from hard times or boredom. The castle of Burgundy is also based on the 15th Century time period, which makes it aesthetic in its look as well.


  • It is ranked as the best casual game with a good rating as well.
  • The castle of Burgundy is the stress relief game, which is essential during this time of a fast-moving world.
  • You can make ten different appearances, which you can choose as per your choice.
  • You can also play it with more than two players. Great!

6. Tokaido

Tokaido is an exciting board game that can be played with more than 3-4 players. It is available in various languages and also is known worldwide. Tokaido should be your first choice if you like playing board games. 


  • You get to know about cities and places in Japan. Though it is an animated game, the names of places are real.
  • It has a 3D option for viewing so that you can have a better experience.
  • You will be able to witness the best experience with this Game.
  • It is played with strategy and hence helps to stimulate your brain.

7. Terraforming Mars

We have found that life exists on Mars, and now we have a game that helps us explore Mars, hypothetically. Terraforming Mars is a unique and exciting board game that will make you come across many new features that are never seen before in any board game.


  • You will be aware of things required on Mars-like oxygen masks, etc.
  • Terraforming Mars comes with a very user-friendly interface, which helps to play the Game easily.
  • It allows 3-5 players to play at the same time. Terraforming Mars is very interactional as well because of it.
  • It is available in 4-6 language across the globe to give it a global reference.

8. That’s Pretty Clever

That's Pretty Clever- best board games in 2021
Source: JohnHQLD

You are pretty Clever; this is what this Game is about. This Game helps you to move a dice and then move forward in the Game. You have to be very careful while playing the Game. This Game is very brain-stimulating and will release a lot of adrenaline. This board game is the best Game to play.


  • It is an easy game to play with your parents and family members.
  • It has a 3D view so that you can have a better idea and enjoy the Game.
  • That’s Pretty Clever can also be considered an interesting match, which interests you in its techniques and strategies.
  • It is also available in various languages, so it is easy for everyone to understand it.

9. Patchwork

Patchwork the Game is only for two players. It is one of the best board games as it has also received a lot of awards. Patchwork is a game in which players make a way towards the win. You install this Game and enjoy the fun.


  • It is a straightforward game and is a suitable board game to play at picnics and parties.
  • If you want to enjoy the 3D view by this Game, it has that too to offer.
  • Patchwork is one of the most mind-stimulating games one can play.
  • Patchwork is also available in various languages so that people with different dialects can enjoy it.

10. Eight-Minute Empire

Eight-minute empire is officially an eight-minute game that can be extended for more time, where you have to make decisions immediately. There are cards you have to choose, and then there stands a probability, what you will be awarded. It is a fun game to play.


  • It has the 3D approach, the same as that of the other games.
  • You can play it with 2-5 players in one Game.
  • It is easy to play this Game as it has the best features available.
  • Eight-Minute Empire is an exciting and again one of the mind stimulating Games available.

These were some of the best board games. You can also read about the best upcoming games in 2021

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